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  1. Victoria BC, KS16X. Been riding for just over a year. Blame me for @daven 's used V10f
  2. Good inspiration! I'll try working on it. I still suck at one leg and backward, need to get back to doing drills and not just putting in 'Highway miles' on the commute. Also very useful comment about visualizing, that sounds smart.
  3. I'd suggest getting a finger bell for riding up lochside as it can get pretty congested as you know from your ebike. Though there are special ones, I found that the absolutely cheapest handlebar bell works great on your index finger. Any bike store will have a basket of them.
  4. I live on the gorge by Tillicum and work up on Keating cross, one way was about 22km up lochside and I did it most days last summer on my V10f. I could do the round trip on a charge, but often took my charge brick with me anyway and charged at work. I still get sore feet on longer rides. I found it good to stop for a couple of minutes and walk around on the ride to work while I was getting in shape. Also nice to stop at matticks farm for a bun and a coffee on the way. My commute was consistently under an hour, I think 47 minutes was my best time.
  5. The kingsong App says my v1.07 is the latest, where did you download a newer version?
  6. I'm up and running with my KS16X, just got back from a trip to Darcy's in Langford. Faster than the V10f, but seems less torquey at low speeds. Eyeballs freezing. Total success!
  7. I just ordered a KS16X from Tom at Vaneuc, should be here next week.
  8. @DaveN Happy to share my experiences. I've been riding for about 10 months, though I cut back in the winter. I picked the V10f mostly because it was the cheapest (by a little bit) of the long range wheels. I live by Tillicum and work up on Keating Cross and I wanted something that would make it to work and back on a single charge. It's been a great wheel to learn on, though if you search around you'll hear a few complaints about it as you do about any wheel. The Inmotion firmware tends to be pretty protective - it will give you speed warnings and cut back on the wheel's speed quite conservatively which can be a nuisance if you're a speed demon. I'm still very happy with mine, and generally do 30-35 km/h for most of my ride to work. That's plenty for me, and I'm probably not even wearing enough gear to go that speed. I got mine from Smartwheel in Ontario, but only because I hadn't heard of Vaneuc at the time. Everything I've heard about Vaneuc has been positive. Smartwheel was good to me, and got me parts when I needed them (I stuffed my wheel into a concrete wall when I was trying to learn to ride backward and had to replace my headlamp assembly). Hey, if you want to get together and see the thing and have a first try at standing on it I'd be happy to get together this weekend. Don't expect to be able to hop on it and go, it does take some time to learn (and if I'm any guide the older you are the longer it takes!) but we could go to a park and you can try it on the grass hanging on to a fence or something. I live on the gorge by tillicum. I haven't gotten on the fb group because I don't FB - sorry @Glyphs Gaming.
  9. Man that's awful, I'm sorry you got hit and injured. Cars sail through that intersection at full speed and because of the bend in the road you can't see them coming until they're quite close. When the weather cooperates a bit, I'd still like to suggest a get together for a group ride, you can tell us the rest of the story.
  10. Wow, that's nasty. V10f has been solid so far, though I do find it goes into overload tilt back more than I would expect. Good to hear Smartwheel have been doing the right thing for you, makes me want to do business with them again. I'm thinking of the 16X as my next wheel.
  11. Who did you order from, and what failed on your V10f if you don't mind me asking?
  12. A guy in Edmonton making me look bad for not riding in the lousy weather: https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/mobile/one-wheeled-wonder-edmonton-man-rides-electric-unicycle-in-37c-weather-1.4771029
  13. Sorry, was away for a couple of days. I haven't done a ton of rain riding but I can second what @rywokast said- the inmotion machines are considered the best for waterproofness, and I've seen the gasketing in the electronics compartment myself. I wouldn't submerge it but just about anything up to that should be fine.
  14. Awesome! We've chatted here a bit but haven't managed to get organized for a group ride. You've given us a reason to finally get together. I've got a V10f too, I've had it for about 8 months and have almost 1500km on it. Have fun!
  15. Awesome diplomacy, you're the perfect ambassador for the community. Shows the value of keeping your cool and being polite. Credit to the park staff too though for listening and being willing to change their minds.
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