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  1. Any update on the availability of the forerunner series? If possible could you add the forerunner 45 as well?
  2. Also does anyone have recommendations for which watch they would use?
  3. Hey @AllSySt3msG0, thank you so much for your wonderful contribution to wheelLog! So if I'm understanding this thread correctly, wheelLog can now support the following garmin watches: Fenix series Forerunner series Vivoactive series Is that right? Also do you or anyone else know if these watches are compatible with magnetic watch bands/straps? If you have one you could recommend I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and my apologies if this information is available elsewhere!
  4. @Nils did you paint your Nikola? If so what materials did you use? Looks pro!
  5. I've asked Jason in two separate emails today and he won't give me an answer. His first reply was that it was just Marty that had the fan issue, I replied that you @Nils also had a fan issue and I asked again about the issue with the "2nd gen" board that he was waiting to replace. His response is below: "Part of the board swap process is to test the fan by raising the controller's temperature beyond the set point where it is activated. Have a good evening, Jason" A little strange that he won't say what is wrong with the "2nd gen" board that is on my wheel... maybe he doesn't know what the issue is, just knows that something isn't right. Hopefully the new board is solid. He said he would ship it out to me tomorrow
  6. He didn't mention it in our correspondence, I will ask and find out!
  7. This is the case, I ordered a Nikola this week, Jason is delaying shipment until he receives a 3rd gen board and installs. Not gonna lie @Nils @Marty Backe, getting a little worried about this purchase... it's not too late for me to switch orders to a 16x lol! Please advise
  8. @Marty Backe I also pose the same question to you Have you gotten shakes/instability at higher speeds as a result of slime (even 25-30 mph)?
  9. How much slime do you add to the nikola 84v? Have you gone up 30 mph+ where the other guy mentioned you get shakes?
  10. great, thanks for the advice! Do you notice any difference in your ride at all after sliming the wheel?
  11. @Marty Backe Hey Marty, how much would you recommend adding to a 16 in tire? 4 oz? And does the width of a tire change how much you would add? In my specific case, I'd like to know how much to add to an inmotion V8 tire and how much to add to the 84v gotway Nikola tire! Thanks for your help!
  12. Thanks for the clarification @meepmeepmayer! It was getting very confusing. My Nikola ships out late next week I believe. Jason mentioned that ~20% of the next batch of 16x have been pre-ordered and from the descriptions on the eWheels site it seems like the next batch of 16x will ship out late Sept/early Oct. I don't think there is real chance I could get one anytime soon haha
  13. On the ewheels site it says the 84v has a 1600wh battery and the 100v has an 1845wh battery. Is there a different version out there?
  14. Nevermind, just saw the note on your member status! Awesome, go Nikola! I thought the motor was 2000W however
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