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  1. Never mind. I used the Google Translate photo feature to translate that Chinese message and it said that the wheel's motor had to be off to edit certain things. The problem is now fixed. Though I don't get why they couldn't have an English version of that message as I have English set as my language, and that message was one of the most important things that should've been translated.
  2. I have the Solowheel branded model (Glide 2) and I can't change the alarm sounds anymore (couldn't install sound packs and can't even get to them anymore). It just shows a message in Chinese and doesn't let me in. I really want to change the alarm to the stock Inmotion one as it sounds nice, but mostly because the Solowheel alarm sounds bad. I don't want some random lady in my wheel screaming, "Danger, please slow down!!!" so the whole neighborhood could hear. Anybody else facing that issue with their Glides or know a solution?
  3. I recently got an INMOTION V5F and my friend owns a Ninebot One C+. I'm wondering if there's anyone else who rides EUCs in the Portland area (also home to Rhyno Motors)
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