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  1. Little late to the party, but I finally made it!
  2. The cars are the part that worries me. We’ve driven the route a few times over the years and with how narrow those roads are and how much traffic there is this time of year, I’m pretty nervous about tackling it on the 16x.
  3. Colors are changing in the mountains. Anyone done the Alpine loop around this time of year?
  4. I've been using Darknessbot since day 1 with my KS16x. Works great!
  5. 250mi Update The Tire At about 200mi the tire felt like it "broke in". It got really soft and bouncy making me think that I had a flat or a slow leak. Every time I checked the pressure though, it came back 39-40psi (using an Accurite guage). I rode about 200mi on 40psi and 50mi on 25psi. Everyone who said to lower the tire pressure WAS RIGHT!!! It completely changed the wheel for the better. Small bumps like sidewalk cracks and small branches have basically disappeared. The wheel feels so much more flowy and carvy and it has really upped my confidence level. Firmware I updated the wheel to 1.05 the day it was released. I'm not sure if it was the firmware or the horizontal calibration, but afterwards the wheel felt absolutely locked in. There was very little pedal float and it really felt like an extension of my body. After about 30 miles on that firmware, the pedals are starting to float a little again so I may try another horizontal calibration. By pedal float, I mean when I accelerate/decelerate quickly or go up/down a fairly steep hill, afterwards, the pedals seem to need a second to "catch up" to being parallel with the ground again. I haven't listened to music or even connected my phone to the bluetooth audio, so I can't provide any feedback if the issues related to that were resolved. Since the update, whenever I plug in the wheel, the brake lights flash. Kind of a weird bug, but since I charge my wheel in the garage it doesn't bother me much. The Shell At 200mi I noticed the wheel getting "creaky" when I would put pressure on the shells with my legs. I tightened up all the screws on the shell (underneath the pads) and the set screws that hold the pedal rods in and it seemed to eliminate most of the creaking. I also took that opportunity to add some loctite to the screws to prevent this in the future. I've had a few falls on the wheel (mostly low speed and were my own fault, not the wheels) and even though the shell and handle look pretty beat up, they still feel really solid. 2 out of the 3 falls I've had sent the wheel tumbling 10 feet or so and other than my wounded pride and some pretty deep scratches it seems to be holding up well. I would have expected some cracks in the plastic or some of the screw mounts to have broken. My plan now is to take off the shells and handle, mask off the pads, and spray the shell exterior and handle with some truck bed liner spray. That should give them a little more durability from scratches and a little more rigidity from my stupidity. Overall, I'm still loving this wheel. I've explored my city so much more and found so many neat little things I would have never known about were it not for this awesome method of transportation. My muscles are giving out long before the battery does on this so I've got some work to do at the gym!
  6. Count me in for the "Brake lights flashing while charging" club!
  7. The top of the posts under the trolley handle has 2 screws that could use some loctite. I'm also adding some to all of my panel screws under the pads, and the 2 set screws that hold the metal bar in that slides through the pedals just for some peace of mind.
  8. Mine came with 2 fuses. Both were green and I think they were 30a. Looked like the small automotive fuses that are about the size of a fingernail.
  9. I tightened all the screws and the creaking has subsided a lot. I think I'll loctite them at 250mi just to be safe.
  10. Upgraded to 1.05 this morning before my commute. I'm not sure if it was the firmware or the horizontal calibration but the wheel feel SO MUCH more locked in now. 11mi so far on the new firmware and it feels good. I don't connect to the bluetooth for music though, so I'm not sure if the issues related to that have been resolved as I never experienced them. I've noticed this as well. I keep thinking my tire has a leak or is getting low, but I'm still right at 39PSI.
  11. @chrisjunlee @Patton250 Have the cases of your wheels started creaking when you squeeze with your ankles/legs? I'm starting to get some creaking whenever I shift my weight from leg to leg and I'm clamping on the wheel. I'm wondering if every 200mi or so I should go through and tighten all the screws on the case and/or add some loctite to them.
  12. Other than whatever the PSI it came from the factory, no not yet. I haven't found a reason to. Plus I'm kind of an efficiency snob, so the higher PSI should give me less rolling resistance, better torque, and more range.
  13. I'm ~200lbs and if I duck my feet and put the weight on the outsides of my feet/pedals I get no acceleration/braking wobbles. If my legs are tucked in tight to the wheel and my feet are straight, I can get wobbles pretty consistently under hard acceleration and hard braking. Disclaimer: This is my first wheel and I've only got 130mi on it so far.
  14. I'm around 200 fully-loaded (full protection, full backpack in commute mode). I get speed/brake wobbles if my feet are straight on the pedals hugging the wheel. If I duck my feet out and put my weight on the outsides of my feet/pedals, I get no wobbles. Currently running the stock tire at 40PSI.
  15. Day 8/100-120mi I messed around with foot/weight placement quite a lot. I was able to consistently reproduce hard acceleration speed wobbles and hard braking wobbles. When I ducked my feet more on the pedals (more like this \ / instead of like this | | ) and placed the weight on the outside edges of my feet/pedals, hard acceleration speed wobbles disappeared entirely. When hard braking, the foot placement and weight distribution seemed to matter less, but I noticed the more I clamped my legs/calves on the wheel when braking, the less braking wobbles happened. I'm going to keep playing around with this and see how consistent it is. I reached a max speed of 29mph (according to Darknessbot) on my commute. I was a little late leaving for work and hit some freshly paved asphalt for about 1mi, so I decided to turn on the jets for a bit to see how it felt. It was scary... Not because the wheel was unstable or felt like it was maxing out, but because falls at that speed would do some serious damage (even with full protection). So I think I'll keep it closer to 20mph from now on. Haven't messed with the PSI in the tire much, but I think that's the next experiment after I determine the consistency of my acceleration/braking wobbles solutions.
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