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  1. I have the same problem. ewheels told me that Kingsong's registering site is down ; its been more than 4 days now. If it does not come back online soon, I'm thinking of exchanging my 18XL for an MSX; even though I marginally prefer the Kingsong. I'm patient to some extent. But I did not buy an ornament. This says lots for the company's reliability, or lack thereof. See the thread: "Kingsong, one of China's spy channel on the rest of the world"; it will tell you of other problems with the Kingsong app.
  2. No, it seems that Kingsong's authentication site (channel) has been down for the last 4 days???
  3. I don't use cell phones anymore due to serious health consequences (brain cancer), and removed all wifi from my home. I now use ethernet only for internet. Unfortunately, we chose conveniences over the harm that it can potentially do until it's too late. I will not go back and buy an iPhone just to unlock my wheel... I have an android tablet, and that's as far as I want to go, and bluetooth, sparingly that is, is my limit. I asked members of my family if they could help me unlock my wheel, but when reaching the requested permissions, no one wants to go there; and I certainly don't blame them. I've been told that Kingsong's authentication channel has been down for the last 4 days anyways. All in all, I am beginning to regret my purchase; the wheel is nice, but if I would have known how they operate, I would have chosen an MSX instead.
  4. I chose to not do chimo; and went holistic instead. After researching, found out that a single brain scan can kill up to a billion brain cells, I rather simply not know and keep what I have left. I not afraid of getting hurt or road rashes; but I'm terrified of becoming a vegetable. I lost some of my balance due to cochlear damage in my right ear, but riding an euc helps my brain to compensate.
  5. The diagnosis was not that hard to detect, it was just behind my right ear where I held my phone. A cell phone must reach up to twenty five miles in order to reach a cell tower. This is the norm. The signal does not leave your phone in a direct line to a tower and nowhere else; it leaves your cell radially and spherically in every direction. Its signal strength diminishes as per the square of the distance. Your ear and the brain cells behind it, being the closest, are seriously blasted the most power, that is: 1.0x10^13 (10,000,000,000,000) times more than the tower needs to transmit the signal. If you must use a cell, at least use an ear speaker to remove the cell as far as possible from your head. Your brain cells are the most sensitive and fragile in your body.
  6. Actually, I had brain cancer caused by cell phone. Some people are more sensitive to microwave radiations than others. I stay as far away from microwave devices as possible. In this new world of wireless technology, We are prostituting ourselves for convenience. We will all pay in the end. It bothers me to see that people want convenience above all else; even their own health. But that would open a whole new can of worms. It is just that the government, and especially the manufacturers of wireless devices, keep their negatives under a lid as cigarette companies did until it blew open. If you would decide to look into the harm that these devices do to you, you would end up spending weeks and maybe months reading testimonies and scientific proofs. I am one of them. So, the fact that some people don't have cell phones or a wireless tablet, for many is for legitimate informed reasons. Do you know that your wireless computer mouse operates at the exact same frequency (2,400Mhz ~ 2,450Mhz) as your microwave does to cook your chicken?
  7. In any case, if the app would be internal only, such as a remote, the programming would take mere days, or a months at worst. I have a brother who's a system analyst; and it is impressive what he can program in a matter of hours. He programmed a 3D chess game with two friends within a week just for fun. No one has ever beaten their game. The best who tried it, don't go past 5 or 6 moves; then checkmate. So the idea that it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to set a dozen parameters is grossly exaggerated. They just don't care, or they are programming illiterates. Or is it that the outrageous permissions are for an underlying purpose?
  8. That is definitely the best solution by far. The main reason I posted this thread, is to inform those for whom this would be a problem. On the other hand, I still feel that they are going too far requesting to have control over every aspect of your device just to unlock the wheel. Hey, give me a break; if you are concern about the unit turning on in transport, just disconnect the battery, and save me all that BS.
  9. I know that they have them now, but these are not modified by Gotway at the factory. The extra battery must be split (cells) to fit. Gotway wants to standardize it and claims that it would be best to make new shells. Maybe to refresh the new model; who knows???
  10. Oh yes, I talked to Daniel already in Poland; he's keeping me in the loop. Better yet, the demand for it is so overwhelming that dealers around the world are putting pressure on Gotway to produce them as their next new model. This won't take long; some new panels to fit the batteries, that's it.
  11. Hey, I bought it at ewheels; I hear he's the best. He is doing all he can to help me. But Kingsong's internet being down, doesn't help. The wheel is very nice. I wanted to get an MSX 100v, but since Gotway is working on a Plus model with 1845wh ~ 2000wh battery, I went for the KS 18XL instead. This way, when the MSX Plus comes out, I'll have two different wheels for two different purposes.
  12. Hey, it only cost me $300. and learned on it to know that this is some fun sport. I'm 68 and was looking for something challenging. I used to raced motorcycles at 200mph + on F1 roadrace tracks until 50; and now race cars. But this sport is hilarious to say the least. At the track, I already got a half dozen guys interested. My ninebot isn't completely repaired yet; but when it can ride again, I will train many more. I just bought a KS 18XL and having nothing but troubles unlocking it. You sent me an alternative app, but haven't gotten to try it out yet because I don't have wifi at home, and it is sort of ackward to try unlocking the wheel while it's beeping every second in a McDonald. I do not have a cell phone; I must do it over a tablet. In any case, Kingsong's internet is down at the moment. Hey, keep on wheeling.
  13. On a ninebot one , I was practicing the one foot when I began to hear some ticking noise, but only when on the left pedal. When I would do it on the right pedal, no noise. This wasn't normal. I started to look at what could be touching, but without putting heavy pressure on the left pedal, I could not see anything wrong. Then, when I pressed on the left pedal with my hand putting nearly all of my weight, 130# that is (small guy), on it, it felt sort of spongy. I started to remove covers, and, crap, the axle was cracked and broke when I tried to loosen the nut. The axle is hollow on that side to allow the motor wires to connect to the board and battery. the wall of the tube (axle) is no more than 3/32" thick on the round sides, and 1/16" on the flat sides of the axle. I was flabbergasted to see how small and thin it was. No wonder it broke. Being an aircraft engineer, I have knowledge of tensile strengths and load evaluations due to the moment arm as per the location and distribution of the load. I went and bought larger bearings and made my own axle, much beefier. I hope that the pro wheels have better engineering. I'm not trying to rain on your parade here; but just go and see. I was lucky it did not brake while riding the exhilarating top speed of 12mph; I would have had to start running, or worst yet scratch my virgin shiny new pads lol. If you cannot find the problem elsewhere, go and see, especially if you have a fast wheel; it may save you a few scars. Mind you, girls like guys with scars. I know, I've got lots.
  14. I think that you do not see the whole picture. I'm 68 and know others of my age, especially my adrenaline junky friends at the race track, we are all looking for challenges. In my circle alone I have doctors, lawyers, engineers, shrinks, a skyrise building contractor, and many many other highly influential people. As they see me riding my wheel, most of them want to come aboard, they think that this is the coolest thing they've ever seen. So the euc fan club is actually moving up the ladder; it is not only for kids. It brings us back to our motocross years while some of us still do. The euc is taking over a broad range of enthusiasts and does not care about your age or profession. So, yes, we do not want intrusion into our confidential information. Obviously a separate phone is the only solution; as long as everyone is aware of the problem; which is the reason for this thread.
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