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  1. Us deaf people have always found workarounds. Mine is to ride well inside the safety margin and keep my phone strapped to the inside of my forearm so I can check speed periodically. I have the wheel set at 25mph/40km/h tiltback. A vibrating watch may work for you as well but for me I probably wouldn't notice it unless it was under my motorcycle gloves (probably won't fit).
  2. E-bikes have statewide definitions, but if they are legal in certain places can depend on locality. Forst preserves being one. I'm not aware of any state-wide rules (maybe in California?) that apply to to EUCs. Some preserves allow class 1, some I think don't care. I'd assume EUCS to end up the same.
  3. I've found the upper limit of 30km/h and > 30% battery pretty safe on my Nik+. No cutouts ever I have the 1800wh/21700 version
  4. I think in the USA it will tie down to city or county. With that being said, I don't know where any EUC is explicitly legal, but at the same time, I've never seen a speed limit enforced either.
  5. I leave mine both on hard. Which poll option is this?
  6. /Dev/Null

    Gotway RS

    Hm, I did some rides back when I was commuting from the garage -> office (1km) at real temp of -15 to -17c and windo of 20-30km/h. That was pretty cold though Walking would have sucked worse
  7. /Dev/Null

    Gotway RS

    I prefer higher pedals for shaper turning & more offroad possibility.
  8. So as an EUC rider & an occasional video watcher (btw, nobody EVERY edits captions into their video & youtube doesn't always do a great job...), I was never under the impression people were expected to even edit their videos. I'm fine/happy watching unedited videos just to see places I've never been, wheels I"ve never tried out, and people I've never met. No editing, commentary, etc needed. I think it's silly to EXPECT a certain "quality" of videos from people who aren't doing this as a job. Just be happy the rider (whomever) spends the money to buy a camera, goes through the hassle to bring it with (set it up, turn it on, etc), and spends the time to upload it. I expect nothing more and am pretty happy watching whatever you guys post and thank you for posting. If I don't like it, I MOVE ON like I figure most people can. Youtube is NOT broadcast quality, not tv quality, etc. @ShanesPlanet - Dude, don't worry about the quality. Just upload so we can have a view into your riding area, your wheel & ride along with you! If people don't like it or want to complain, tough rocks for them.
  9. This happened for me at about ~ 200 miles. The othe rday I was using my wheel to have some speed between colorful trees & take pictures. I could slow way down, take the picture without really paying attenting at 10km/h or less and focus on taking photos without worrying. It's a great feeing!
  10. I think I pay $38/month for my FJR1300 with full insurance. I think liability only would be probably $10-$20/month.
  11. Consdering you can insure a motorcycle here for $10/month...I sure hope it isn't $50/month.
  12. My thoughts exactly. Treat it like a bicycle. If you are going to treat it as "more dangerous" than a bicycle, then car & motorcycle licenses should be much harder to get. Instead, kids who are 16 can buy a 200hp litrebike here. They can also buy a lambo if they have the money. And you may say "yeah, those require insurance & registration though!" Tell that to the mom who's kid gets killed in the lambo/litrebike, or the mother of the person they kill.
  13. Locally near me the main road outside my subdivision is 40mph (64km/h) and then goes up to 55mph (88km/h). it's common people drive 60-65mph (96-104km/h) and it's also normal (AND LEGAL) for bicycles and or joggers to share this road. This road is not a "highway." It has a shoulder in some sections & no shoulder in others. Sure it doesn't have the traffic of NYC, but at the same time, physics doesn't care where you get hit. Nobody in town ever blinks an eye. Yet people are going crazy for this guy riding on FDR where the limit is 40mph. I don't get it. But then again I don't understand why I have been kicked out of the forest preserves where I ride at 15-20km/h and bicycle pass me regularly going faster and endangering more people. With all that being said, I stick to roads that are 40km/h MAX as that is my comfort level even if legal. My conclusion: The world makes no sense. Just try not to draw attention to yourself &/or put the sport in a bad light or we will be regulated more heavily than we could possibly imagine.
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