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  1. Greetings all here at Electric Unicycle, This is my first post. I am not (yet) an electric unicycle rider but see it happening sometime soon. What brought me to your forum is an affection for private aviation and things mechanical. I was recently speaking to a friend (Nate at RevRides), who sells electric scooters, about mobility that I can put in the back of a small airplane to get me the 'last mile' after landing. His response was the electric unicycles are popular because of their compact size and portability. So I'm still deciding whether it will be a scooter or an electric unicycle. Pushing 60 I'm a bit nervous about the idea of a unicycle crash as they seem to be a bit worse than crashing on a scooter. So onto my 'unusual request'. Explanation: One of the aircraft that I fly is a gyroplane (pictured). In the gyroplane world we have long looked for an electric solution to pre-rotate the rotor. Rotor blades on a gyroplane are driven by the wind but the must be started spinning before take off by some mechanical means. In the picture below there is a vertical shaft attached to a ring-gear just below the rotor-blades. After looking at the electric unicycles I realized that the large diameter stator/rotor motors might be a good solution for replacing the ring-gear. Request: I'm looking for a higher wattage (2000W?) electric unicycle stater/rotor for experimental purposes. No doubt there are some worn-out wheels out there that are of little value because of no batteries and or shot electronics. Let me know. Oh, and if there is anyone near Vancouver/Portland who has a demo unicycle I'd love to try one out (used to ride a pedal version years ago). Regards, -brs
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