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  1. Thank you for the shared impressions of the 16X. I think it will be my second wheel after V10F. What can you say with the delay of time? Do you have any problems with your bike? Thank you for the information...!
  2. I'm sorry for wrong language. I made repair.. Thanks for the answer.
  3. I'm looking for a new wheel. I have a V10F and I want something stronger. I have 190cm / 100 kg and 16x attracts me. I like to ride in the woods, where there are also steep hill and downhill. Riding in dust and wet terrain is frequent for me. But it looks like the 16X is an indoor bike with exaggeration ... ?? I'm afraid 18x won't be agile enough. I don't understand why the 16X is not waterproof and dustproof ...!
  4. Inmotion praises the V10F for active cooling! I also hear the fan, but not immediately after turning it on. If the machine is not heated, the fan is hardly heard. When I go up a steep hill and stop, then I hear a fan for a while. Even if I turn off the V10F, the fan can still be heard for a few seconds. But it doesn't disturb me ... look at this link: https://www.myinmotion.com/products/inmotion-v10-electric-unicycle Inmotion himself says - "Active Cooling System" for high-performance internal components
  5. Hello to all, I'm starting to ride. It's very exciting. I had a dilemma which brand to buy. In the end I bought V10F. I'm190cm/95 kg! (but not to fatt 😊) So for most of what you write here, I can expect total problems ... It is not encouraging. We have a lot of steep hills here, but I haven't had an owerload yet. Weather still is not yet too warm. We'll see ... I like riding the V10F very much! I made my first video, just for memory: https://youtu.be/o81J_V4xiX8
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