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  1. Che boiata... come sempre. A qualcuno importa di cosa dice questo decreto? O tutti continueranno a fare quello che facevano, come sempre? Io vivo in Giappone, vado in monoruota e sinceramente me ne frego della legge che qui dice "park only" (più o meno lo stesso che "aree pedonali"). Vado dove credo, strada, marciapiede, aree pedonali. Una volta la polizia mi ha detto che non potevo andare, sceso, girato l'angolo, ripartito. Da buon italiano, e vaffa a tutti. Dovrebbero pagarci per quanto siamo ecologici, altro che palle!
  2. Luca, cos'è questa storia del decreto? (sono italiano ma vivo all'estero)
  3. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/13403-world-of-electric-unicycles-wheellog/?do=findComment&comment=242060
  4. Hi all. My Inmotion V8 is starting to develop a scary tendency: many times, when pressing the button to turn it on, the outer part of the battery status display lits up (blue), a very short sound is emitted, like the start of the normal start up sound, but then it turns off again. I thought I maybe had it moving, or not straight... but it just happens even if the wheel is stable and straight. Almost every morning now requires two to three tries before it properly boots. Moreover, today, one even more scary episode: while cruising very slowly, it emitted the normal start up sound, as if it quickly turned off and on, and did a small kick back on the pedals. What should I do? The wheel has less than 700km.
  5. Which App version are you using? 2.0.31 works fine for me. https://euc.world/getwheellog
  6. Pebble arrived... installed Pebble apk... installed Rebble... located and installed the WheelLog Pebble App... 15min, and now I have it! It took more time to invent the mounting solution than to setup ))))
  7. Tour of the Bay West area Tokyo2020 Olympics venues https://euc.world/tour/576934100175305
  8. Thanks mate found the link! Now waiting for the Pebble...
  9. Hi guys, just ordered a Pebble and I would like to be ready when it comes... are there "Pebble with WheelLog" related instructions anywhere? I just keep reading Pebble/Rebble, Pebble App, watchfaces, but nothing is clear. I am an IT guy so I am sure it will not be a problem once I get the gear, but I am already curious now...
  10. So you guys watch the phone screen while you ride, to the point that you need a background colour to tell you your speed? Personally, I ride
  11. Not sure I understand the pic...
  12. Happy to help! I just troubleshooted backwards, browsed to euc.world/latest/Uninventor and that did not work... not many other possible reasons )))
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