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  1. I tried the wheels I was interested in when I recently bought my first proper wheel. I saw tons of reviews and impressions on YouTube and I thought I could never get the KS18XL due to its high pitch. I thought it would be too annoying. Fortunately, it was not that laud and annoying that I got the impressions of when I tried it, so I ended up buying it. It didn’t take a long time for me to be used to it, but if I could choose, I would of course prefer that it was completely quiet. I am very happy with my choice, and I would buy it again.
  2. This is interesting. I have noticed that EUC YouTubers that has the Monster and several other wheels, usually upload more videos of their other wheels than the Monster. This gives me an impression that the Monster is not their most used wheel, but it can ofcourse be wrong. Would be interesting to hear some more thoughts from Monster owners of how much they use it, compared to other wheels. Do you Monster owners find it less fun to ride than smaller wheels? Do you find it less practical to use due to it's size, weight and lack of trolley handle?
  3. Does anyone know if the Kingsong App works with Mobvoi Ticwatch E smart watch?
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