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  1. I am commenting on the Tubeless tire topic based on my experience with mountain bikes. Generally, if you replace a tubed tire with a tubeless one, the tubeless one will have much stiffer side walls. This makes less difference on a 2-wheel machine but I'd suspect it would have an immense difference on a unicycle. In Chooch's review of the Z10, he talks about how he uses very little tire pressure, yet, the thing still bounces around. I believe it is because it comes with a tubeless tire, so even at a low pressure, the stiff sidewalls still allow the wheel to stand up right and bounce. I'd bet if he replaced it with a tubed tire it would be better. That's my 2 (Canadian) cents worth
  2. I only saw that one after I had printed mine. How is it? Is it wobbly at all? The version I have (requires nuts and bolts) needs to have the EXACT bolt size. There is no room for any other size.
  3. I have 2 for my MSX. But it is obvious that one is better than the other. 1st choice: I had this one printed by a friend https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2733885 (version 2), which is probably the same as this version 2.1 one for sale https://eucarmy.com/store/euc-stand-21-white/ 2nd choice: I bought version 4 from https://eucarmy.com/store/ which no longer seems to be offered. It did not require bolts, so you can take it apart into 3 flat pieces and take it with you, but it was wobbly, and hard to land the wheel onto it (small landing pad). I use to think there was no need for a stand, but when I wanted to do some work on my wheel, I realized, placing it on a chair was sub par to having it stand on it's own.
  4. I wanted a way to protect my new MSX for trail riding in the mountains. Ideally, if there was a cover that could be easily pulled on/off like there is for the Inmotion series (V5/V8/V10). If there was such a cover, I would put it on only for trail riding, then take it off for daily use. The best I could come up with is usage of 2mm foam, plus vinyl wrap (heat shrink). So here’s the mods I’ve done so far: Glued foam on the bottom of my pedals. Since the pedals is a contact point when the wheel falls. Vinyl wrapped the pedals to cover the foam. Note I left exposed metal so the vinyl will stick to these areas. If the vinyl scratches or tears, it can easily be replaced. I cut out 2mm foam and glued it to the area where the pedals contact the side of the wheel when the pedals are up. This is also the area that my shoe and ankle rub I vinyl wrapped the trolley handle. Normally, it is flat black and prone to sun fade. I also put small bits of vinyl wrap covering the deep holes where the screws reside. This is for aesthetics only. Vinyl wrapped the on/off switch. I was riding with a friend on a Z10 in the rain and his switch failed to turn off after that ride. He took it apart and saw water in it. Made a fender from a foil tray (turkey tray, lasagna tray, etc). I stuck it on using 2 sided foam tape and used Vinyl wrap to make it match in color. The foil is very pliable and keeps the desired angle, but it’s too “crinkly”. The first one I did was with card board, but that would not retain the angle. Planned to do next: Put strips of vinyl wrap over the seam of the side cover to make it more water tight. I will also cover the small screw holes while I am doing this. This method is a lot easier than what EUC guy did (took it apart, applied silicon everywhere). I will do the same at over other seams of the shell Cut more foam to fit the entire sides, front and back of the wheel. Use temporary 2-sided sticky pads to stick the foam to cover the wheel for trail rides, then remove it when done. Re-stick it back on as needed for future rides. Make a version 3 of the fender with a combination of foil plus a plastic cup. The foil will be the part that attaches to the wheel (via 2 sided foam tape) and will create the angle for the plastic cup to stick onto. All will then be covered with Vinyl wrap. This hybrid approach should fix the issues I had with retaining angle/shape and not getting wrinkled after it is crushed out of shape. buy a proper fender from EUC guy whenever he gets them back in stock , then vinyl wrap it. I’d like an alternative to step 8 that’s easier to put on/take off, but cannot think of one.
  5. Can I use vinyl wrap with heat shrink. If I scratch it then I peel it off and put on a new layer. This time around though I put an extra layer of padding. So I glued on some 2 mm foam first then wrap it with vinyl. https://www.amazon.com/VViViD-Black-Carbon-Release-Technology/dp/B00L9J4JRG?ref_=Oct_CABSellerC_13924816011_0&pf_rd_p=5471cb1f-be52-56ca-9df7-9793ea3b4076&pf_rd_s=mobile-hybrid-5&pf_rd_t=30901&pf_rd_i=13924816011&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=N24T2HYB7VKHR5J2RTY0&pf_rd_r=N24T2HYB7VKHR5J2RTY0&pf_rd_p=5471cb1f-be52-56ca-9df7-9793ea3b4076
  6. Can you elaborate on: "Pretty much any 16-inch will beat an 18-inch wheel"? The reason I ask is because aside from riding my V8, the only other wheel I tried is the KS 18XL. I found it not as torquey and as my V8. The same goes for the braking... was that just me? I found I could not get it to burst into acceleration to top speed like when I hammer on my V8 on a green light. Of course, it was a friend's KS 18XL who I just met that day, so maybe I just shy on hammering it hard enough. But even a long a paved street, I felt I could not get it to go past, say 25km/hr and it was already unlocked. So I am planning on getting the MSX when the shipment comes in 2 weeks... unless someone gives me reason to wait for the KS16X... 99% of my riding is on the street with fast moving cars and bicycles. Thanks, Allan
  7. Thanks Matt. I've been up the Baden Powell trail before on my V8. It was fine, but would be so much better on an MSX. Like mrelwood mentioned, sometimes I try to put my lead foot really forward and my second foot really far back. The staggered feet helps with balance on really bumpy terrain (like when my feet are bouncing on and off). If pedals were say, 16 inches long, this would be more effective. I sometimes stand this way when riding to work downtown over the bumps because I am wearing work shoes, which are not as grippy. I believe we are both a member of the local facebook chat that Tom runs. I'm going to the meet this Saturday, assuming it goes ahead. Allan
  8. Thanks Marty! I did not expect to get a reply from a wheel celebrity I will get the MSX. If anything, due to the difference in $. The other 99% of my wheel usage is commuting to work in traffic (downtown Vancouver). I would imagine either the Monster or MSX would be fine. I don't lane split and try to out race cars off a red light like Chooch. Thanks Allan
  9. Hi Michael, I am pretty set on getting the 84v MSX. Seeing on how you have both the Monster and the MSX, I though I'd ask you this question: I mountain bike in North Vancouver and Whistler, which is very rocky,"rooty", muddy and steep. I'd like to try riding a EUC in place of a mountain bike (but not my current Inmotion V8). If you were taking a wheel to ride off road with mountain bikers, would you take your Monster or MSX? I figure the Monster would be smoother and I am guessing it has more clearance, but don't know if it has the maneuverability or torque to make those a sudden acceleration bursts over obstacles and hills. I'm uncertain if the MSX has the clearance. Thanks Allan
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