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  1. So you guys watch the phone screen while you ride, to the point that you need a background colour to tell you your speed? Personally, I ride
  2. Not sure I understand the pic...
  3. Happy to help! I just troubleshooted backwards, browsed to euc.world/latest/Uninventor and that did not work... not many other possible reasons )))
  4. May it be that you have no Tour that is "Visible to anyone"? I think you also do not appear in the map on the Home page, at least not around Gothenburg...
  5. Wow, 60km offroad dressed like that? And not one gram of dust on you?
  6. Test! Thanks Seba! Does not show the Japanese characters of the location though...
  7. Great, Seba! Thanks for the good work. Are release notes available with a list of the new features and solved bugs? I did not find much in the GetWheelLog page. For example, is the "New segment" feature working now? ON EDIT: Tested, it does not 😕
  8. As the EUC.world representative for Japan, I vote YES 😉
  9. Tokyo (hard to believe, eh?)
  10. Well, maybe I did not explain myself correctly... my problem is exactly the other way around, WheelLog does too much.... I think I could also Finish the tour and then use the Start new segment option... maybe Pause expects you don't move while Paused?
  11. Sorry guys, a basic question... I cannot make the Pause work. Let'say I ride to the metro station, Pause (I don't want the kms with metro be counted in the tour) and when I start riding again, I take off Pause. It did not work properly (the whole trip is on the tour), and for sure at least once the Pause was already off when I went to take it off). On the train I used the phone so Wheellog was not in the foreground anymore, maybe this impacts? https://euc.world/tour/575878648223000
  12. Mind sharing the 3d file in Thingiverse?
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