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  1. A few months after the government launched legislation allowing EUC, they effectively killed it off again. New legislation has been passed, which changes the law from previously technically allowing any EUC as long as it didn't drive above 20 km/h, to now explicitly only allowing EUC that can drive maximum 20 km/h in any circumstance. So only "toy" wheels will be legal now in Denmark. I feel for all the people who trusted our inept government, and bought a more powerful EUC on the "old" legislation.
  2. As a dog owner it makes me sad to read this. It is NOT the dog's fault that he runs after you, it's his normal behaviour. I do not think it's fair to punish the dog, and potentially let it get hurt or hit by a car, so you can win a "point" against these people. So by all means, stop and take photos, report to the police etc, but don't bring the dog into any harm intentionally.
  3. https://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/article/workouts-does-stretching-help Stretching isn't what it's made out to be. You are probably experiencing a placebo effect.
  4. I was at the tower some weeks ago. It's definitely possible for you to ride up there, there is a very smooth wooden path going all the way - but I don't think you will be allowed - too many elderly people etc. Maybe if you call ahead and arrange it in advance at a time where the park is closed, you have a chance. Esp. if you combine it with giving them some free marketing maybe. Also I would hope no one would try something like this without permission? That's exactly what would give EUC a bad name. You already have people being scared at the upper level, clinging on to the guard rail for dear life - if you zip by on a vehicle they've never seen before, you are sure to scare them. Scared people are unhappy people. In any case you can't, there is a checkpoint at the bottom with an employee checking tickets.
  5. What are the situations where you fell? Pothole? Wheel gave up? Cat crossing the road?
  6. Man I am scared reading all these posts about people crashing and burning on their wheels. Is it par for the course? Is it unavoidable? I am REALLY bad at falling - I am too tall, too heavy - my center of gravity is not made for falling (don't ever put me on cross country skis again). Is it wholly unreasonable that I should be able to practice really slowly on grass first, and take it so slow that I will never experience a real fall at speed?
  7. I think it's weird to be honest. You say it's to combat spam, but why can other forums manage just fine then? Besides the comments limit, there is also a ban on sending private messages. I still get the "you are only allowed to send 0 messages per day" error.
  8. Before it could be interpreted that it was ok if you had configured the speed limit at 20. The new adjustment to the law states that the max is a hard max - so if it's in the specs that a wheel can go up to 24, then it's illegal. It seems.
  9. Why on earth is this forum limited to 2 comments per 24 hours - is it trying to drive away new users? Really weird, and frustrating as well. Anyway.. I just read the whole thread from Henrik Olsen. How scary is it - that I have to find about that they changed the recent legislation AGAIN, from a dude on an internet forum??? I researched quite hard to figure out what the law was, and I didn't read that they had changed it again -nowhere do they specify that (they = government). If it's true that it is now only legal to drive wheels that at a maximum can go 20km/h, that kills it for me. I was fine with the 20km/h if it was a software limit - because it meant you could have enough reserve power to at least keep the 20km/h going uphill and even with a fairly heavy driver like myself. But buying a wheel with a max of 20km/h under the very best conditions, means probably real world like 12-15km/h going uphill. No thanks. Stupid government.
  10. Nope that's the next step. I was going to start with the ninebot S2, but that's out the window. Now I'm considering the InMotion V5 or V5F. We are not allowed to ride more than 20km/h here anyway.
  11. That is some really excellent input, thank you so much. The reason I started on the Ninebot range is that they are easily accessible here in Denmark (Germany as well). Where as some of the other brands are hard to come by. Which would you recommend for durability/support/allround purpose?
  12. Thinking about starting a business centered around uniwheels, and for that I could really use your input on what to expect as to the lifespan of these products - especially the Ninebot range. With daily, light use - let's say 30 minutes per day - how long would you expect them to last? 2 years? 3 ? I know the battery will probably give out first, but that can be replaced.
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