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  1. Today i had my first fall. I was on my way to work. To get there i have to go over a "mountain". i have not been riding for 2 months and it is pretty cold in Norway at the moment. On my way up the first hill i decided to pull out my phone and connect it to wheellog to follow the temperature/speed of the wheel. While looking at the phone and preparing to turn on to a side road - SWOOP - the wheel disappeared beneath my body. Within a milisecond i was laying flat out on the asphalt. My wrist and kneeguard took a beating, and i smacked my helmet to the ground aswell. I did not wear elbow protection, which i now regret ^^. I am pretty sure that if i didnt wear any armor, i would have been injured. The only damage is a little pain in my elbow and some cosmetic damages on my armor and jacket. Lessons to take away from this: DO NOT RIDE IN THE WINTER! Although the temperature was 3-5 celcius, there roads were icy. There are also alot of leaves on the ground, which are slippery as fuck. I realize now how completely wrong i was to believe that i could run off the fall, or jump off the wheel if anything happened. My focus was at the cellphone when the fall happened, but there was no time to think about anything. Pure reaction. Hands forward trying to dampen the fall. Yet, my entire body hit the floor. from toe to stomach to head. Be carefull in the winter lads! Its slippery and dangerous. Also, wear protection at all times
  2. So, a quick update! After alot of back and forth with my seller, whom had contact with a chinese guy, who then had contact with ninebot again, the following happened: The board got shipped from China to my seller -> Took 1 month. When i started the wheel it would not stabilize. I started the app and it said. Vehicle not activated. Activate now or later? When i tried to activate it, it said initian S/N cannot be activated/identified. Please contact after-sales department. This meant that i had to change the serial number of the board to the original serial number of old board. I did not have that alternative in my app and had to get the log in information to another account. I got two different accounts since the first one did not work. They were overseas sales support accounts. In their app i had something called "Change the serial No." To do this i had to get a verification code from the Ninebot guys. Alot of back and forth, maybe two weeks of getting up early and talking to my contact on the phone before we made it work. It took aproximately 2 months to get it fixed. I can maybe try to give my code to others that have an issue with activating it, to see if that will work. I will on the other hand not give out the log in information to the other accounts. Today i had my first fall. It was due to ice on the road, so i guess the season in Norway is over by now :(
  3. Hi, guys. I guess you are all familiar with the boards blowing on the z10. I got new boards and installed them, but i need to activate it in my app. I just get an error code. Does anyone have a solution for that? Best Regards
  4. Can you give us a demonstration on video please? I would love to see what the sounds represent
  5. Hi guys! Is there any way to get settings/info on a smartwatch like the Samsung Gear S2? I have the Ninebot Z10. Thanks
  6. What helmet did you go for then? Mtb full faced? Do you think that will suffice?
  7. Do you have any idea when the manufacturers will release their next wheels? And do you have any pin pointers in what they will offer?
  8. If you are cruising at 45km/h and get hit by a car. I would wish for a motorcycle helmet? Or do u think the mips mtb helmets would be up for the task? Would a motocross styled helmet be better than the helmets with flatter jaw protection? Ty
  9. It's mostly due to the riding style. I feel its more like riding downhill on skis in the turns. Its not that steep of a hill, but im unsure if the z10 will be powerfull enough. Also the longer range of the XL is really appealing.
  10. Yeah, i think maybe the long range of the XL is more tempting. The Z10 is the most appealing, but i think i will go for the XL still. I feel that it has more uphill power aswell. Where do you live in norway and what weight are u? Have u have any encounters with the police or someone negative to you? When u got the XL, did u order it from e-wheels? Did it come with the larger pads? I think that will be a very good upgrade for my size 47 feet haha :)
  11. I am tempted to sell my bike and buy a unicycle for commuting in stead. I am living in a rainy city with not very good roads. I am 197cm tall and 105kg. I have a long up hill and down hill on my commute. I want to commute as much as possible. Currently concidering ks18xl, msuperX but mostly z10. That is due to what i have heard about its driving style. I do think the battery will be enough? They all cost the same. What would you reccomend? I have never ridden before. Thanks
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