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  1. I don't see that at all. Whenever I ride I"m in full face helmet, chest armor, (sometimes hidden by a jacket) safety vest, knee/shin guards & elbow guards as well as wrist guards or motorcycle gloves.. People still smile or laugh, point or wave...
  2. I now have the hbbit of riding around my subdivision in the street at sub 18mph (speed limit 25mph) and waving to everyone. I've been doing this for a few months now and I think people may be starting to recognize me. I'm starting to get thumbs-up and some people are waving already when I notice them so I wave back. Trying to build a positive image of "that weird guy on the wheel" I think is a positive first step. I've also seen a kids ball go into the street & fetched it for him & have thrown it back. I've also been by a soccer field where someone kicked the ball wayyyy off the field so I went to fetch it for them & brought it back. I am hoping that my positive encounters make a positive impression.
  3. Most of the subdivisions around me have very few cars early to mid evening. Sometmies I can do 20km and maybe see only 2-3 moving cars in the subdivision. I kid you not.
  4. IIRC the last full ch arge I did maybe 100km ago was slightly over 100...thought it was weird because I thought it was only 100v wheel.
  5. I actually went back to the auction listing I bought (not sure if seller changed it...is there any way to tell?) and the cells are listed as: LG INR21700M50T. Does that mean I'm in the clear? Edit: At the top of the listing it says "seller has changed the description, see what you originally purchased" and it still lists the LG cells.
  6. Any idea if Gotway has/will issue a recall? I'd like to know if I need to send my wheel back or not or at least know what kind of batteries it has.
  7. Every once in a while I charge until 100% & let the green light stay on for about 2 hours....but I don't need that to go riding. I think I have about 600km on my V10 and I've done that 3(?) times. I have about 200km on my Nik+ and I 've done it twice.
  8. Most of my rides are 8-20km max. This is easy to do on my v10 @ 70-80% battery or even my nik+ @ 60%. I ride 10-15mph (18mph max) and usually average about 12-14mph. I typically only re-charge until 70% or so on either. I tend to keep my batteries between 35-75% most of the time. Works well enough for me. If I am going to need longer range I charge right before I ride to > 80% to top off, but I usually don't need that.
  9. Tore my miniscus playing basketball & I had pain for quite a while after the surgery...It's about 20 years later & it's like it never happened.
  10. Great job!!! You are getting it!!!
  11. I was in the same position. When I bought my Nik+ In March, the new MSX wasn't out yet. I thought it was a great value @ $2k, but didn't want to be a gotway early adopter. Happy with my Nik+, but it seems so far the New MSX doesn't have any major problems so I kinda wish I went that way. I would have loved the higher torque wheel for some offroading I do, but ah well...
  12. It would be cool to implement but IMHO it should be far down on the priority list. I wouldn't have any inclination to buy EyeRide HUD until the price came down significantly.
  13. My tire felt flat today on my V10. I hadn't checked it in a while. It was at 31 PSI. I'm 200 pounds geared up....
  14. Might be time to take a day off Nothing wrong with that. It took me a good 6 mo. to get to where I considered myself proficient.
  15. I have a V10 & nik+. Nik+ about 40, and the v10 @ 44-45...but then again I'm 200+ with gear on. I typically don't go very fast either (30km/h max & typically average 22km/h)
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