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  1. I am also an active Utah rider (S.Jordan area). I really need to upgrade my wheel though. That being said, if I know there is going to be a meetup, I'm game.
  2. Hey Paul, glad to see you found the site. Let me know if you want to go cruise sometime. It will be interesting to not be riding solo. Sent a text to the number on the card you gave me...not sure if it was a cell or landline now that I'm thinking about it. Hopefully the former.
  3. I'm a new add to the Utah EUC community by the way, so hi . Just got my first wheel in June, and with almost daily use, already put about 150 miles on it . Mostly ride around the Oquirrh lake area, but took it for a long stroll on the bike trail that runs along mountain view corridor (UT 85) last night which was a blast.
  4. Would love to join, but unfortunately my SWG3 would never make a trek that long. Pushed it's range last night, and being on the top end of it's weight range, can maybe get 18 miles out of a charge. If you ever set up a shorter ride, I'm game.
  5. Any SLC riders up for a group ride somewhere in the valley?
  6. Never mind. I was able to locate it. 66km if the app is to be believed. I put another 31km on it yesterday and another 15km this morning before work... First outdoor ride on an EUC (just been practicing in my basement), legs are very sore, but I'm still all smiles and definitely hooked.
  7. So I'm on android, anyone care to tell me how to navigate the menus to view this info? I've not been able to locate it...
  8. How does one verify the mileage of a newly purchased "used" wheel? Just bought an inmotion G3, but the previous owner did not know how much it had been used. Her husband bought it on ebay from someone else. Is there a way, either through the inmotion app or another phone app to get the info?
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