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  1. Hi, I am back, now with garmin vivoactive3 that replaced the vivoactive HR. I am used to rectangular ones but vivoactive3 is OK and wheelog is doing fine. Sometimes the failure error apears - I think is when I open another app after wheelog. It is solved this problem with recent update? I still think that the digits for the charge and temperature could be larger and the time bigger too and away from the circle that somethimes stays over the time... or if it could be personalized will be better. Thanks
  2. Hi, my Garmin Vivoactive HR fail to dead... I'm working with Garmin support to gat another one. For now I cant do any tests regarding WheelLog... sorry @AllSySt3msG0.
  3. Ok, glad to hear that from you. I was wondering if it's possible to keep Garmin watches running Garmin app, like tracking a trail with Gps and alternate with WheelLog just to see how wheel is going on? I realised that we can do one of the 2 things... or an other solution, it will be very usefull, don't you think?
  4. Ok, seems the same as before, you should go 36px, if possible... like 3/4 of the speed font size, maybe. It's working fine in my 65kms today in Lisbon, sometimes apears the "FAILURE_DURING_TRANSFER" msg... it seems to appear in a regular time, like after 1 minute or so or if loses connetion with Garmin, if Garmin shuts down - after a long period of time, 30 minutes or so, seems that "Garmin closes the door" and WheeLog loses conection. You have to open Garmin again?!?!? Thats because of this situation the msg appears many many times till you close everything...
  5. Ok, thanks in advance but don't rush. I will test and give you feedback.
  6. I ve got the FAILURE_DURING_TRANSFER msg I think it was when I paired with the other Bluetooth of the wheel to put music in the wheel speakers... I am not sure. If possible the ViviactiveHR back button return to Home page to the watch instead of get off app. Just keep 5 seconds at home page (hours, minutes, etc.) and then return to wheelLog app... cause, again... the font of time in the app are so small too that you can't see nothing unless you stop and take off your sunglasses. Very good to have those features and a second screen Many thanks
  7. Ok,I did it. 1 - Unistalled version on the phone, installed from the App (github) 2 - Open Garmin Connect 3 - Connect Bluethooth 4 - Power on wheel 5 - Open WheelLog (on the phone) + option Garmin Connect (permit) 6 - Open WheelLog (on the watch) My levels, temp and batt power left running OK. @AllSySt3msG0 may temp and bat power be with an higher font... we cannot see anything - too small - please. I like to know the time from the last power on (ridding) if possible. Many, many thanks, man! today I'll test it on the road... 'll give you feedback...
  8. Hi, still not working for me and I connected the sequence you said... I am using Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, KingSong Ks16s with 1.08 firmware and Garmin VivoactiveHr... WheelLog (phone) - I tried with and without the smartwatch button in the app (to send data to watch?!?!) WheelLog (wheel) - Test data and test http it is static - can't do anything... @AllSySt3msG0 was very kind making App to Garmin "squared" watch "VivoactiveHR" - Thanks both of you!
  9. Hi, I already tested... I could install on my VivoactiveHR but I cant get any data from the wheel. My wheel is KingSong Ks16s. It's supposed to connect directly to the wheel by bluethooth or we have to connect by the garmin app or wheellog? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  10. Hi, I don't know if I should stay on 1.08 version or not. Is there more succefull upgrades to 1.09 firmware? Thanks guys
  11. Hi, Please make it compatible with Garmin VivoActive HR (rectanglar one) - I may test it if you need! I hope we could see the riding time too (time since you turn on the wheel)! Thanks a lot
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