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  1. Komoot in bicycle mode is my standard app for riding in unknown areas and for route planning. Maps in my area are really precise and it is aware of bicycle lanes. Waypoints are handled intelligently, for example it adapts when you miss one or take an alterative, unplanned route without forcing you to go back to the missed waypoint. You can also start a route at some other point as the planned starting point and it will gracefully adapt. Even the free version works well, the only limitation is that it uses online routing and maps vs offline routing / maps in the payed version.
  2. Just one thought on the learning curve, I used a small Ninebot One S2 for learning, now I'am on an inmotion v10. The latter is much more stable and I'm sure I would have learned more rapidly on the v10. It's like for surf boards, you won't reasonably start with a tiny board but use a larger, stable one. On the other hand a beginners wheel will definitely take some scars and scratches ...
  3. 600 km on an Inmotion v10, with regular rides in the city, so far no accidients or cutouts. I always accept the soft tiltbacks and don't try to overpower the wheel. The worst things that arrived were that the wheel felt down after I stopped or after I tried to take a curb (at very slow speed). I think when you know and respect the limits of your wheel and stay alert in traffic and anticipate, chances are that you wont get hit by cutouts or accidents ...
  4. The other day I passed in front of a school on my inmotion v10. Lessons were over and dozens of students came out, many of them walking on the bicycle lane. As I slowed down and made my way one of them said to me "hey mister you are in the future" (monsieur vous êtes dans le futur) ... that was a funny one I thought ...
  5. Project manager / software architect (think MacGyver) for java or scala backed web applications in France
  6. Ich bin mit dem Herzen dabei, ex-Berliner, wohne aber jetzt in glücklicherweise in Rennes / Frankreich, und düse jeden Tag durch die Stadt zur Arbeit auf meinem V10. Die Gesetzeslage bei euch ist einfach nur katastrophal, Anpassung an moderne Verkehrsmittel? Wie kommen die Leute nur darauf solche merkwürdigen Gefährte zu erfinden die vom deutschen Gesetz überhaupt nicht vorgesehen sind! Unglaublich!
  7. Which wheellog version do you use? I have a ninebot one S2 and passwords work fine with 2.0.28 and 2.0.29 at least (I think the protocol should be the same for all ninebot wheels)
  8. Hi Seba, I added 2 german translation files ready to add to your project. Works fine for me (see screenshot). strings.xml arrays.xml
  9. Hi, I get many of those "disconnected" messages with a Ninebot One S2 too. The phone is an LG V20 with no memory or resource problems whatsoever. Would it be possible to make connection-related messages optional? Otherwise it's a very useful app, I use it all the time.
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