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  1. Pedals never stuck on my MSP. Seems it wasn't a problem for all of them.
  2. I will do a lift test on mine tomorrow and report back. As for MonoCustomize, my pads show "Export of international mail" on 5/6.... Also wanting them so badly!
  3. I get 80% beeps in the low 30s on the 2500w MSP. And everyone else I know with this MSP says the same. I still think BoseHeadphones has the 2000w MSS and doesn't know it...
  4. It is very difficult, if not impossible to push the wheels hard enough without custom pads, and running them side by side to tell the difference. If you want the most torque, the MSP. If you are looking for an extremely capable commuter that has all the bells and whistles and SUPER comfortable. The 18XL hands down.
  5. Hard to say just yet. I have 200 miles on my MSP (2500) so far. I will hammer on the two of them back to back in July and put a video up for you. The S18 uses the same motor as the 18XL. However a smaller battery pack.
  6. Absolutely correct. The HIGH SPEED MSS is available on eWheels today.... I opted for the high torque MSP.
  7. On this video 80% is at 38 mph with no load, cutout at 46 with no load. (start at 4:30)
  8. 99% sure you have the 2000W MSS.... My 2500W MSP will cutoff at 38mph, along with everyone else that I know who got that version. What is your motor code?
  9. You've peaked my interest! My MSP just came in yesterday and I set a tilt back at 33mph to be on the safe side. Yours is from eWheels? From everything ive been reading, MSP beeps in low 30s while the 2000w motor (MSS) beeps at high 30s. What is the motor code on your MSP shipment box?
  10. You sure you have the MSP and not the MSS? Cutout on the MSP should be right around 37...
  11. Interesting. Mine is a different problem than that for sure.
  12. Luggage handles typically have a button that unlocks and collapses the handle. This is the same on KingSong wheels. The MSP does not have this feature at all. So what you are referring to by "locking" is not at all locking? Its just friction.
  13. Anyone experience a case rub with the MSP? When riding one foot I can get the case to buzz on the tire.
  14. New MSP (2500w) arrived today. Case has a rub when riding one footed, only on one side. Has anyone experienced this? If so what is the fix??
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