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  1. My tiltback is set to 30km/h on both wheels and most of the time I don't ride more than 25-27km/h max. My moving average if I'm fast is 22-23 and more commonly 20-21 according to EUC.world. I figure that is a pretty big safety margin for V10/Nik+. I mostly just "cruise" Also, IIRC, euc.world gives me another 10-15% as a safety margin. So I think my charge is actually probably 45%+. If I go 20km on my first ride after charge on my Nik+, euc.world shows I generally have 93-94% battery left.
  2. Hey Guys, I got my Nik+ earlier this year. I've been charging to 100%, and then riding within 12 hours usually 10-20km, then the next 2-4 days I'll get it down to the 30-40%. Then I leave it at that level & ride my inmotion V10 for a few days...same procedure... So I'm going to ride the Nik+ tomorrow and now the charging light went off at 100.6v instead of 100.8......anyone have ideas? I have always been charging until green light + 1-2 hours to let BMS balance everything... My Nik+ was bought in march so isn't very old and has less than 400km on it. Should I be charging a different way? I was under the impression partial charges to 70 or 80 and riding was "bad" as the cells could get out of balance. My inmotion V10 has probably 600km+ and was bought in march of 2019 and still charges to exactly 84.0v... Edit: While I was writing this I had let it "balance" after turning green. I Just checked it after 75 minutes charging while green light was on & euc.world is now showing 100.8. It used to show 100.8 when it first turned green, so this is definitely different behavior. Just wondering if I should be concerned...
  3. This is their problem. Do they feel threatened by people in cars? How about a motorcyclist with body armor? Physics doesn't care if someone is scared of how you look, which is why I always wear my full face. I've had rocks kicked up from cars more times than I can remember and bounce off my full face with face shield... With that being said, I have people constantly smile & wave to me while I'm in my full gear going around at 12-18mph on the streets in my subdivision. I've never seen someone that looks afraid when I'm ride by.
  4. I have a v10 & use: Full face motorcycle helmet motorcycle gloves knee/shin pads (1 piece) chest armor & high-vis vest Elbow/forearm armor. Fell 2-3 times & no permanent damage. Glad I always wear my gear. I got 20-30km/h most of the time. I have tiltback on my v10 set at 32km/h. My avg moving speed according to EUC.world is usually 22km/h.
  5. I've been on my V10, Nik+, MSX and I think one more I can't remember a well as the Z10. The Z10 is the ONLY one (Maybe because of the tire?) I absolutely hated. Way too hard to turn/carve... I did only try 10 min though but seemed like SO MUCH effort to ride. I pretty much think I'd prefer anything else...
  6. Well if they are under 40 they are probably too young looking at the survey results here, lol.
  7. Argh can't believe I missed this!!! Been wanting an mcm5 for the stable.
  8. Coworker in London office got one and was telling me about it. He was learning to ride at the time & was afraid of scratching up his v8. He wanted to put the inmotion cover on it but couldnt' find one locally. He asked if he could paypal me for one and I said "sure.". I ordered one for him to my house & then re-shipped it to him. I looked up what it was and then started to get some interested in it. About a year later I finally made the leap & got my V10 and a year after that nik+. Since that time my (now ex-) coworker has switched jobs. I talked to him the other day & he said he never learned to ride....has only about 25 miles on the wheel in maybe 2 years. I send my euc.world tours of 20km and he can't believe it. LOL.
  9. My scariest experience on my EUC was in heavy wind in winter.
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for a few of these to use with my wheels so I can set them via an app to turn on/off via app. My requirements 1) 5ghz wifi - 2.4ghz is ancient & congested. 2) No cloud/internet requirement - I don't want the device losing functionality when the manufacturer decides it's not profitable to run the cloud service anymore. 3) must have ipv6 support - Must have this as I use this extensively at home and I've had ipv6 several years. 4) Android & Apple app - I use android, wife uses iphone. 5) If it has a "controller" software can run on Linux - I have several linux vms that are on all the time. What do you guys use?
  11. Unfortunately real life with 24x7 on-call & a special needs child kind of prevents that :-/
  12. I just hit 600 miles after 15 months or so....
  13. The main roads outside my subdivision are 70-90km/h and people typically go 15-20km/h over...bicycles legally allowed...
  14. Looking forward to reviews & euc.world compatibility!
  15. I love the happy alien smiley face on this thing!!!
  16. My Nik+ doesn't do it either but I ride on hard mode.
  17. What tiltback? I ride at 20-25km/h
  18. I don't see that at all. Whenever I ride I"m in full face helmet, chest armor, (sometimes hidden by a jacket) safety vest, knee/shin guards & elbow guards as well as wrist guards or motorcycle gloves.. People still smile or laugh, point or wave... Edit: Maybe they are laughing because I look ridiculous riding around looking like an NFL player @ 12mph....? Possible.
  19. I now have the hbbit of riding around my subdivision in the street at sub 18mph (speed limit 25mph) and waving to everyone. I've been doing this for a few months now and I think people may be starting to recognize me. I'm starting to get thumbs-up and some people are waving already when I notice them so I wave back. Trying to build a positive image of "that weird guy on the wheel" I think is a positive first step. I've also seen a kids ball go into the street & fetched it for him & have thrown it back. I've also been by a soccer field where someone kicked the ball wayyyy off the field so I went to fetch it for them & brought it back. I am hoping that my positive encounters make a positive impression.
  20. Most of the subdivisions around me have very few cars early to mid evening. Sometmies I can do 20km and maybe see only 2-3 moving cars in the subdivision. I kid you not.
  21. IIRC the last full ch arge I did maybe 100km ago was slightly over 100...thought it was weird because I thought it was only 100v wheel.
  22. I actually went back to the auction listing I bought (not sure if seller changed it...is there any way to tell?) and the cells are listed as: LG INR21700M50T. Does that mean I'm in the clear? Edit: At the top of the listing it says "seller has changed the description, see what you originally purchased" and it still lists the LG cells.
  23. Any idea if Gotway has/will issue a recall? I'd like to know if I need to send my wheel back or not or at least know what kind of batteries it has.
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