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  1. For those of us who are going to meet up, Metra apparently will let you bring your EUC long as it doesn't block a seat or aisle. This is a huge bonus, IMHO as they do not allow bicycles on @ rush hour.
  2. Just FYI: My V10 is Serial starting "12C" and Manfuacture date Dec 2018.
  3. Just got my Inmotion V10. Any way to check the serial to see if it has the improved waterproofing or any other hardware issues? I have just pulled it out of the box..
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I have to figure out how to get this apk on my phone. I'm not much of a phone guy.... I'll figure it out one of these weekends :-) Any plans or an IOS version? I may be switching to an old iphone se from my android phone as my android phone is almost 2.5 years old & on it's last legs.
  5. Is the link in the first post to the apk the same as getting wheellog from google play store? Is there an IOS verson?
  6. SLVR, where abouts in Chicago are you? I'm in the far north suburbs near the WI border. I've ordered an Inmotion V10 but it hasn't arrived yet.
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