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  1. https://www.kingsong-europe.com/en/accessories/26-exterior-shell.html#/18-color-noir_mat/76-modele-ks_18l
  2. Did they gave you a parallel cable with two Lenovo conectors at its end when you bought the 10A charger at https://shop.batteryguru.eu/en_GB/p/Battery-charger-for-Li-ion-and-Li-poly-batteries-10A-20S-72V/62 ? If not, did you arrange the cable by yourself?
  3. My fan also started to be loud as yours several months ago due to extreme offroad. Or maybe it fell down the hill and crashed against some tree ... Nothing relevant. I did 1000 km after that, sometimes it sounds louder, sometimes the volume is normal. The motherboard temperature is always low or moderate. No problem ... Do not worry about! We have a really strong EUC. Welcome to the club. A few users reported the same symptom in other threads.
  4. Could you please give me details of dealers selling Nikola + with the new battery. I asked a coupled of Chinese sellers and said that I should wait for 1 year
  5. I sent you a private message suggesting an alternative.
  6. Right. The new motor is incompatible with the current battery. When battery is below 70%, a fast acceleration provokes a huge drop in battery voltage. Dangerous! The lower battery capacity, the most severe voltage drop. Just monitor your wheel variables when driving. It is not safe. This is the only explanation I figure out to introduce the "safety tiltback" when battery is not full. Otherwise, if you drive fast, accelerate, and voltage decrease, the motor can not properly control/stabilise undesirable situations. They realised a few days ago with the photo of "hand in blood" using firmware v1.05? And proposed the conservative v1.06???
  7. How is the latest update (firmware v1.07) going? Any improvements? It is already available.
  8. No. On occasions there are errors in their database. They check the location of the wheel and where should it be delivered, to avoid gray market. If the app shows the message, just contact them for help. We bought two wheels at the same time, one of them worked ok, the other one displayed the error. After receiving their repply saying go ahead now and unlock the speed, both wheels worked and reached more than 40km/h.
  9. Do not panic. Just drop a line to support@szkingsong.com explaining the situation and giving the serial number of your wheel. They usually repply and allow you to unlock the speed using the app option in less than 24 hours. At least, this method worked for me.
  10. We never unplug first the extreme of the charger which is connected to the wheel. Please remove the opposite side, wait the ligth of the charger to be off, and then unplug from the wheel. To connect the wheel to the power, do the inverse proccess. First plug in the (disconnected) charger to the wheel, and secondly plug in the charger to the electric power.
  11. Please publish a user review as soon as you recieve your KS16X! Based on climbing slopes with hot waves if possible You will motivate even further orders!!!
  12. My wheel is even heavier because of the extra battery. It is KS18XL. And my previous euc was also 9bot E+. There are great differences between them. My summary is that the more you drive your KS18L, the more advantage you realise. After getting use to KS, I only use 9bot for short travels in the city. Soon you will learn sharp turns, to climb, to ride fast, will spend hours and hours without plugging the wheel in!!! Be patient and enjoy the fantastic wheel you bought.
  13. I agree that GPS speed is less accurate than the wheel speed. The GPS measures need "Differential Correction" after the measurements (corrections to be done at home) or, alternatively, the GPS has to be connected to an expensive antenna when it is measuring. Also, the KS APP shows an unrealistic distance (1.14-1.19 times the real one). This fact can be corroborated simply by comparing the actual mileage from an accurate map, road location marker or milestone and the range displayed in the APP.
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