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  1. Amazingly the Inmotion V8/Solowheel Glide 3 had no problem on gravel roads. North Boundary Greenway in Oak Ridge TN. https://youtu.be/WgvZH56tixw
  2. Sounds good! Looking forward to it.
  3. I didn't see any, although I'm checking periodically.
  4. Here are some videos of our riding so far: Electric Unicycle Adventures
  5. Nice wheel. I ride an Inmotion V8 and wife rides a V5F. We live in Oak Ridge so we ride the Melton Lake Park path which is perfect for learning and riding. And of course Haw Ridge is nearby if you want to go off roading. Let us know when you plan on riding, we are free all week.
  6. Very cool. Which one did you get? Have you been riding long?
  7. Awesome experience, @Gasmantle. My wife and I purchased our V5F and V8 3 months ago and we are in our 50s. This hobby is so addicting, and the feeling of freedom on the rides is intoxicating. While we are not "one with the wheel" just yet it still feels like magic floating on the trails and people watching with their mouths open.
  8. Anyone have any idea? Possibly time to upgrade my V8?
  9. Well that sucks. Maybe when I get there I should just floor it so they can't catch me! Just kidding. Or maybe not. This sounds like a case of a bad rule or misinformed rangers. I will be passing that area today, I may stop by and talk to someone in charge and see if they can be reasoned with. I will post my findings soon. If you ever want to go on a group ride, let us know. We've had our inmotion v8 and v5f for 2 months now and are looking forward to meeting other riders.
  10. https://www.forbes.com/sites/carltonreid/2019/06/03/volvos-world-first-bicycle-helmet-versus-car-test-flags-helmet-safety-flaws/
  11. Hello All! My wife and I just started riding our wheels about two months ago and having a blast learning how to ride. She has an Solowheel Glide 2 and I have a Glide 3. We're hoping to meet other riders nrearby to compare wheels, ride, and enjoy this new hobby. So far I've ridden at Melton Lake Park in Oak Ridge as well as the gentler parts of Haw Ridge, and hopefully soon build up riding skills to do Cades Cove in the future. Anyways, hope to hear from some of ya!
  12. Does anyone here practice martial art or boxing? In the style I trained in we would always have a "live" hand near our chest to counter punches and strikes to the head. Having your hands down meant a longer travel to block a punch. This can translate in helping when the crash happens. When I ride I find myself holding my arm up loosely in case of a sudden fall. I've had 2 faceplants so far I've been able to stop my helmet from bouncing. My hands do drop when it looks like a fairly slow or safe path but they start going up when I speed up or go off road. So far that's been saving my head.
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