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  1. I've noticed that I naturally go much slower at night, despite it feeling faster. The headlight on my MSX is probably great for me to have my life flash before my eyes before hitting a pothole, but I'd rather be able to see it far out enough to avoid it. Anyone strap glue or tape something to thier EUC?
  2. Nice! Those are some nice shots. A drone a presume so you don't have to ride back and take it down?
  3. You wouldn't be too far. Locations are Russell Mill Pond and Town Forest, Great Brooks Farm State Park, and Wompatuck State Park. If you ever want to ride sometime, let me know. I want to do Minuteman trail in Lexington next time its dry.
  4. My first proper flat EUC video, warning for purists: there are OWs in it lol. Enjoy!
  5. I would put the hours in if I was certain about the payoff. What kind of accel braking do you get sitting down and is it actually comfortable to do it for a long time? It would help with my commute home which is about an hour on the wheel and my feet do hurt at the end
  6. Thanks for this info! I love crusing speed of this I just need to practice what you said to get there fast. Most recently I've been squeezing the pads and just leaving forward but that's really uncomfortable and when I watch chooch his upper legs barely if ever touch the body of the MSX. I think I need to learn stability with the knees bent and then use that to accelerate And yeah I tend to put my left foot on first. Maybe I'll try practicing the other mounts or see if the same thing happens with the wheel flipped around asymetric dihedral... Why? Quality control or some purpose behind it?
  7. What is that and where do I get it? Lol
  8. Insta360 one (no x, the older one) It's 4k native originally but spread out 360 is not very pixel dense so I think it ends up being close to 720 or 1080p ish when flat. It's nice that you don't really have to pay attention and "shoot" everything in post. But what is funny is I wish I just bought a go pro and had 4k quality instead of 720ish when doing flat videos. Good news is I got the camera used for $150 w mem card and accessories included. All the fancy ppl are out buying the insta360 one x which is 5.7k instead of the 4k here and selling the OG for less Just spent another $89 to get a Yi 4k action camera. I guess we'll see how it does compared to go pro. Will prob shoot in 1080 for higher fps
  9. Day three on the MSX and I still haven't been able to use up all her power. Amazing! Some quickly cut footage while I continue to figure out the can software and best export settings. Someday I'll compile all my footage and make a proper video. Shout-out to Onewheel Boston for the good times.
  10. I do. I'm 5'6" and I find trying to ride the seat ridiculous! Getting that low feels super unstable and even if I figure it out I doubt it will be comfortable
  11. Nice write-up! I guess they are hard to compare huh? That being said carving is most certainly a thing on the EUC imho. It has better turning than a OW, I just feel like most EUC choose riders tend go in straight lines for whatever reason. I still don't think I've unlocked the power of this wheel. I'll lean forward until I'm about to fall off but I can tell it's nowhere near max. How can I aggressively shift my weight besides simply leaning? The "chair" thing works for me for aggressive braking, but I'm not sure how to apply that going forward Also, death wobble has thrown me off twice at high speeds and already. Something that never phased me on the V5F. How do I practice getting over this? I've found at low speeds bending my knees a good amount initiates a death wobble so maybe I'll do some of that.
  12. Since they are similarly priced, what are your thoughts on the MSX vs OW XR? I really do enjoy the feeling of the OW stance
  13. To answer photorph: I got an 84v, I like it a lot so far, wish it had a little more get up and go. Maybe should have gone with 100v? I haven't noticed any of those sounds yet, probably can't hear anything over my excitement. I do hear some weird noise when braking hard, but that's about it. I hope this thing is as zippy on the trails as my V5F was. That thing is surprisingly fun off road Day 1 impressions: Put in 20 miles today and overall I really like cruising on this wheel just over 20mph. I'm still getting used to the speed as I came from a V5F, but its nice to feel comfortable on 15-20mph roads right now. One super weird thing: My left upper calf is super sore, like I got a knot or for some reason tense up there when riding the MSX. This never happened to me with the V5F and I find it strange that my right leg feels fine. No falls yet. This wheel feels like 1000 lbs compared to my V5F so i've been riding pretty conservatively. I doubt I even broke 25mph today. The roads have a lot of potholes in them which scares me a little. So far I love it! I do miss the zippyness of my V5F but I also think I havent gotten used to throwing my weight around to get that good acceleration. I need to learn to lean like Kujirolls and Michael Jackson. Canceling my OneWheel Pint order for this was waaay worth it. I do want to try the next flagship OW whenever that comes out, though. $1800 ish was a nice deal but I had to wait 30 days and it felt like a year. Will prob go back to ewheels for my next purchase.
  14. As someone who cannot jump a V5F, Any tips for jumping an MSX?
  15. I realize this is just me being happy and not a productive post at all. But.... I'm excited so... What to do first? I heard take precautions bc the seat can fall off. Any more must-do mods? Slime? Extra padding?
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