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  1. Inmotion praises the V10F for active cooling! I also hear the fan, but not immediately after turning it on. If the machine is not heated, the fan is hardly heard. When I go up a steep hill and stop, then I hear a fan for a while. Even if I turn off the V10F, the fan can still be heard for a few seconds. But it doesn't disturb me ... look at this link: https://www.myinmotion.com/products/inmotion-v10-electric-unicycle Inmotion himself says - "Active Cooling System" for high-performance internal components
  2. Hello to all, I'm starting to ride. It's very exciting. I had a dilemma which brand to buy. In the end I bought V10F. I'm190cm/95 kg! (but not to fatt 😊) So for most of what you write here, I can expect total problems ... It is not encouraging. We have a lot of steep hills here, but I haven't had an owerload yet. Weather still is not yet too warm. We'll see ... I like riding the V10F very much! I made my first video, just for memory: https://youtu.be/o81J_V4xiX8
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