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  1. Preston Palmer

    MSuper Pro?

    Interesting. Mine is a different problem than that for sure.
  2. Preston Palmer

    MSuper Pro?

    Luggage handles typically have a button that unlocks and collapses the handle. This is the same on KingSong wheels. The MSP does not have this feature at all. So what you are referring to by "locking" is not at all locking? Its just friction.
  3. Preston Palmer

    MSuper Pro?

    Anyone experience a case rub with the MSP? When riding one foot I can get the case to buzz on the tire.
  4. New MSP (2500w) arrived today. Case has a rub when riding one footed, only on one side. Has anyone experienced this? If so what is the fix??
  5. Preston Palmer

    MSuper Pro?

    My MSP from eWheels arrived today as well. I can assure you the trolly handle does not lock. There is not even a mechanism for it to lock or unlock.... So its not faulty.
  6. On eWheels the MSS is currently available. Order the 2500w and you are getting the MSP. Order the 2000W and you are getting the high speed MSS. Jason will be clarifying this on his website soon...
  7. Ah... Now it makes sense. Let me know how it works. I just stop at a coffee shop or something to charge up... Easy enough.
  8. Still not understanding how a J1772 AC adapter will get you a regular plug to plug your eWheels charger into... still isn’t making sense. You still have a plug you can’t use.
  9. The eWheels charger handles AC current. A EV car charger is DC. That won’t work... how are you converting 240v DC to AC?...
  10. How will you reduce the voltage to the wheels charging voltage?
  11. The 18Xl with the disconnect carrying handle is a breeze to carry up and down stairs. Plus the narrow width makes it comfortable for the long rides. Speakers rock. So well refined!
  12. I agree completely. The 18XL is so well refined! It's my wheel of choice for a commute hands down! So many people overlook this wheel when it's one of the best on the market...
  13. So in theory yours will arrive first? Shoot me a message when that tracking changes! I hope this thing will arrive with my wheel first week of June...
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