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  1. So you plan to make a port to other models?
  2. This thread is quickly becoming a panic thread... relax guys, up to now I don't think I read anybody who actually rode the V11 saying pedals are too high... am I wrong?
  3. The post right before yours is from Liam from Inmotion...
  4. Done! Most of the work was... slowly removing the glue from the shell :-) Just two pics, soon out for a field test:
  5. Just correct the spelling mistake of INTRODUCING...
  6. Cool, now I just have to wait that they start selling data plans as cheap as in Poland here in Japan Maybe a 10 years wait
  7. Sorry, it's just that I finished this book yesterday... could not resist. Don't hate me for this.
  8. I got the Dual Lock already, that's when I realized it's "short". If I have time I'll install it today.
  9. Beginner's mistake! I did not know/guess/check that 3m Dual Lock is not like Velcro, in the sense that there is no "hook" and "loop" or "female/male" sides... so 150cm is... 150cm. Long story short, I have half of the stuff I planned to have, and due to the price... I'll first check if it works fair enough. So, new "optimized" design:
  10. @Seba, two small things for your euc.world website bug list: a) in Chrome (currently on v83), while viewing a tour, the vertical scrollbar does not work properly. While using the mouse wheel is ok, most of the times you try to use the scrollbar, it just moves a few pixels then gets stuck (works fine in Edge): to reproduce, scroll to the top with the mous wheel, grab the scrollbar and try to go down. In my case it fails at least 50% of the times. b) IE11 stays "Loading" forever when trying to open a tour (in this case, your https://euc.world/latest/Seba ) I tried in two different PCs.
  11. Congrats Seba, another amazing achievement!
  12. True! But still, even shoes tend to slip on the wet pavement when they are "slick"...
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