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  1. Never heard of that upload option! Try this: rename your log file and put in in the EUC World / Logs folder in your phone. It will be uploaded and processed - I usually start the App after copying the file that but not sure it's needed.
  2. I remember reading early in this thread that Inmotion was supposed to give two chargers so to be able to profit of the fast charge option?
  3. How did you "manually upload"? Wait a bit and check again if you can create the Tour... the option does not show-up immediately, I think there is a batch, scheduled process that checks if the file contains GPS data.
  4. Uninstalling an App normally does not really delete / clean everything. The whole process should include Force Stop, Clear Cache, Clear Storage, Uninstall. Details may vary depending on your Android version / brand specific customizations / launchers, but that's what you are looking for, in a nutshell.
  5. Hey @Seba, I did some more testing today... videos do NOT get uploaded to euc.world in the Tour, correct? I had a crash when getting into the camera mode... I took pictures several times and got one crash only... maybe worth some deep testing (from camera / back camera, previously zoomed / not zoomed etc etc). (2.0.1 of course)
  6. Another comment for @Seba and the beta testers: why to start recording a Tour we have to press a button that looks like Play instead of Record? It always confuses me
  7. @Seba, I did some more testing, and I have one comment: the "old" pictures feature was asking for confirmation for each shot, the new (amazing! ) feature does not... ending up in blurry pics being part of the tour, and no way to delete them with current euc.world features... so only option is delete the tour, create it again from the logs, add pictures... I think the confirmation is needed.
  8. Same here, just received my Cairbull and it's disappointing, the size regulator is kind of in an akward position so it grabs my skull from below and does not fit properly. I don't have a big head but I've never had such problems with "one size fits all" helmets - even chinese ones. EDIT: I added some of the protective stuff I had on my pedals on front and back with double tape and now it fits much better:
  9. Ciao @Seba, I also tried the new release today, and had these "malfunctionings": 1) I started the Tour recording, rode a few hundred metres than tried the Share button - the App crashed 2) after restarting the App asked if I wanted to resume the Tour and I said Yes, and the Tour actually looks good - but the values of both the Voice messages and the ones shown in my pebble did not include the first part of the tour (maybe I am asking too much) 3) I stopped, turned off the wheel, paused the tour, asked for automatic resume - the Tour recording did not resume neither on reconnect nor when I started riding again\ 4) the pictures I took (with the "normal" phone camera, not from inside EUC World) were NOT loaded in the Tour - maybe I misunderstood what the option meant (something like Relive does)? 5) the battery percentage of the Voice messages and the one shown on the Pebble do not correspond of some 4% maybe - not sure if this was maybe happening already with previous versions I LOVE the Tour title option and in general the new dialogs around there, very much - all good ideas.
  10. Same here, trying to learn to better handle the wheel with the right though...
  11. You mean that @ass is riding his EUC while handling the phone, listening to music, and walking his dogs meanwhile? First of all, that's cheating, since walking the dogs is supposed to be an activity for the owner too...
  12. As many others, I use Velcro in summer: And in winter, since I use gloves on top of the wristguards, I just bought TWO of these and I use them together (the locking system is magnetic so very flexible):
  13. Dual Lock is super solid, holds very very well the way I did it. Velcro will have the advantage that you can still ride without pads if you put the smooth side of it on the wheel like the guy above did... while Dual Lock would probably hurt your calves' skin
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