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  1. And it is not like it never happened before, all bicycles have suspension but the cheapest(or specialized) ones, all e-scooters have suspension but the cheapest ones. It is long overdue for EUCs to get suspension.
  2. I'm telling you, V8 is the most successful wheel ever. 16S is not far behind. After S18 (spoiler alert) KS is going to make a smaller wheel aiming at that segment. Hope they still find time to make that SXL though.
  3. Bose electromagnetic suspension demonstration was very impressive.
  4. There is a lot of people who own smaller wheels like 16S or V10F or even 18L. Range and power did not motivate them enough to upgrade before, but active suspension might. That is all theorycrafting. Others do that, so i might as well craft smth up. Anyway, Ecodrift told us that there are 3+ times more S18 preorders than V11's. And S18 even surpassed the previous champion - 18L. Wondering what numbers the other dealers have.
  5. This is a revolution compared to evolution. Sherman's +10kmh is a marginal improvement over existing gotway wheels (even though it needs progressively more power). Suspension is not a marginal improvement, it is a game changer. Even though it is slower and has less range, it still makes all those faster wheels obsolete. also the metal frame. It does not contribute to speed and such, but it has to be much more solid, has to be the first wheel to allow heavy riders do one-legged riding without tire rubbing on bent shell.
  6. obviously, faster more powerful wheels, regardless of diameter, will let you spend the charge quicker. It does not mean you have to.
  7. Btw, about small bumps. When wheel hits the bump, it has to propel it all up, motor, battery, you. All that energy is subtracted from the wheel rotation and then controller has to dispense corresponding amount of energy to compensate for that loss. With suspension however, only the motor is propelled upwards, which translates to much smaller loss of energy. Which in turn, theoretically, should result in considerably higher power efficiency of suspension wheels.
  8. That depends on everyday range that you have. If it is anything like mine - 10-15km everyday, 50-80km weekends, then S18 is the perfect primary everyday wheel. I'm keeping 16X to use on those long weekend rides (for backup anyways), however getting back on regular wheel without suspension might become a real pain.
  9. However it does not translate to one third of extra range. Unless you count in that "go home" mode, where you can ride it at walking speed. Marginal does actually make sense.
  10. I like to think about it as "orange anodized aluminum", somehow it is not as unattractive as "faux gold" even though the color is the same. Had they painted it black, what metal would they try to falsify then?
  11. Yeah, people keep pulling theories out in favor of V11. It would be much easier to compare voltages, but unfortunately Duf only told V11's voltage.
  12. 1420 vs 1480. 4% higher capacity. Except that we do. It is 18-20m/h for both rides.
  13. He is using Garmin device on his wrist for both speed and distance. So those inflations would not affect his measurements even if they were true. And they are not.
  14. These guys clearly demonstrated how kujipads work. Guy on the left jumps without grabbing onto the pads, guy on the right jumps properly, with the pads. Btw Duf performed a range test for both V11 and S18, TLDR: V11 33.5 miles, 36% remaining, 72.8V, S18 34.8 miles, 34% remaining
  15. No it is not. You can see him jump and see how built-in kujipads work. It is not them. I heard a lot of attempts to justify it some other way. Now it is time to get back to the obvious explanation - V11 suspension sucks. I told it the day S18 was announced, that it will be much superior to V11, as it was obvious back then, and I am telling it now.
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