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  1. Like in their mental health been gone south?
  2. Missing marbles? What does that mean?
  3. I know this is done using Android's Text-to-speech output engine, so I assume you should look (= Google) into that to see what's possible. I know British English can come in male and female.
  4. Mind sharing a picture? Interested in understanding how you may be seeing the percentage values correctly without even seeing a hint about km/h and mph... Anyway, you DO have your answer.
  5. May you have an older release of the App? My Alarm settings clearly state km/h or mph depending on the setting you said.
  6. I have always seen the three alarms used in a way similar to this: - 100% battery - 30 km/h - 50% battery - 25 km/h - 30% battery - 20 km/h With the Voltage-dependent speed alarm setting activated. In my case, the alarm will always be the same (Pebble vibrating and Voice saying "Slow down"), so I assume the priority has (and cannot have) any effect. Even if Voltage-dependent speed alarm setting is NOT activated, I don't see what "Priority" could be used for...
  7. Muuuuuuuuuch more. @Planemo, I can help you getting that done if you choose that way. ON EDIT: darn, I should read the rest of the posts before answering :-)
  8. Another shot in the dark: I cannot check by myself now - I don't have my wheel available - but... I know that Logs are stored on the phone in a folder (probably) called EUC World / Logs. Assuming that now with the newest versions, where the Tour can be recorded and uploaded later through WiFi, your Tours should be saved somewhere in a similar subfolder, if the recording went correctly. But I don't know when they get deleted... Just trying to see if your problem is with recording or with uploading / server processing. Maybe someone else who has a working system can check that as well? Where and until when the Tours are stored on the phone? My wheel is on a slow boat between Japan and Spain and (additionally) I am in bed with a broken Achille's tendon
  9. @Bob Eisenman, I think you completely missed my point. The kind of things you write have not only nothing to do with EUCs, let alone a Photo thread, but they are against the Forum rules: Don’t use hate speech of any kind, including (but not limited to) hate speech related to ethnicity, race, sexuality, gender, religion, political inclination, or anything else deemed inappropriate by the moderation team. Hate speech being "abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation." according to Oxford English Dictionary. I am surprised no moderators are picking up on this...
  10. As a principle, @Seba will correct me if I am wrong, first of all you have to check if those options are supported in the KS App. If Yes, it may be that EUC World App is supporting / can be made to support the same function. But as far as I (personally) see it, apart from lights and horns, I don't see why time and efforts have to be spent on supporting specific functions which will not be actively used during a ride...
  11. I expect the producer of the wheel thinking about it, not the "3rd party" providing an additional application that only triggers an existing wheel function...
  12. Just open the settings and you will see. Flic, for sure: Watch, see note below: Regarding Watch: the App can manage, not sure which watch (e.g. Pebble) can handle how many...
  13. From what I read it varies a lot based on those...
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