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  1. I've owned a NanRobot D5+ for a month and like it! Just wonder if anyone can give me some tips about the title subject. I live in a hilly community - many 15° inclines. My D5+ has the following choices: Speed control has 3 options, ie: Mode 1 limits speed to 12 mph, Mode 2 is 22 mpg, Mode 3 is 35 mph. Next I have Two 1000W motors. Batter is a LiPo 52V 26ah. I have a choice of using Dual or Single motors. Lastly, Turbo vs ECO. I use Mode 2 on the speed controller. I find that while climbing a hill in Mode 2, Single Motor the speed drops to 14 mph. I can easily sustain 22 mph if I use DUAL Motors. I don't use TURBO because I think I'm conserving the battery. Here's the question: Which is better, ie: Go up a hill in Single and feel the stain on one motor or use DUAL motors all the time? In DUAL the D5+ has no strain and will easily climb hills without loss of speed. With all the choices how do you ride your scoots? I prefer using DUAL and ECO. I will use SINGLE and ECO if it's better for battery life.
  2. Just bought a NanRobot D5+ from Amazon = $1550. It shipped from California and I got it in 5 working days. I did research for 3 months and watched many hours of YouTube videos. The choice was daunting. I'm 81 years old and wanted something to get to my mailbox which is a 1/2 mile from home. Too lazy to walk and hated to get out a car for the short trip. I couldn't justify Dualtron's cost. I'm happy with my choice but I don't have any thing to compare to. I wish I could rewrite the Owner's manual, though. I did own an Uberscoot 36V , lead acid battery, chain drive for a week before I bought the D5+. For me the criteria for a different scoot was: 1.No chain drive 2.Dual wheel drive 3. Minimum speed 25mph 4.Must have Li battery. The D5+ meets all those requirements. Speed mode 1 rides at 12mph, mode 2 rides at 22mph mode 3 gets to 36mph. I ride in mode 2, non-turbo, dual motors. On 20° inclines I punch TURBO and can actually accelerate up the hill up to the max mode 2 speed of 22mph. Overall quality is good. There is some steering head play but I attribute that to the folding mechanism. I would think all foldables are similar. The braking system is incredible! They call it EBS, I call it ABS. Takes a few rides to get used to, though. The throttle controller is similar to Dualtron's and I used their owner manual to figure out how to negotiate the modes. After owning theD5+ for a month I would still buy it.
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