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  1. All the bench supplies I could find had a 30v max. I ended up buying a MPPT "Solar Charger" and driving it with a laptop brick instead of a solar panel. https://imgur.com/gallery/HqlyisA
  2. Your statement is true. But both of my questions remain unanswered. What a lithium ion battery needs is assumed. The questions are about where the logic is that meets the needs. Is the logic in the BMS internal to the AirWheel, or is the logic in the external PSU?
  3. My daughter has lost the charger to her AirWheel X3. I'm wondering... 1. Is the power brick is a generic power supply and all the charging circuitry (including the cutoff logic) is in the AirWheel body? If this is the case, I should not have any problem charging it or timing the charge to full. 2. Does the internal charger (assuming my first question is true) have its own current limiter? Most consumer electronics will not be damaged by a power source with a high current capacity as long as the voltage is correct. The V = I x R equation ensures this. However, that assume that the limiting resistance is in the consumer. If the device is expecting the supply to provide the resistance that limits the current and the supply is expecting the device to provide the resistance, this can be a problem. Please advise.
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