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  1. Hi, My hoverboard will not charge the battery - the charger LED stays green. The battery is almost new, and charges fine when the charger is directly attached to it (the yellow connector). I ran the hoverboard untill battery voltage was around 39.5V, but it still wont charge. I have battery voltage at the mainboard where the battery connects, and charger voltage (41V) at the connector on the mainboard coming from the charger inlet. Somehow the voltage is not let through the mainboard to the battery. There are no error blinks on the mainboard (only nine when turned upside down) and the howerboard works just fine when riding it. It will not power up with only charger attached (battery disconnected). WIth battery and charger disconnected I have about 15V where the battery connects to the mainboard (and at the yellow battery connector towards the mainboard). When shorting the on/off switch this voltage drops slowly and rises again when the short is removed. Guess it is some of the capacitors holding charge. I have tried recalibrating without any change. Any ideas on what causes this error? Any suspect mainboard components? I would really appreciate some advice! I have pictures but did not see how to insert them, I will try and insert afterwards
  2. Hi, I got a hoverboard for free from a friend because it would not power on or charge at all (no red light on charger). I measured the battery voltage to be 17V (a 36V 10S2P pack with Samsung cells, see pictures). After opening up the battery pack I tried to charge it by connecting the charger directly to the B+ and B- on the BMS (for short periods monitoring the voltage and temperature regularly). When reaching around 32-35V I was able to power on/off the board. Foot sensors seemed to work but it kept displaying a red battery symbol and beeping to signal low battery. Still it would not charge "the normal way" through the charge port. Shorting C- and B- (as I saw in a youtube video) starts the charging but it cuts out as soon as the short is removed. I have also tried to "reset the battery" according to the manual by swiching the board on/of at certain intervals, From what I have learnt this is likely a case of either a dead BMS or bad cells in the pack? Is there any way I could determine which of these it might be without taking all the cells apart? Or is there another way of trying fixing this problem before I go and buy a new battery? Would really appreciate your advice!
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