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  1. Has anyone manage to get the 5.0.8 version? The i5 is fun, great for my college use. Mine max at 12 mph and I really really need it a bit faster. Thanks for your time~
  2. Where or which website do you use to sell them wheels? Thanks.
  3. Any luck getting firmware downgrade 5.0.9 to 5.0.8?
  4. Does Gotway MCM5 has Speed reduction (once battery under 50%)? If it does so, at what percent is tolerance. I have an iPS i5 that has speed reduction once under battery 50%. It's a joyful ride until battery under 50%, which works fine for me being a student, but not long rides to university. The 38ibs weight is tolerable in circumstains Thank you Marty
  5. Does max speed drop after 50%? My IPS i5 has this problem And, is it the helmet that show those mph and GPS route? Thanks a bunch!
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