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  1. This is why "store outside in a garage on cement" isn't real practical advice for many people in the Northern Hemisphere...
  2. We've had Decembers before where we'd have two weeks of -20 to -30c lows and i'm not even in Canada. I can't think what that would do to a battery.
  3. It's not about accepting/not accepting the suggestions. Many are competely unviable. I think everyone implicitly accepts the danger of a wheel with large battery just by purchasing it, just as they accept their car may explode in their garage. However, the suggestions would be more useful if they were more widely applicable.
  4. I think alot of these solutions are simply not workable: Keep/charge outside - how does that work when you have weeks of the high temperarure of 0c (or less) and snow/rain on/off constantly? Keep it away from anything flamabale - many houses ar made of wood. No way to keep it 3m from anything not-wood/fabric/carpets Keep it near the door - so any kid/animal/guest can knock it over, step over or get it wet..?
  5. Ok so on one computer where I guess the cookie still existed I can post....but on my other computers I am still getting an error (can login, same as above)
  6. The main road outside my sudivision is officially 40mph....45-50mph is common. If you go under 45mph you will get run over or tailgated. As you head 1 mile north into more rural area the speed limit is 50, and outside of slowing down for roundabout people go 60mph freely. Usually a few bicycle riders a year get killed or seriously injured on these roads even though they have "rights" to them, simplyk because there is such a differential in speed. A 45mph cruising wheel is nowhere CLOSE to what people are actually driving, even though it's near the "speed limit" I'll stay in my sudi
  7. Wheel will never be a replacement for a car here until it can easily cruise at 85-100km/h because that is the speed of traffic outside my subdivision. If I ride 1km, I have to cross roads at that speed. For that reason I prefer small/nimble wheels with cutoff handle/button & easy to lift. The Sherman is a no buy for me as I have heard it doesn't even have a cut-off handle/button.
  8. Prop Tip> No sudden acceleration or hard leans while going uphill. Don't want a cut-out. Cut-out isn't just at "too fast" it's at too much instantaneous toruqe at ANY speed. Long as you aren't being agressive uphil & have a wheel appropriate for your weight, you should be fine.
  9. This sounds like so much fun. Wish I could do this here just for fun, but where I am, I dont' think any wheel has the battery life for this. It's not uncommon for a delivery here to be 15-20km for a single delivery. Do you use just one EUC & it lasts the whole day or do you have more than one? What is a typical distance for a delivery?
  10. I'm scheduled to be own there on vacation & I'll be driving with my family. I'll probably be bringing one of my wheels. Hoping to get some riding in if it's > 40F and dry. If anyone is around/near this area & wants to ride with a tourist, drop a line
  11. #1 Tip - Don't get frustrated. Everyone has good & bad days when learning. If it's a bad day, take the day off. #2 LET THE WHEEL FALL. Don't try to catch it. I banged up my ankles to a point where they were swolen for 6 months straight.
  12. I have been thinking of getting an Mten3 just for this as the weight/size would probably fit in my top bag. Interested in what yo come up with. What bike do you ride? I have an FJR1300.
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