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  1. Is your MB equipped with 12 mosfets on the output? If so, you have an E+ motherboard. If it has 6 mosfets on the output, it is for the e. On the other hand, if it beeps continually, chances are that there is something else. These ninebot one are notorious for braking axles. I had 2 and both the axle broke. I only weigh 130# and never ride rough terrains except for grass fields such as schoolyards and football fields. I never hop or drop down sidewalks, or go down stairs. When the axles broke, both times the mother board fried at the same time due to the wires cutting at the axle brakage. I made beefier axles for mine and rebuilt the wheels. Now they are bullet proof. I cannot see that you can screw up the wire connections. Just make sure that all wires are connected. Mind you, if the lights are not connected or connected to the wrong strips, that would not prevent it from working. NO the E or E+ motherboards can be interchanged from one wheel to an other. I interchange mine for testing purposes without any problems. Or maybe they have been unlocked prior to shipping??? I know of others who changed their E+ motherboards without problems as well. Tell me more what you did; send pictures if possible. Ben
  2. Hey, I'm interested in your E+ cpu if you still have it. Let me know at: 250-495-6959 or email me at upt5ed@gmail.com Thanks, Ben.
  3. I'm interested in your Ninebot One E+, you can email me at upt5ed@gmail.com Ben
  4. The MSX is a good wheel, either 84V or 100V. it depends if you are looking for range or performance... If range, it's the 84V, while for performance (speed) then it's the 100V. Mind you, the Nicola 100V has them both; range and performance. It might be worth it to wait; you'll have it for a long time, unless you are rich and can buy many...
  5. In my experience, these outputs work in pairs (push/pull) If one fried (shorted) the other was affected as well and may fry soon after. So if you replace the one, also replace its complement. Also, it is possible that its driver(s) may have fried as well.
  6. I.m looking for a E+ mother board; mind you, it's not the same as the C MB. It has twice the number of mosfets outputs. What about the rest of the wheel? I broke the axle on my E+ and the motor wires cut at the same time. So I made another axle and repaired the wires. So if this is what happened to yours, I may want to buy the whole thing. What price for the MB and for the whole thing? Ben
  7. I disagree; I ride mine at 30 mph 90% of the time. This is only because at 31 mph it tilts back. So I teeter-totter on the beeps. At that speed, the wheel does not vibrate, nor does it wobble at all. It is absolutely straight, smooth, and stable. It only wobbles when hard braking at high speed; that's it. Also, even if the wheel would have a side shift of 1mm, the tire would reduce it by half. It would have to shift by at least 3 to 4 mm do be noticeable. I have measured mine, and it has just a little over 1mm side shift on the rim's edge. Even though your theory seems to give answer, why does mine not wobble at 30 mph, and only while braking hard? Lately, I'm trying to concentrate on putting equal pressure on both heals. This is kind of hard to achieve, because a few ounces more on one than the other will force the wheel to turn while braking. This is when your brain tries to equalize; but unsuccessfully. On a motorcycle, when the rake of the forks is too steep, the bike becomes more nimble, but prone to wobbling. This is why race bikes need steering dampeners. Is it a question of rider rake position? I never noticed this on my Ninebot One; it never went faster than 12 mph. Food for tought.
  8. This is OOOOH Sh...%$&*%$#@...T The Monster is too heavy for my taste; I'm only 130#. On a liter superbike, I fly; its all about balance and controls. If you have a good grasp of physics and engineering, fear falls out of the equation. The heavier the wheel to rider, the more you need to fight it under emergencies. Also, I like responsiveness; the monster may go faster, but it lacks nimbleness. The msx and Nicola are better fitted. As a Canadian, these wheels are yet over $3,300., while the Monster comes in at over $5,500. I don't want an army of them; I have other interests. Furthermore, I hear that Gotway has a 126v Nicola in the plans. That'll be the ticket; I'll change then. And by the way, I raced motorcycles, (road-race, motocross, enduro, trials, and ice) for over 40 years. I am no stranger to broken bones. I now race cars and go-karts. This wheel is just a side-dish. I already went around the race track with it (4.5 km); it was boooring! I'm sure that if there was a wheel that could do 100 mph, I would have tried it on this track. So when you say 15 mph, you simply don't have what it takes. Therefore, if fear is your hold back; then you are simply not the type I am catering to. Stay on the porch.
  9. The KS 18XL also wobbles when braking hard. I've tried 35 psi down to 20 psi, not a bit of difference; the harder you brake, the more it wobbles. I guess you just got to get used to it. It might be simply that I put more pressure on one heel than the other without really knowing it; it's hard to tell.
  10. I think that's the only logical solution; otherwise kind of suicidal.
  11. Believe me, at times, especially when a small pebble in the ideal line must be avoided when too close to the edge, we do break a sweat.
  12. I guess I've never said where I do high speeds. So if you always ride among pedestrians, I understand your concern; even agree with you. On the other hand, since 90% or more of my riding is where no one is around, then higher speeds is what I'm looking for. Also, there is EUC challenges (competitions) that are being organized for those who want to test their skills. Cross country is one of disciplines; circuit racing is another, obstacles is yet another; EUC cross, And so on. This is what drives me. If you are comfortable where you are, I'm happy for you. My whole point of posting this thread is to find others like me who want to go further; much further. If you are not one of them, and too afraid of getting hurt to go any further, that's all right for you. You are simply not the type. I'm seeking those who, like me, want more and are ready to take the risks; calculated mind you. Together, we can discuss theories and evolve more rapidly and safer. This is what happens around race circuits. We discuss techniques, trials and errors, physics, and, the next time around the track we try what others have found. This allows to reach higher limits. This is how the world evolves. If you're not in the game, that's ok; just don't lecture what you don't know about.
  13. I guess you are not the racer kind; If this road was on a one way closed circuit, cars and motorcycles could do speeds well over 100mph in such open turns; and the strait sections would even allow between 150 and 200mph. So you are way off thinking that cars could not even do 70 mph on this stretch of road.
  14. Actually, I also want to get a Beginner's wheel to teach others to ride. I had an Ninebot One E+ on which I learned on, but its axle broke. I have machined a stronger axle with larger motor bearings, but when I connected it to the control board, without battery, the wheel did not turn freely. I then disconnected the wheel cable, and tried to connect the battery to the board; the connectors sparked violently. The cb had 4 shorted output transistors. So I replaced them. Unfortunately, there is something else that keeps the pre-drivers full on. So I'm looking for another Ninebot One E+ (used or refurbished) or another Beginner wheel; used or not. You can reach me at: upt5ed@gmail.com Thanks, Ben
  15. Thanks for the video, by the way. I've seen it before; but quite an adrenaline rush nonetheless.
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