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  1. I'm interested in purchasing an MSX or potentially any other reliable wheel that is similar(or larger) in size and equal or better in terms of max load, max speed, acceleration, and range. I'd like a wheel with relatively low miles that has been well taken care of and not often pushed to its limits with hard acceleration, hill climbs, etc. I'm ok with some cosmetic damage to the case, if it's not too bad. A stock wheel is fine for my needs, so no add-ons are really desired. If you've got a wheel that you're willing to sell that you think fits what I'm looking for, please message me with the de
  2. Is your Veteran Sherman the latest version with the firmware tweaks, greater water resistance, and wider rim for better tire seating?
  3. Wishing you a quick recovery, Black Cobra. This type of failure is every EUC rider's worst nightmare. I believe there is a real opportunity for a company in a country known for producing high quality vehicles (such as the USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, and some other countries) to produce an EUC that is dependable enough to ride as if your life depends upon it. If that means twice the electronics, then so be it. If there is any failure with the primary electronics, the secondary electronics saves you from disaster. When you turn on the wheel, it runs a check to ensure that the primary and s
  4. I agree with you 100% on all of your points. Also, just so my positions are clear, I do support the police and I generally obey most laws. Sure I may speed once in a while when driving my car and I don't adhere to all the traffic laws when riding my EUC or bicycle in NYC, but that's because the vast majority of NYC cops don't enforce the laws for riders of bicycles and personal transportation vehicles, such as EUC's and eScooters. The only reason I didn't treat the cop with respect who stopped me on my unicycle is because he seemed to clearly have it out for me and treated me unnecessarily har
  5. In NYC, because one-wheeled vehicles of any sort weren't (and I believe still aren't) classified in the code, this was indeed grounds for dismissing the ticket in court.
  6. I am no expert and I could certainly be wrong, but I feel that this effort to have government classify EUC's may be misguided. My opinion on this matter is based on my own personal experience in NYC as a traditional (pedal) unicyclist. Many years ago, shortly after a blizzard in NYC with the streets still covered in snow (similar to attached photo), I went for a ride on my 36" wheel unicycle. There were nearly zero cars on the road. I was riding the wrong way (against the non-existent traffic) and may have ridden through a red light. NYC is very lax with enforcement of minor offense
  7. Wow! Very impressive! Won't be too long before someone on an EUC beats the monocycle speed record. Pretty incredible stuff!
  8. In that case, I think the real milestone to accomplish will be first human to exceed 61mph and bring the land speed record on a one-wheeled vehicle over to EUC's. Who's it going to be? And when is it going to happen?
  9. 30's mph is pretty fast. I'm fairy sure I hit the low 50's kph briefly, but I'm not at the point where I'm cruising at speeds that high yet. No problem with the topic moving a bit off my intended track, so no apologies necessary. I don't consider that crapping on my thread. I just wanted to try to be cautious that it wouldn't go completely off on a tangent. But thanks!
  10. Fantastic ride! High 30's kph or mph? While I am interested in fast average riding speeds, this thread is intended to be specifically about highest speed achieved (if even for only a second) and highest sustained speed of at least five seconds (or more... I'm open to any consensus on how long "sustained" should be, but I think 5 seconds would be the minimum and one minute would likely be the maximum. It's all good though! Looks like you've got nice skills and great places to ride! Thanks for sharing that video.
  11. 30mph is a very respectable speed on an EUC, in my opinion. I'm sure you will get faster and faster. It's amazing how it occurs. When I first started out, I just couldn't fully comprehend how anyone could go 40+ mph standing on a wheel! At first 20 kph seemed pretty quick, then before I knew it I was in the 30's. then 40's and now I could see hitting the 50's, but since I haven't started gearing up yet, I try to limit how fast I go and how often I go fast. At some point I'd like to gear up at a good location and see if I could manage sustained cruising in the 50's. (Unless I specifically menti
  12. Thanks for the recommendations! I've seen Kuji, Hsiang and Tishawn. I don't think I've seen Evx, Vee, isthereanyfood or gogeorgego, but I look forward to seeing some of their videos. You also have a YouTube page, @ShanesPlanet?
  13. I don't have much time to spend on the forums or watching YouTube, but in the limited time I do have I quickly came across YouTuber "Wrong Way!" who leisurely cruises his Sherman at 70 kph and of course, Chooch Tech, who is the main speed demon I watch. I'd definitely be interested in knowing who the other fast riders are and if they have YouTube channels.
  14. Not the fastest, but still quite impressive! Thanks for letting me know about that. I haven't checked out that app yet, but I will. From a quick glance at their website, I'm seeing mycior as the fastest in the last 365 days with a top speed of 69.4 km/h. In addition to @ShanesPlanet, I'm pretty sure several other riders have exceeded that speed, so it doesn't seem like eucw is truly documenting the fastest riders. Also I just noticed that eucw is tracking "highest average riding speed of a single tour", which is different than absolute fastest or fastest sustained speed (for a d
  15. EUC's keep getting faster and faster. Out there in the world exist the person (or possibly persons) who is/are the fastest homo sapien(s) on a one-wheeled vehicle. I don't know of any one-wheeled vehicle that's faster than an EUC, so I assume that the fastest human on a one-wheeled vehicle is a person riding an electric unicycle. Obviously wheelies on motorcycles wouldn't count. So with this being said, I'd like to know who the fastest EUC riders are in terms of (1) absolute top speed (hit this speed for even a fraction of a second and you get this record) and (2) sus
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