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  1. I am in IA occasionally with my buddy when we go visit his son...but it's not often. I'll post up here next time I go out there. I ride kinda slow tho...15-20mph max.
  2. I may be there visiting for a few weeks, and I'll arrive by car. I am temtped to drag my Nik+ along. Anyone in Duluth, MN ride?
  3. I think my FJR bags are max 10kg ea. I think i'd have to strap it to the rear seat to not be nervous about it. Passenger capacity i think is 200kg+
  4. When I'm out on my wheel, I tend to wave to people & people wave back. The other day, I was actually just out taking the trash & a car was driving by and the person driving saw me & waved to me. I hope my riding around & this behavior can make everyhone smile a little more & be a little bit more friendly-- something I think society in general can use.
  5. I'd imagine it would be quite unpleasant. I have to pick up my Nik+ to put in a car, go up & down stairs sometimes such as at my parents house & it's terrible. Not impossible by any means, but terrible. I'm also an office worker (IT). I really can't imagine dealing with something heavier than the Nik+.
  6. So that begs the question -- how many EUC"ers that sit on a seat use a seatbelt?
  7. I typically wear my phone (the one with EUC.world on it) on the inside of my forearm so I can check battery visually. I will see if I can setup vibration/feel it. I do wear motorcyle gloves with wrist guards over them, so doub that would work but the inside of my forearm has the phone strapped to it. The ouside o the forearm/elbow has moto armor. I'm going to look into this, thanks for the tip!
  8. I wear full/hard armor on my entire legs while riding & I've never felt any vibration from the wheel at all except bumps through my shoes.
  9. Thanks Seba. I've looked into all those, but just prefer to keep my Nik+ under 40km/h and over 50% battery. I have very very bad hearing and pretty much consider my hearing unusable without my hearing aides. Both my mother & grandmother's hearing has deteriorated to being almost completely deaf and I expect my hearing to go that way as well, unfortunately. Does that stat on euc.world means I'm playing it "safe enough" or does it not mean anything until I "tune" it? Just wondering if it's something I can learn from.
  10. I see where you are coming from on the umbrella, but my insurer specifically mentions slander/libel as covered & those are illegal...It's supposed to be a catchall.
  11. I'm not sure what I'm tuning. I don't use the alarms at all as there is no way I can hear them.
  12. I just noticed this in my latest euc.world tour. It says "Safety Margin Min: 42%'. Does this mean I never really pushed the wheel?
  13. I have a liability umbrella that AFAIK covers miscellaneous stuff. I pay extra for it. I'm not sure if such a thing exists where you are but if so it may be worth looking into. I'm covered up to US $2M. Yes it costs extra. I think I've had it since I've been an adult able to ride a bicycle.....here you can't buy bicycle insurance.
  14. I'm not understanding the call for registration at all. My brother got knocked down as a kid by an bicyclist & ended up in the hospital after hitting his head. He could have died. I think he was 9. There weren't calls for bans, legislation, insurance, etc. I really don't think we should encourage this.
  15. TO be honest, if these things require licensing, insurance, registration etc, then I'm out and I'll go back to my car & motorcycle. THey should be treated like bicycles and be done with it. My state is now just requiring automatic CAR INSURANCE checks. Up until Jul1 of this year it was an honor system. Auto insurance is required here, however around 20-30% of motorists lie & don't carry insurance on their automobile. This is a much bigger problem than requiring plates & insurance on an 20-80 pound "vehicle" Also: Helmet requirements? Not even required for a motorcycle
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