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    Nikola Pads

    Neoprene pads custom cut covered all over top with gorilla black duct tape works great and looks good too
  2. Grip tape red vicious, bike seat mod on top of handle, external flash lights everywhere front and back,
  3. ya text me 8182710932 Im not sure how to post a picture on the forum ?
  4. gotway nikola saftey lockup wheel boot low jack gps tracking ideas saftey theft prevention? I want to ride my wheel to college and gym but i need to lock it down safely to a bike rack steel bars and ideas? thanks
  5. Yes I have perfected my nikola seat with the same seat bracket normal bike seat + 2 metal hose clamps from home depot with 1/2 x 2 1/2 solid wood as the base wide to support the metal seat bars to sit on top of the trolley handle in the middle strong perfect and the trolley works perfect too
  6. Gotway Nikola Board Replacement switch and dented bent rim repair ideas? i don't know which old board or new board i have inside my nikola but i don't want to have a burnout of fail like other stories? how and where to buy to replace for saftey or just ride until it burns out. I also have a small dent or pump in rim i think or tire offset how do i repair?
  7. Nice I will start at Lindley and Sherman way Reseda Hub at anytime in the morning if no rain and dry roads I will be cruising all day .
  8. Im rolling catch me outside ciclavia first or Im a valley local I know amazing trails at balboa park lake , woodley lake park, reseda santa monica mountain trails, everyone call text me 8182710932
  9. Yes sweet Sunday ride looks amazing Ill be there 100% my 1st Official EUC group ride Sunday in the Valley everyone is welcome to join! call text me Ill be ready anytime except i just ready EUC is not allowed? they can't see me I'm too fast : )
  11. I want to buy msx too for my christmas present? msx 1600wh good or get the 100v or 1800wh or the new msx V2
  12. I want to buy a used wheel i am cash ready in La. How do i buy a used wheel with PayPal buyers protection? What are the details and safest way to purchase used 3 rd party wheels? I can put the money in PayPal? PayPal verifies and approves money to the seller then they will ship out the wheel to me? once i receive the wheel the money is released?
  13. Ill buy $500 lots of miles and used call me 8182710932
  14. i want to buy I'm LA local cash ready call text me 8182710932
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