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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. Ended up getting one with roughly 600miles on it, should have plenty of life left. It’s been a dream to ride. Used the gotway pads as a power pad for the shins. Once I get the final positioning, will gorilla tape the rest.
  2. Planning to splurge and get a 100V Nikola. Going to use it as a last mile commuter (4 miles x 3 times a week) and also for weekend high speed fun. Curious if anyone has logged high mileage on their nikola and have encountered there little to no problems. TIA
  3. Has anyone done a lift off speed check at 100% battery? I know Duf did one at 69%.
  4. Selling a KS 18L with about 800miles. In really good condition, only pedal scrapes noticeable. With upgraded trolley handle and upgraded xl pedals. Comes with two 1.5 amp chargers, charges to full 84V. Have more pictures and video I can send via email. Looking for $1100
  5. For me it goes way beyond the specs. I live in Nj and work in Manhattan NYC. 1 year’s worth of parking alone would be over $5000. Instead I drive to an area with easy street parking (free), then use my EUC to traverse the last 2 miles. Furthermore, those last 2 miles usually take me another 20-30 minutes in a car, but only 5 minutes with an EUC. So yeah my $900 INMOTION V10F, or $1200 KS 18L would be definitely worth it both from a financial aspect and also time saving aspect.
  6. The difference it acceleration is very minute, if anything I have more confidence leaning into the 18L more. Stability in higher speeds is also better.
  7. Want to sell an INMOTION V10F, purchased from ewheels sept 2019 and still under warranty. Has only about 200miles on it, charges to 100% and 84V. Pedal scrapes only minor, bought to be a daily commuter but haven’t been riding much since getting an 18L. Email is Rsantiago216@gmail.com, can send pictures upon request. would prefer local pickup
  8. I also have an 18L with the extra large pedals, improved trolley, and old 2000kw motor. Riding 20-25 miles is more than enough for me, and having that second charger makes the smaller battery pack less of an issue for me.
  9. Now that I decided to buy the 18L, I wanted to ask without starting a new thread. How many miles have the 18l/xl users in the forums logged on their wheels? I would love to get to 5000 miles on mine (got it with 620 miles on it).
  10. I actually bought the 18L and have been loving the ride. I agree that 31mph is plenty fast for me, and the ride comfort is also on par with my V10F. No complaints here.
  11. Just an update guys, I asked the seller to leave the charger on for a few hours with just one charger. Voila it was 84v and 100%. Thank you guys for the response and help.
  12. It is a kingsong 18L. The seller indicated that he stopped charging after one of the charger lights turned green while the other was still red. So the 99.08% and 82v reading was after unplugging and rest. Would that remaining 1% still get the wheel back to 84V if charging for much longer?
  13. So the wheel I’m interested was charged to 99.08% and is reading 82V. Charging over the years have been done with two regular king song chargers. Could this have led to an imbalance instead of just using one charger?
  14. So would a good screen then be to ask the seller to fully charge the wheel and see if it gets to 84V? Assuming the battery pack in the wheel is around 2 years old, that would be the bigger factor in possible cell death rather than the discharge cycles since it has only 600 miles.
  15. I’m thinking of purchasing a wheel that has roughly 600 miles and about 40 discharge cycles. The wheel was bought almost two years ago. Is there a point where the age of the unit (and battery) affects the battery more than the mileage and discharge cycles? Will consistent use keep the battery in “shape” regardless of time? Thanks in advance
  16. Been eyeing the V2 Tesla. I’ve read that the V1 version was good in the rain, just wanted to see if that also holds true for the newer version. Also saw some threads of the V2 with random issues (cutoff, mosfets burnt). I really like that I can approach near 30mph in a package below 50lbs. I’m not a long distance commuter, prob just 10 miles at a time is what I ride. I’m hoping for some reassurance before pulling the trigger, thanks.
  17. Don’t know if he will respond to your inquiry, but the v10f was sold to me.
  18. Yeh I noticed the taper at the top of the nikola. At this point I’m leaning towards the nikola granted that the speed buffer is comparable to the MSX. The nikola and the MSX from what I read has the same mosfet. I can assume the nikola then should mirror the reliability record of the MSX. I’m a little wary of the 16x being overpowered since I’m on the heavier side.
  19. The overestimation of the KS18xl speed may be a deal breaker for me then. As for the MSX, I weigh about 195lbs. Would I hear the 80% beep around 50km/h or closer to 45km/h. I’m prob willing to adapt to a wider wheel if that is the case. I’ve also been eyeing the 84v Nikola but it looks even wider than the MSX. Is this the case?
  20. Debating between the 84v MSX and KS 18XL. This primarily going to be my weekend cruiser since I have a v10f for commuting. I have preferred the slimmer wheel and have tried the MSX and found it wide. It maybe be possible though that if I ride it more that I’ll get used to the increased width of the MSX. I won’t find myself cruising past 30mph but from what I understand the MSX would give me a slightly better buffer. Is the new 2200w 18XL better than the legacy motor? In terms of durability and reliability it seems like the MSX have had more high mileage owners. Lastly, is waterproofing similar on both? Thanks for the help in advance.
  21. I’m the second owner, was originally bought from INMOTION USA. Bought this wheel last September with 1600miles, Now at 2300miles. Gently used, only utilized for 4 mile commute to work in flat roads. Plenty of thread left on the kenda tires. -looking for $600
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