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  1. Hello Knoxville riders out there. I'm putting together some rides for the weekend and would like to see some riders come out. Not just EUC riders, anyone who rides a PEV is welcome. I've created a group page on Facebook for the latest scheduled rides. Hope to some riders come out! EUC - PEV Knoxville
  2. I agree. My wife rides an Inmotion V5F and I ride the V8, and we are able to ride both wheels once we got the basics. The V5F feels more "squirrely" vs the V8 feeling more stable, but we both have no issues riding either wheel. I've only tried one other wheel, the Gotway Nikola, and I had no problem jumping on and riding it.
  3. I did mention that, and he says that the parks are usually 2 years behind when implementing new rules. He also said although e-bikes are allowed, they also need to be pedal assisted. I wasn't going to argue about the details as he was allowing us to finish the ride.
  4. Yesterday we were in the area and we decided to park and take a chance on riding the Cades Cove Loop. We were able to roll, no issues with traffic, and just before got to the end of the loop we got pulled over by the park ranger. Same as you he told us no EUCs in the park. He was a nice guy and and he let us finish the ride with a warning. If they ever allow EUCs, we would definitely ride it again. Until then, Cades Cove is verboten from the parks.
  5. This looks promising... https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/nation/apnewsbreak-coming-to-national-park-trails-electric-bikes/
  6. Looks like an upgraded version of the V8. https://www.facebook.com/875234365892037/posts/2357413727674086/?substory_index=0&sfnsn=mo
  7. Awesome! May we share your artwork on Facebook? Full credit and links to your site of course.
  8. Thanks for adding that @TedTheAtheist. If that's true then yes, he needs his wheel taken away.
  9. Weekend ride with the wife at Volunteer Landing and World's Fair Park in Knoxville TN.
  10. Amazingly the Inmotion V8/Solowheel Glide 3 had no problem on gravel roads. North Boundary Greenway in Oak Ridge TN. https://youtu.be/WgvZH56tixw
  11. Sounds good! Looking forward to it.
  12. I didn't see any, although I'm checking periodically.
  13. Here are some videos of our riding so far: Electric Unicycle Adventures
  14. Nice wheel. I ride an Inmotion V8 and wife rides a V5F. We live in Oak Ridge so we ride the Melton Lake Park path which is perfect for learning and riding. And of course Haw Ridge is nearby if you want to go off roading. Let us know when you plan on riding, we are free all week.
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