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  1. hey man i think it would be dangerous to keep riding like this . do you think does it worth the troubles? and thanks a lot for sharing what you have done ( pics and all )
  2. now i'm scared . i had no idea that it is going to be so hard, i thought dissembling the wheel is an easy process ( maybe i'm too naive ) , keep us posted and good luck
  3. guys i have question for you , what top speed do you get out of mcm5 ?
  4. yeah i ordered the 2.5 from aliexpress , i will keep you posted how that turns out
  5. hello so i am looking for a wider tire for mcm5 { 14 x 2.5 ) and i know that i have to modify the shell , but i am confused about what type of tire should i get (kenda ,chaoyang,cst,etc ) and if someone have already done this i can use some help thanks
  6. That's a bummer 😭 , anyway thank you for your quick and experienced 😉 response
  7. @houseofjob i'm wondering if it's possible to change the mcm5 tire for a wider one ? ( I'm asking you since you know everything about euc 😁)
  8. oh yeah thank you for the video , here the difference is completely obvious
  9. so i just basically have to deal with the pain
  10. i am at 120 km yeah that totally make sense , so i just got to be patient i am sure the bigger pedals gonna help in overall experience and if i could move my feet little bit on the pedals would be better ride . do you know how much bigger are the nkola pedals ?
  11. hello guys so i am new rider and it is about a week and half that i am riding now , first let me say that i love riding the mcm5 , it is so much fun and has great torque ( but not a good top speed i get the 3rd alarm alot ) anyway every time that i go for a ride after 3 miles or so i get a bad ache in my feet ( like very bad one that i have to come off the wheel and shake my feet ) . so i wanted to know if i can change the pedals for bigger ones or even that helps "? (by the way i wear 9.5 shoe size and my feet are flat ) , if you have any other suggestion i realy would appreciate your help. chears guys
  12. i think is a good speed too and i go around 20 mph on my electric skateboard and feels plenty fast but since with euc you can handle the bump and bad roads better ( at least better than skateboard ) i thought it would get boring at that speed .
  13. i am glad you are alright, i will keep in mind the braking distance
  14. i got the 800wh one and from where i got it (aliexpress ) had only 650wh and 800wh
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