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  1. Yes. Now the battery lasts one week, 1-3h/day.
  2. Hm, thanks. I was thinking to paint my helmet in same style as my painted EUC, but wasn't sure, and now there is a reason to do it. Something like this:
  3. I use wrist mirror for about one month. Initially I was rarely looking into it, then I got used to it and now I look often in it, very useful. Here is how I attached it.
  4. About "Disable battery balancing" option - so EUC.World has complete control over charging/BMS (not only monitoring and plug on/off)? If so, should I trust it my wheel internal settings and possibly leaving them in some invalid/harmful state? Or on "Disable balancing" it just turns off the plug when charging power starts to drop (beginning of balancing phase)? ---- At the moment I change to 100% and don't disable balancing. So far it looks good (KS18L) screenshot:
  5. Thank you for the info! You saved my battery. I was about to always do 90% charging, with the best intentions in mind. There should be a warning in app when you open the Limit by Percentage option, for newbies like me. P.S. For those who don't understand why no balancing is bad: Video1, Video2
  6. I asked this because I wanted limit to 95%. But after a fast research I am ok with 90% ---- Battery life > Degradation New data has shown that exposure to heat and the use of fast charging promote the degradation of Li-ion batteries more than age and actual use. Charging Li-ion batteries beyond 80% can drastically accelerate battery degradation.
  7. It works. Thank you! I would like more control in setting percentage limit - a slider (like the speed limit option)
  8. Will TP-Link P100 be supported? https://www.tp-link.com/de/home-networking/smart-plug/tapo-p100/
  9. It has adaptor for 18650. btw I ordered the second one and will ride with two flashlights (one in each hand). The brightness is ok for dark spaces, but with street/car lights I feel the need for something brighter.
  10. Lumintop B01 - it doesn't blind others (STVZO) and fits 21700 battery I hold it in hand
  11. Lumintop B01 - not the brightest but doesn't blind others (STVZO) and fits 21700 battery How the beam looks
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