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  1. Yes, indeed. For KS16S, 2.01 firmware, I realized: 1 - Default white light on rear instead front light 2 - Second switch outside green light doesnt work anymore 3 - Sometimes switching beetween light modes doesnt work too Speed limit - I didnt realised problems, 1st alarm set to 0, 2nd alarm set to 0, 3rd alarm set to 34 and tilt back set to 35 km/h.
  2. Yes, it was... I upgraded KS16s with EUC World from 1.08 to 1.09 first and then to 2.01 (somewhere else refering 2.0 also). Amazing firmware upgrade - I did 50kms with one charge till 20% (no load % or stationary) and absolute fantastic Euc World app, simple to use, very efective and many features, Iam getting used to... Thanks Seba! I was stuck in 1.08 firmware from a long time ago cause of the problems reported in upgrade firmware from KS app... Iam relieved now!
  3. Scott, using EUC World App (I decide not to use KS app, after talking to Seba), try to upgrade wheel firmware to 2.01. If you are at 1.08 like I was, update to 1.09 first - not a good firmware, my wheel still doing the carachteristic sound and another one when start moving (on the first beginning)... restart the wheel after 1.09 and do it again to 2.01 firmware. Super silent, powerfull, very locked feeling (in hard mode). Your issue can be lost doing a firmware upgrade. It feels like a new wheel... much better, great improvement! Nice work KS and Seba from EUC World. I had a problem that... in stationary the capacity of the wheel drops very fast and come back to a normal level seconds after moving the handle bar to the sides... I think it was not the handlebar but the cap with the buttons and the cables inside that touch (probably) with the mainboard or each other - try to see if these 2 solutions fit to you...
  4. Hi, nice to hear that from you... and thanks, I'm a KS (KS16s) user too...and how is going on Garmin smartwatches support? And Tickwatch smartwatch - is any version supported or not?
  5. But the new one that you brought is a diferent version or so? Can you post some pictures if is different? Thanks
  6. Hi, this is the new or the old board?
  7. Hi, this image is the new or the old board?
  8. OK, I'am glad to hear that I can use my Vivoactive 3 with my Ks16s - Garmin Connect will be running on phone to connect phone to wheel and the watch connected to the phone (by Garmin Connect) or some how It can connect directly or using another technology? Cause the other app Wheelog had some problems with Garmin Connect....! Thanks Seba, nice work.
  9. Hi, does Euc world app suport garmin vivoactive 3 or not and how to connect? Is garmin connect needed? Thanks guys
  10. Hi everybody, I'm a KingSong KS16S 840Wh rider and a Wheelog from Kevin Cooper user because it's working on my Garmin Vivoactive 3. Now I am testing Wheelog EUC World I have 2 questions: 1 - Wheelog EUC World battery status (bat %) is very different from Wheelog from Kevin Cooper and KS official App, why is that? For example 46% (Wheelog EUC World) instead of 56% (KS App + Wheelog KC). Is KS16S supported or there are some problems of compatibility? 2 - Is Wheelog EUC World supposed to work with Garmin Vivoactive 3 or not (are Garmin watches supported)? How to install and connect to it? Thank a lot guys Pedro Capitão
  11. Hi, I am back, now with garmin vivoactive3 that replaced the vivoactive HR. I am used to rectangular ones but vivoactive3 is OK and wheelog is doing fine. Sometimes the failure error apears - I think is when I open another app after wheelog. It is solved this problem with recent update? I still think that the digits for the charge and temperature could be larger and the time bigger too and away from the circle that somethimes stays over the time... or if it could be personalized will be better. Thanks
  12. Hi, my Garmin Vivoactive HR fail to dead... I'm working with Garmin support to gat another one. For now I cant do any tests regarding WheelLog... sorry @AllSySt3msG0.
  13. Ok, glad to hear that from you. I was wondering if it's possible to keep Garmin watches running Garmin app, like tracking a trail with Gps and alternate with WheelLog just to see how wheel is going on? I realised that we can do one of the 2 things... or an other solution, it will be very usefull, don't you think?
  14. Ok, seems the same as before, you should go 36px, if possible... like 3/4 of the speed font size, maybe. It's working fine in my 65kms today in Lisbon, sometimes apears the "FAILURE_DURING_TRANSFER" msg... it seems to appear in a regular time, like after 1 minute or so or if loses connetion with Garmin, if Garmin shuts down - after a long period of time, 30 minutes or so, seems that "Garmin closes the door" and WheeLog loses conection. You have to open Garmin again?!?!? Thats because of this situation the msg appears many many times till you close everything...
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