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  1. I know this is quite late, but e-wheels is selling the NIkola+ as of Oct 2021: https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-gotway-nikola-1800wh-battery-2000w-motor-3-wide-tire/
  2. I think the description saId overlean....requesting more power than the wheel can provide. THere are entire threads on avoiding overlean, but TLDR: - No sudden hard acceleration at high speeds - Don't ride the wheel to it's limit (exceeding that limit is overlean) - Make sure you have enough "reserve power" if you hit a bump - Reduce your speed at low battery I've been riding for 3 years and never experienced it (knock on wood). My wheels are rated for 40km/h (V10) and roughly 60km/h (Nik+). I ride the V10 with a tiltback at 32km/h and don't go under ~ 40% battery. I ride
  3. I've been depressed by the new wheel prices lately. If things continue as is, I will most likely stick with my NIk+/v10 and get out of the sport when they die.
  4. Aren't these all over $3k USD? If so...then not excited about any.
  5. Now you know why I bought my original Nik+. Smaller battery & different LEDS, but otherwise, I think, mostly the same
  6. I'm in Minneapolis (downtown) for a few days & brought my Nik+. Any other riders around here?
  7. yes you can see the LEDS with the sleeve, but the tail libght is covered. I have the Red one for my Nik+_
  8. Saw a post on reddit with no source so I went to try to verify & I found this: https://www1.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/bicyclists/ebikes.shtml Further, the chart on reddit is here: https://www1.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/ebikes-more-english.pdf As you can see these are "nyc.gov" links so I assume they are "officical" nyc rules. Interestingly enough the only mention I see of EUCS is in that chart. Are they just saying "anything not specifically legal is illegal" or is there actuallyi code that mentions EUCS are illegal as shown in the above pdf? Interestinly, they are
  9. My Nik+ came with 1/2 the lift sensor broken, NIB. Quality control isn't great. I bought this wheel as my second wheel in 2020, so it wans't exactly a new model. The trolley handle screws constant came loose until I got sick of it & locktited them. OUtside of those 2 issues I've had 0 problerms, but I keep it under 40km/h and no sudden start/stops.
  10. Thanks, keep us updated! Always great to see new people getting into wheeling!
  11. I am in IA occasionally with my buddy when we go visit his son...but it's not often. I'll post up here next time I go out there. I ride kinda slow tho...15-20mph max.
  12. I may be there visiting for a few weeks, and I'll arrive by car. I am temtped to drag my Nik+ along. Anyone in Duluth, MN ride?
  13. I think my FJR bags are max 10kg ea. I think i'd have to strap it to the rear seat to not be nervous about it. Passenger capacity i think is 200kg+
  14. When I'm out on my wheel, I tend to wave to people & people wave back. The other day, I was actually just out taking the trash & a car was driving by and the person driving saw me & waved to me. I hope my riding around & this behavior can make everyhone smile a little more & be a little bit more friendly-- something I think society in general can use.
  15. I'd imagine it would be quite unpleasant. I have to pick up my Nik+ to put in a car, go up & down stairs sometimes such as at my parents house & it's terrible. Not impossible by any means, but terrible. I'm also an office worker (IT). I really can't imagine dealing with something heavier than the Nik+.
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