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  1. Thank you both for your input, yea I think maybe the one thing holding me back from just getting the Mten3 off ewheels right now is that everything I've read about it and watched on youtube says don't get it as a first wheel. But honestly it's sort of like what @Marty Backe said, if I feel like it's too small, I can always sell it (most likely keep it for it's unique size and properties) and get a bigger wheel to complement/replace it. I am a hoarder... I really hope I don't develop a habit like @houseofjob though. My gf would kill me Will update here when I do finally order my first wheel though! I'm very excited to not have bikers zoom by me on my 10mph segway finally lol.
  2. So one thing that sticks out to me from your reply (thank you for sharing your experience in NYC, that was super helpful), is not being able to accelerate properly in the case of an unusual road condition. I was under the impression that the MTen3 has some torque-iness to it since it's 800w/84v and weights 20-something lbs? I think I'm ok with slowing down in bumpy areas for the most part (I'm mostly ok going 10mph on my segway mini lolo). For me portability takes precedence over ride comfort/speed, if that makes sense? But yea, if I can't accelerate *when I need to*, then I think I'll have to look at the MCM5 or something 14in or so. Considering my preferences, is there another smallish wheel you might recommend? While the idea of having a nice fat tire and some density in the wheel is ideal, I don't see any wheels that are basically <30 lbs without sacrificing power.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy my first wheel. I'm interested mainly in the fact that these are fairly compact devices that can hit fairly good speeds and range. But mostly for the compact nature. The MTEN3 seems to be much smaller than most other wheels in it's speed/range class. My primary concern is that at 10in., is this not viable for what is approximately a 1.2mil commute to work and back? The streets in Manhattan are... not ideal, there are a lot of small bumps and dips, but I wouldn't say they're that rough, especially in the bike lane-dominant route that I take on my segway mini right now. Does anyone have experience with the MTEN 3 for city commuting? Or should I just get a slightly bigger wheel like the MCM5/KS14d/s?
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