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  1. had a fantastic ride today with @Graniteone setting a new distance for me of 32 miles. @Graniteone had at least 10 more than that. It was definitely going to test the range of the MSX. Trail was very good with only some small sections of construction gravel/dirt on the south platte trail.
  2. @Graniteone i can do something on south platte. I plan on starting about 10:00 am because I’ve got afternoon plans as well. If this works suggest a staring place to meet.
  3. I’m considering a ride starting from around confluence park in Denver then taking one of the trails from there, possibly Bear creek. I need to review the Denver paths to see good starting points and look at distance. Also check if it’s out and back or if there is a loop.
  4. Saturday weather looks good for some riding. What area do you ride Randyrhoaddrr1?
  5. I will try and be there Saturday. The weather forecast looks like that will be the best option for many days.
  6. ack, missed this opportunity. Next time Tessa - I went out with Graniteone a few week ago with about the same typical riding experience as you. It turned out was was able to go farther than I had expected and Graniteone is very accommodating.
  7. I don’t. Wish we had some solid Colorado connections. I’ve ridden with Graniteone in Golden and I’ve seen Cooch videos bombing the front range but I’ve never known where he is going to ride. Cooch probably knows many riders but I don’t know how to reach out to him.
  8. I think I know that guy. He also rides in Colorado I'm always polite to them but otherwise try and avoid them.
  9. The soreness and fatigue will get less and less as you practice. You will likely experience the wheel wobble next and figure your wheel is malfunctioning... but that will also be part of the learning process and muscle development.
  10. There is likely some used V8s for sale if you suspect that you will out grow of it quickly or are unsure about your riding future.
  11. And I think it may depend on what wheel you try. I started on a V8 then switched to an MSX. The V8 was easy to learn on. I suspect I would have more challenges if I had started on a larger or heavier wheel.
  12. Hey Todd, perhaps Graniteone can give us both some suggestions.
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