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  1. Argh...I hate buying outdoor stuff in Janaury as I'll have tons of snow on the ground and/or be too cold to ride. I hope these last until may or so.... WIth that being said I may buy one anyway just because I've wanted an MTEN3 for a while...
  2. Congrats to Lisa! To get to that proficiency it was over 5 hours of practice for me....
  3. I think it's really great to have both options. Any idea when we'll be able to buy these? Any possibility of the 325wh (I'm not holding my breath) being 2 removable packs of 162.5wh so we can take them on the plane? I often travel with my family & IIRC you can bring up to 170wh/person, no? Edit: It's actually 160wh, maximum 2 Edit2: Are the 84v & 67v going to be the same brand/type of battery cells? If they are different, can you let us know what the difference is?
  4. You did change the default speed limit in the app, right? I think the default speed limit is like 15km/h or maybe 16 which is 10mph or less. IIRC all the limits in the app ar KM/H, not MPH.
  5. @MR BRAD: I started at 20 or 25km/h. 20 is only slightly more than 16, why not raise it to that & see if you still feel like the wheel is fighting you? I'm currently @ 30 and I did some carving in a skate park & I scraped the pedals twice I think due to lean angle It's fun, and it will come more & more naturally. What PSI are you riding at ? The wheel should be more agile @ higher PSI.
  6. I'm pretty happy at 20-30km/h. I"m moving way faster than walking & can have reasonable fun w/o fearing too much that I'm going to die instantly should the wheel give out. I'm with @Aneta on this. Looking forward to buying something bigger than my V10 with more battery & more reserve power to continue to ride at 20-30km/h
  7. @ZoomWheelz: Do you service these wheels as well for warranty/maintenance?
  8. What is your tire pressure? My V10 came out of the box with 19 pounds. I now ride at ~ 45-47...wheel is WAY more agile when it has higher tire pressure IMHO
  9. My first/only wheel I learned on was an Inmotion V10...works great. Why set on a 3" tire?
  10. Because I'm almost deaf w/o hearing aides. I expect strong tiltback to let me know when I'm going too fast. I currently have my V10 set to max speed 30km/h as a safety.
  11. I really wanted an MSX, but after finding out tiltback is weak on gotways & no firmware updates, I"m leaning more towards 16x or 18L/XL as my next wheel.
  12. It's funny I noticed pedals seem to be tilting forward when I turn hard, and always thought it was in my head/my perception....If it's an actual bug, then at least I'm not crazy
  13. And I"ve been visiting college campuses scouting with my friend & his 17 year old son. I knew I should have brought my EUC along!!! (Just kidding, I'm married)
  14. So if the pavement is broken in-front of your house, it is the homeowners responsibility in your area?
  15. The city is responsible for paving the sidewalk in front of the houses, along the street etc. It's also responsible for maintaining the pavement. The homeowner is responsible for cleaning it. The plantiff argued it was the hole that caused the fall. The city argued it was the snow inside the hole that caused the fall. If it was the snow inside, it wouldn't have been the cities fault. If it was JUST the hole that caused the fall, it would have been the cities fault as they are responsible for paving/maintaining the pavement. I think the city was probably sued because that was where the money was.
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