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  1. Ah ok. The blue app. Yes that’s exactly what happens. Damn does the gotway do that or does it let you go fast without tilt back? I’m very new to all this. Got my first used wheel 18L last month
  2. Yes my wheel is white. My bottom slider is set to 50kmph and won’t go to 60. When I slide it to 60 it automatically goes back. Do the gotways do this?i just want something to let me go as fast as I want up to max speed 31mph or whatever it is without being hassled with this
  3. Got a used one. Was working perfectly. Then i got the app and if I go too fast it almost throws me backwards off the wheel. I really really hope I didn’t permanently destroy my wheel for wanting to play with some stupid lights on it does anyone know how to stop it from throwing me back at a certain speed? Sorry to be negative, it’s just that I can’t find help anywhere about it. The English is so bad on the app
  4. I’m so bummed out. I bought a used kingsong 18l as my first wheel. It said “speed limited at 20kmh” at top but I was never limited. I went just about 30mph and it was never a problem. then like a fool I went and got the app and updated it and then it said “60kmh” instead of 20 but now it says 40 and I just went 25mph and the wheels went backward and almost threw me off!!! Please someone tell me there is a way to fix this. Otherwise I’m selling it and getting a gotway ASAP
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