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  1. My wife is ok with EUC price....long as it doesn't sit around like 1/2 my stuff. LOL
  2. You are in NYC, no? I think that is expected no matter what form of transport you use...
  3. Just wanted to comment this looks like a great price!!!
  4. So basically you just ignored my post. That is fine. I can ignore you too.
  5. Actually most EUCS don't fall within the "motorized board" definition according to 313.5, since most have a max speed > 20mph so everything below that applied to 'motorized boards' doesn't apply to most modern EUCs..-- at least in that bill. The link you provided is also to a BILL, NOT the full law, so if EUC falls under some other CA law, that link isn't real helpful.
  6. Do you think that bicycle that killed someone should have had license, registration & insurance because he could hit 18mph? What if an (american) football player at 120kg can run 20km/h and hit someone & kill them? Should he need a license & registration to run in public as his size makes him deadly? (That is tongue-in-cheek btw). Are we discussing just regulating newer wheels or all wheels? I was under the impression we were discussing "all" wheels.
  7. I think there are m What about leaving them unregulated like regular bicycles? Shouldn't really be any different...
  8. I bought mine in March. Has the startup sound. IMHO I like my v10 better as a commuter. No sound, lighter to put in the car and/or carry up stairs.
  9. A bicyclist could easily do this as well. Are bicyclists required to have insurance? If not, why not? My brother was hit by a bicyclist when he as a young kid. Older kid riding on the sidewalk at high speed knocked him into the sidewalk. Thankfully his injuries weren't serious, but what if they were? Should the late teenager have been carrying insurance & registration? What about plates? The vast majority of EUCS max out at speeds similar to bicycle. Why a difference in treatment for insurance/liability purposes when both can cause serious injury & death? My dad was sitting in his car at a traffic light stopped. A bicyclist t-boned him after he had been stopped for several seconds while losing control and changing from sidewalk to street. My dad was uninjured, but there were several hundred dollars damage to his car he paid out of pocket because the bicyclist got up & rode away. Yet bicycling advocacy groups resist licensing, plating & insuring. I really don't see the difference. MOST eucs can't go faster than a bicycle. Most bicyclists can't break 40km/h (hills except....where EUCS don't generally benefit too much here, bicyclists do!). IMHO there isn't a whole lot of difference. Bicycles are even getting motors these days as well... Perhaps ALL people should carry liability insurance. What if a 200 pound guy sprints 12mph while training and runs into my son? Meanwhile the 120 pound kid going 10mph on his mten3 weighs less & is moving slower... Let's face it. EUCs are treated differently because they are 1) newer 2) have a motor 3) people don't understand or care about them & hope to regulate them out of existence. I seriously think that is the way we are headed. Then everyone who has replaced their small car trips with EUC can get back into their 2000kg suvs to drive 5km to work again. Then what has been solved? At least when some kid/pedestrian/bicyclist gets hit by the 2000kg SUV, while having less chance of survival compared to getting hit by a EUC, the driver has a 75% chance to be licensed and insured!!!
  10. I rode down to my local gas station on my EUC but was not able to find where to put the gas in. The station attendant couldn't find where to put the gas in either. I gave up & rode back home. I'll find it one day
  11. I can't speak for there, but roughly 25% of the people driving cars here are uninsured with no license. Licensing does NOT make sure people have drivers license before operating a vehicle. Many of these people don't have a license because of prior bad behavior, but that doesn't stop them. You can't throw 25% of motorists in jail or the jails would be full with nothing but motorists.
  12. I'd say raise that to "no-license" up to 30km/h. I have a friend on strava who does 3-4 hour rides on bicycle AVERAGING over 30km/h and I think his peak speed is over 40km/h. Yet needs no license. Why different for EUCs?
  13. Meanwhile, paramotoring is legal there, no ? I wonder how licensing is for that over there...in the USA if you meet certain minimal requirements, it seems to be fairly unregulated.
  14. I've been looking for paramotoring resources in the midwest as it interests me. Would be awesome to ride something like mten3 to take-off area & then just toss it in your backpack. Unfortunately paramotoring doesn't seem to be too popular around Chicago :-/ I kind of wonder if we have tons of flight restrictions due to 3 major airports (Ohare, MKE, Midway) as well as many smaller within a 2 hour radius of downtown Chicago.
  15. I have been pulled off a paved path in the (Illinois) Lake County Forest Preserves by the FP Police. Police walked me to my car and said I had to leave, and then followed me out of the park to make sure I left. I haven't been back since. I ride around my neighborhood with no issues, usually in the road. On the larger/faster roads (45mph+ here) I ride on the sidewalk. I'm up in Gurnee. I'd recommend against riding in preserves. With that being said, it's pretty easy to do 15-30km enjoyable on the curvy winding streets of our subdivisions up here, and I've rode past the police on the sidewalk a few times & nobody ever said anything to me. I have also been through parks w/ no complaints either. Just not Forest Preserves. There are laws on the books for lake county that most e-bikes are banned as well except (IIRC) the class 3 which REQUIRES PEDALING for any electric assist. If you want to do offroad, I'd highly suggest looking at trails that atv/utv are allowed. Much better chance of EUC being allowed as well. If you find out, please post here as I'm curious. I haven't had time to look that up myself.
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