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  1. V10F has 50% bigger battery than V10, IIRC.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies all. I was originally intending this for partial year commuting to use as a bus replacement to get to the train (I get to work at 7:00am 30 miles away & bus route doesn't start locally until 7. Train starts at like 4am). Train station is 7-8 miles away so I figure it should function OK for that if I decide to do that. I had one cell phone I ran down to 0% and charged to 100% and it didn't last a year before the battery became unusable & phone wouldn't stay on. I'm terrified of something similar happening to the wheel. I generally leave it sitting/charged in the 60-75% range when not in use & then charge it to 100% the night before riding If there is a better way to guarantee battery life I'm all ears. I didn't charge it after yesterday's ride as I figure 63 is a nice number in the middle of the battery % range.
  3. Doing a little math: .37 * 650wh = 240.5wh 240.5/17.0 = 14.14wh/km
  4. Hey guys, I"m about 205-210 pounds (93-95kg) and I have only 80km on my wheel. Today I did a trail ride (compressed gravel, some hills, nothing too severe) with average speed of 13.8km/h (my wheel is limited to 20km/h while I learn). After I got back to my car, I checked the app and I had 63% remaining (I Charged it to 100% 2 days ago until green light went on on the charger) after 17km. I can't imagine really running the battery under 30% or so charge as I figure it's terrible for the battery. If I did another 17km (34km total) that would put my battery at 26% 34km is really only about 1/2 the range of what inmotion states it would do. This seems really low to me -- and this is assuming I run the battery down from 100 -> 26%. Thoughts?
  5. @Matthew Ring, how is your training going? @Stadler & I ride up here in lake county. He's helped me a TON, and I'm sure he'd help you as well if you are still having trouble.
  6. I have whatsapp...I don't have either of those.
  7. Hey @MrRobot, I'm moving quickly towards proficiency. Any plans to come up again to ride in Lake county again? I'm sure @Stadler would love to ride with us as well!
  8. For those of us who are going to meet up, Metra apparently will let you bring your EUC long as it doesn't block a seat or aisle. This is a huge bonus, IMHO as they do not allow bicycles on @ rush hour.
  9. Just FYI: My V10 is Serial starting "12C" and Manfuacture date Dec 2018.
  10. Just got my Inmotion V10. Any way to check the serial to see if it has the improved waterproofing or any other hardware issues? I have just pulled it out of the box..
  11. Thanks for the info guys. I have to figure out how to get this apk on my phone. I'm not much of a phone guy.... I'll figure it out one of these weekends :-) Any plans or an IOS version? I may be switching to an old iphone se from my android phone as my android phone is almost 2.5 years old & on it's last legs.
  12. Is the link in the first post to the apk the same as getting wheellog from google play store? Is there an IOS verson?
  13. SLVR, where abouts in Chicago are you? I'm in the far north suburbs near the WI border. I've ordered an Inmotion V10 but it hasn't arrived yet.
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