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  1. Thanks for the info. So, we ask for a new motherboard. Indeed, the same problem ocurred again some weeks after fixing it. Meanwhile, we unplugged the lateral switch permanently.
  2. You were right. We simply disconnected the lift button, and it worked. Also, we checked both switches (top and lateral ones). There were fine. So the problem was due to a mainboard strange behaviour (like Windows, it needs to be restarted . After reconnecting both buttons everything worked normally. It is a dangerous bug. If the frontal light is on without the fan working, it can reach high temperatures. It was a bomb. So, if this happens to you, solve it by yourself quickly.
  3. As usual, great update, Seba. Short question: after activating in single tap action 'enforce regulatory compliance' in ks16x, how can we desactivate the regulatory compliance? I am unable to reset the max speed to 45-50 km/h and I am forced to drive below 25 km/h. Thanks for the help.
  4. I also experienced for the first time overlean in a similar situation. I accelerated hard from a low velocity in a steep slope. Euc world recorded 40 amps when pedals tilted forward. I was using 2.00. My 18xl motor is 2000w. Next week, I borrowed my wheel to my 130kg friend. Slowly, in a steep slope, again, pedals tilted forward and he kissed the ground. Conclusion: I have downgraded to 1.13. In the past, on 3500 km, I never experienced such problems.
  5. You can buy the bodyguard in roll.nz or use temporally a cover like this from aliexpress
  6. Hi Marty, Chinese sellers have illustrated the new 🔐 function with the following video: Very best wishes, Patricio
  7. I bought my standard MSP (not MSS) from EUCSERVICE. The good point is that Daniel checked all the components (engine, motherboard, etc). No problem after driving 350 km on steep mountains.
  8. It was the Inmotion V10 tire, 2.5 wide.
  9. You can compare visually below. Not huge difference in the outer size. We would need to see also the final S18 tire. It is 3 inch wide. So it should be larger than used in all the previous KS EUCs.
  10. Obviously, the mosfets and supplied current are less demanding in 18XL 2200W than 16X. You climb easily with 16X where 18XL cannot. Lastly, the outer diameter of 16X and 18XL are nearly the same, requiring same rotation speeds for same linear velocity.
  11. Agreed until last sentence. The new motor drinks lots of power and gives plenty of torque. The 16X inch tire with nearly 18 inch outer diameter had difficulties to supply required energy. So I do not expect with less battery capacity and same voltage a better performance of S18 than 16X.
  12. I drive old KS18XL and 16X, and bought MSP. 18XL keeps 45km/h up to 50% battery level. It never reached 50km/h because it measures wrong speed. Wrong speed also for 18L, so you never drove at 50km/h unless you are below 60kg :). Speed reduction in 16X starts at 70% battery level, when you only consummed 30% with secure firmware 1.07, otherwise you may experience faceplant (v 1.05). In this thread they showed similar electronics for 16X and s18, so I am sure that speed reduction starts really soon, as for 16X. S18 has even less battery than 16X, which is ugly. The motor has higher power than ol
  13. Thanks for such a great app and work, as usual from you! Would it be possible to downgrade the firmware version of KS wheels in the near future also?
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