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  1. I dont think there is a difference in acceleration 84 vs 100: The benefit with the 100v is that there is no alarm/tilt back if you hit 32+ miles per hour. I like to have some extra speed when i am riding, I dont like feeling i am on the limit. If you are looking for more acceleration maybe a 16inch wheel might be better. I tried the KS16x and it felt very nimble and quicker to respond.. but I still prefer the MSX
  2. Hi Ashrel, I purchased the 100v 1845WH from green and fashion travaling shop in Ali Express in July of this year and received it one month later. They modified the original 100v 1230 and put in the additional batteries. I have been using it every week since then and have over 400 miles on it now and have not had a problem. I do 70% normal roads and 30% off road and i am loving it. Depending on the hills and how much i push it I can do between 45-60miles. One thing I have not tried is top speed.. for me between 25-29miles per hour feels comfortable so i dont need to go any faster. Hope this helps!
  3. Thank you Marty for organizing & to the gang for waiting for me, it was such a memorable ride! at times i was not sure if i was dreaming.. like being in another planet . here are a few photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/KcL47fzm2nBbc1Lq7
  4. I am kind of nervous, but hey! what is the worst that can happen?? haha... Will see you there at 7pm.
  5. wow.. this sounds so tempting. What worries me is that i have zero off road experience. I only ride on surface streets (I only have 50 miles on my MSX). @Marty Backewhat would you say the difficulty level is? would you recommend for a newbie?
  6. Hi Guys! Just received the charger this week and everything seems to be working fine. So for anyone ordering a wheel from Ali Express green and fashion travaling shop the dates were as follows: Ordered July 17th, 2019 - the expected delivery date posted on the website at the time was August 8th. Received UPS notice on August 5th with no tracking information Wheel arrived without a charger to Los Angeles on August 13th. The battery was charged 100% so it was great to be able to use out of the box. After emailing with Mr. Chen the charger was shipped and received August 20th. Apart from the delay in delivery I would totally recommend buying from them & Mr. Chen was always responsive to my questions,.
  7. Thanks! Yes it does have 5 pins! I hope the charger comes soon. Thanks guys
  8. Hi Guys, I ordered the MSX 100v 1845wh from green and fashion travaling shop (Ali Express) on July 17th and I just received it today. Unfortunately it came without a charger so just left them a note, hopefully i dont have to wait another month for the charger. It does show 100% battery so i will be able to play with it for a few days. My question is how can i check that i received the right wheel? is there a way to check if it is the 100v model? and that it actually has 1845 battery? I have connected the gotway app and darknessbot but it does not give me the information i need. I do see that the voltage on standby is 66.6v on the Darknessbot app when it is not moving but not sure what this means. Any help would be appreciated..
  9. Hi Fellow EUCers! Was wondering if any of you has been to the Sacramento River Trail on an EUC? it looks gorgeous but it does say "No motorized vehicles". I see a few photos of electric bicycles but not sure if they will stop me if they see me riding an EUC? thanks guys,
  10. Me and my son will be joining as well. We will meet you directly at the Pier at 10:20am - unfortunately we cannot stay for lunch though.
  11. @Yellowman hey man, you should totally go. I also have a V10F and am looking forward to see more wheels like mine. My son (15yrs old) just learned how to ride 2 weeks ago and will be going on a ninebot E+ so we will be going slow and will only do 10 miles of the route. @Dave U really cool you are taking your son as well.. Really excited, this is my first group ride
  12. Hi Yellowman, funny, today i was commuting to work in LA and i got an unexpected downpour. I thought the V10F was waterproof so i keep cruising at 18-20mph.. it seems from the thread below that it is not.. hmm.. i did not have an issue and have not had an issue ridding on wet surfaces.
  13. Hey Lunar! Going home today i tried something new. Today it is 91 degrees f in LA so the V10F got up to 150degrees towards the end of the hill, and no problem, although i was concerned that it might stop on my. I then let it rest for 10 minutes and decided to try something new: i switched the riding mode to "classic" went down the hill and back up and this time the temperature went up to only 125degrees! which is awesome. So just remember that on really hot days you might want to try the classic mode - it does not ride as agile but it gets the job done! Have a great week man.
  14. I would suggest you close out all apps on your phone and try again. On my phone if the wheel is connected to darkenessbot it will not connect to the inmotion app until i have closed it.
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