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  1. Off topic but how's the street tire running? I've been looking for Sherman riders with the street tire for their opinion but everybody seems to be going the off-road tire route.
  2. Having suspension on the seat was an idea that I had in mind for the past couple of weeks for my Sherman. Glad to see someone else with the same idea I'm trying to see if I can incorporate an actual rear shock from a mountain bike similar to the Kingsong S18, which should make seated riding a lot smoother. I'll be sure to post my build process.
  3. Very nice design! Would you mind sharing the STL file for these foot pads?
  4. I painted the whole wheel black then I taped off the side wall and colour matched it to the shell. It was a long process but in the end I thought it was worth it.
  5. Is it possible to get a hold of the beta version? I would love to test it out on my Gotway MSX 100V
  6. Thanks! The wheel actually grew onto me and I decided to keep it as my daily driver.
  7. Yes once I figured out the inner shell was cracked, I was able to plastic weld it back together with a soldering iron. Works like a charm! Apparently this is a known issue with the 18L and Kingsong addressed it by reinforced their inner shell on their later batches.
  8. After taking off the batteries and motor, it is evident that the cracks are a lot worst then I expected. The control board is definitely not loose. The shaking only occurs as I'm moving on the wheel, leaning forward or backwards. It doesn't shake when turned on and balanced against the wall. I can even walk it with the trolley handle with no issues.
  9. So after taking the shell off and taking a closer look, I noticed cracks along the frame right by the wheel axle. Could this be the reason for the violent shakes?
  10. @US69 so I just got a new control board today. I installed it, upgraded the firmware and calibrated the horizon and lift assist but I am still getting the violent shakes when I ride at low speeds 😔 Does this mean I am having issues with the hall sensors/motor?
  11. @US69 So I guess I'm not the only 18L with this issue. Hopefully a new board will fix the shakes 🤞🏼
  12. Wow, thats not good! Hope you get a new replacement.
  13. I already performed a calibration and it still has the shakes. The wheel does not shake when still or when I’m trolleying it around. It only shakes when there is pressure applied to the pedals or to the front/back end of the wheel with my hands. You can see in the video examples I posted earlier.
  14. I double checked and there is no fractures on my case.
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