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  1. I saw a protective cover on a MSX in this video. I know that roll.nz makes some for Kingsong. Are there other manufacturers making it?
  2. I saw Ian said the same thing in his Nikola review. If you do off road 70% or more he would recommend the MSX. That and the ability people say it has to perform well in cold snowy winter conditions combined with it's great track record is why I am strongly considering buying one.
  3. You have gotten some good advice here. I think the Z10 is fun to ride, but it has IMO too much problems and a small battery for it's price. If you can find one used for a good price then why not.
  4. I am considering getting an MSX 84v for winter and off road riding. I see that max rider weight is 100kg, so I have at least 5kg to loose. Anyone know if 100kg or close to 100kg is too much to ride it seated (ofcourse avoiding bumps etc.)?
  5. Does it work on the Tiwatch E?
  6. Looking forward to see and read more of the new Monster
  7. Thanks for the replies. 18s looks like a good wheel, but I notice that few people are selling them now. Not in stock in my country at least. I guess the 16x will not be so comfortable seated due to it's height, but still better than no seat.
  8. You know that Nikola still has major problems? Even with the new boards. If you want a Gotway wheel and want to do offroad, you can't really go wrong with the 84v MSX. By far the Gotway wheel with the least problems.
  9. I am also new to EUC. I bought a very cheap training wheel and ended up buying the KS18XL a couple of weeks later. Have been riding for a couple of months now and I am totally addicted. Do you have fun riding your current wheel? If not then maybe you should reconsider buying a second one. There are other PEV that is also a lot of fun to ride.
  10. I live in country where it is usually snow 1/3 of the year. I see that some people ride EUC in snow also. Do you have any recommendations when it comes to what wheel would be best suited for that purpose? I was thinking maybe MSX since it locks your feet and the case seems to handle a lot of beating.
  11. Ah OK. I see you have a monster in your signature, so I guess that is your seated wheele of choice . I am eager to hear what people think of the v3, when it comes out.
  12. @houseofjob I have seen you have ridden the KS18S on YouTube. Have you made a review of it?
  13. @meepmeepmayer Thank you for your reply I have seen people stated that the KS18S battery is not delivering the range they expected, so that makes it not so interesting for me. I have never tried riding it, and I see some people say that it feels weird to ride due to it's height, but atleast I want good range. I guess I will wait and see what the future brings
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