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  1. I literally got my EUC to get to the pub and back when they tightened the dui laws in Aust. When i first started i couldnt get to the pub without having to step off at some point. But strangely could get home without having to step off. Ive probably done that return trip over a few 100 times without incident.
  2. Chriull, thankyou for ypur reply. What concerns me is this is up and down hill so it is regenitive. If i only rode flat or up hill i think i may run out battery, which i hadnt noted before. Maybe i will ride down and log riding just flat and up hill from full battery and see what happens. Maybe i am over reacting....
  3. attached is the log of the short ride i took. It goes down hill for roughly halfway, then flat, then a small down hill at the end. it is only about 1km long total. You can see in the middle section my battery hits 50% at one point, despite starting at 90. As it is down hill to start and i used to get bad cut outs on an old ninebot, i religiously watched the app when i first got the wheel. And this is definitely not normal. The tilt back at 30off kph is not severe, but subtle. Also seem to be getting a more often high amp alarm, such as when just hoping up a driveway. The one odd thing that occurred before this is i did get a crackle when either installing or removing the charger immediately before i noted the problem. The wall socket was off at the time, so i didn't think it would have been possible to damage anything. in regards to seller, not sure how i will go. There is no dealers in Australia, so was purchased off Ebay... (buyer beware??) 2019_08_07_16_49_41 - Log.xlsx
  4. Wheellog is showing charge is 84 volt as expected at 100%. It is the 800wh version. I have done around 80km on the wheel in the last 3 weeks without experiencing this until yesterday. It was very strange. Charge is disappearing and reappearing depending on down hill or flat in moments. I will try and attach a log of a quick ride today.
  5. Hi guys, hope i can get an opinion on what i believe to be an issue with my relatively new MCM5. I charged it to 100% the other day and took it for a ride. I seemed to get a momentary over charge tilt back nearly immediately on a small hill outside my house (hasnt occurred before and i ride the hill nearly daily). I started watching wheel log and my battery is going from 100% to 50% and back up extremely quickly. Meaning i am getting low battery tilt back within a few 100 meters (albeit at 30kph). I havent had any issues at all and was loving the wheel until this happened. Any ideas? I could post / send my wheel log if that helps identify any theories. Thanks for any help you can give.
  6. MattD

    Downhill Issue

    I think this is correct. Rode down the same hill deliberately with out full battery. By the time i got to the bottom with no issue my battery had gone up by about 8%. Dont understand how braking down a hill doesnt use battery though. Thought it would use more rather than going full speed.
  7. MattD

    Downhill Issue

    Hi All, I recently got a ninbot c+ and overall it has been fun and i feel pretty comfortable. However i am getting a super consistent fault that i am hoping you can help with. I live on a hill and leave the house and go down it. I travel slowly and very much in control (8 - 10kph). After about 200 mtrs ninebot rapidly beeps like it has fallen on its side (different beep to overspeed) and it feels like i lose the gyro. As i am leaning back to control my speed already the wheel just runs out in front of me and i end up running to keep balance while the 9bot scraps down the street. First time it scared me, now i go slower and am ready for it to happen. Never had an issue on uphill or flat. I am going to test a theory today regarding battery charge but keen to hear your ideas. Thanks
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