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  1. If I could just have an option to get rid of the Nik+ startup sound.....I'd probably not need to keep my v10 for commuting.
  2. Hey how goes? Good to see another rider nearby! I'm local to you. PM me, as I'm in Lake County near six-flags. Maybe we can do a ride? I mostly ride around the neighboorhood (I'm east of I-94 and west of Route 41). But sometimes I go off on longer journeys. I'd probably stay out of Rollins Savana as it's LCFP and I've been told sternly motorized are NOT allowed there. You could end up with a several hundred dollar ticket. Rob
  3. This was my exact experience going from a V10 to a Nicola Plus
  4. Well it's common to have snow and -20 Celsius here in the winter. Should they work perfectly in that as well? It's an outside device and that is not really uncommon here.
  5. Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel a whole lot of difference between my Nik+ & V10 in handling. Maybe I don't go fast enough (rarely over 30km/h).
  6. V10 is VERY EASY to walk with one hand using the trolley handle. it has one of the best trolley handles out there IMHO.
  7. Wow thanks for the awesome response. I think I'm going to close this back up. It's really not worth the trouble to fix the anti-spin button for my non-dominant hand....at least now I know.
  8. Hey guys, I just opened up to try to fix the "broken since bought" handle lift sensor as well as a now non-working brake light. Q1> I noticed at the very top there are 5 holes for bolts in both the back/front (if you are looking at it from the side). The front has those 5 bolts. The back just has empty holes. Is this expected? Q2> I youtubed to figure out how to get the shell off but wondering if there are any easy tricks to get to the handle sensor so I can swap it. At first glance it's not obvious how to get there, although I can see the wiring up there, I'm not sure wh
  9. FWIW: I haven't tried an 18" wheel, but generally to make it easer to accelerate, I hang my feet off the front more. Have you tried adjusting your foot position forward?
  10. Looking for EUC repair in the Chicago area. Does anyone know of a repair place in the greater Chicagoland area? I need my Nik+ handle button fixed as well as the rear light no longer working.
  11. I don't see HT in their store, but I do see the HS one... https://www.chicway.shop/gotway-msuper-x-pro-msx-pro-electric-unicycle-100v-1800wh_p0332.html
  12. Chicway.shop has this for $1600 and the msuperx pro for like $1855. Wonder if it's worth picking up, as I have the wheels listed in my profile. I'm happy with them but figured maybe a > 16" tire would be better for comfort...?
  13. You are learning way faster than I ever did. Congrats!
  14. I assume Etats-Unis is united states? It kind of sounds like it. Having a translation for each country would be helpful. Answered as best I could about my 2 wheels. Please post survey results here when it is completed
  15. I never saw the need for pads on either V10 or Nik+. Maybe I ride too slowly? Most of my riding is sidewalk (I'm suburban and the main roads are 65-89km/h here with people going +10-20km/h over that) or subdivision (40km/h max). Riding around at 25-30km/h road or 15-25km/h sidewalk I don't think my speed/style of riding typically requires acceleration that I can't already do w/o pads. I don't jump my wheel at all either.
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