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  1. @US69 So I guess I'm not the only 18L with this issue. Hopefully a new board will fix the shakes 🀞🏼
  2. Wow, thats not good! Hope you get a new replacement.
  3. I already performed a calibration and it still has the shakes. The wheel does not shake when still or when I’m trolleying it around. It only shakes when there is pressure applied to the pedals or to the front/back end of the wheel with my hands. You can see in the video examples I posted earlier.
  4. I double checked and there is no fractures on my case.
  5. So I did what you asked and didn't notice anything when playing around with the trolley handle while it was charging....no beeps, no LED lights. Here is another video of the shakes and shut off. I'm just putting pressure on the front end of the wheel with my right hand and it's causing the wheel to shake and reboot. It's definitely not as violent as when I'm actual riding the wheel with my 2 feet.
  6. I spray painted my wheel when I first got it and I've put over 2200kms with no issues what so ever up. It was only yesterday morning when it starting shaking on me. When I opened the wheel to examine it, I thought the axle bolts were loose because I was hearing some rattling the day before when I would land my curb jumps. Only one of the bolts were loose but after tighten it, checking all the other screws and wires and putting it back together, the shaking was still there. It starts to shake when I am riding at low speeds and only stops when both feet are off the pedal, it would reboot and be back to normal. After inspecting the top of the control board, I don't see any physical damage done to it. So do you think I should replace the control board and not the motor?
  7. Sorry I'm a newbie and have been riding for only a month & a half. If it's the hall sensors, would I have to replace the motor?
  8. Really appreciate all the info meepmeepmayer πŸ‘πŸΌ Glad you're digging the colour 😁
  9. No, I checked the board and its definitely secure. Where is the hall sensor?
  10. So I ran into an issue today with my Kingsong 18L and hope someone can help me out. As soon as I get on the unit and start riding, it shakes violently until I get off and then it resets itself. Just a little backgorund, the unit has over 2200kms. I'm a pretty aggressive rider, cruising speed of 43-45km, jumping curbs and riding down stairs quite frequently. I already opened the unit to see if there was any issues with the control board, loose axle bolts, etc but didn't see anything that caused for concern. Do you think it could be a motor problem, control board or firmware issue? I am running the latest 1.13 firmware.
  11. All I did for prep was give it a light sand so the paint can stick better to the shell and added a couples clear coats.
  12. I sure did! The tire was looking quite dull and the armorall made it come alive.
  13. I just bought Painter's Touch 2X Satin Rustic Orange spray paint from my local Home Depot. https://www.homedepot.ca/product/painter-s-touch-2x-satin-rustic-orange-340g/1001047928
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