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  1. There is a guy in Russia who manufactures motherboards to control BLDC motors for bikes and EUCs. There are a few versions of his board cappable of up to 10kw max power output and up to 100v. There is a special mode to control engine by tilt of the board = EUC Mode. He provided detailed instructions how to set up and adjust the motherboard. You can find lots of videos on his chanel. https://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=27281.0
  2. It looks promising. There's another web service like yours (https://electro.club/wheellog). Anyway, I have a problem with my graph. Can you figure out what's wrong? I'd like to use this service. Thanks. Fast run. 70percent in 20km..csv From home to work.csv
  3. It's not a problem with your phone. There's a magnet in the pedal so any phone will show inaccurate results because of it. Use a real bubble level to get accurate results.
  4. Just got my pedal cracked recently. I was lucky enough to notice it before it fell off. Did no heavy jump offs. Only jumped down from curbs.
  5. Hi. I just assembled my Tesla yesterday. I took some pics. Hope it's clear.
  6. @Seba Hi. I appreciate your job. It's still not very obvious how to use your live map feature. I will figure it out soon. Voice notifications are a breath of fresh air. I have a suggestion on the new feature. Please add an option to show and hide the notification frequently ( every second or twice a second) when the warning is triggered. By doing so each one who has ANY smartwatch or fitness band can use it to receive alerts. Any smartwatch or fitness band can vibrate and show notifications from apps and most of them can show the text of the notification. OVERSPEED WARNING: 32km/h OVERCURRENT WARNING: 95A The notification on the phone should appear and disappear all the time when the warning is triggered. And the user will have buzzing smartwatch on his wrist showing him the warning with speed/current updated every 0.5s. It's like notification spamming, but useful. P.S. I have contacted Palachzzz about it in November and he liked this idea. But it looks like he is out of app development now.
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