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  1. Look, I have 4 KS wheels including the 2nd 16X I just got few days ago and sold all my GW wheels. @Marty Backe you can call me KS fanboy all you want. But I gotta tell you........ KS16X really has some issues!! I expect KS can do better.....but they really have some QC issues with their 16X I also think there are some problems with their new hardwares like the new 2200w motor and the new shell (not the proven durable, rounded shape they had) and they are trying to fix everything with firmware updates. From a software engineer stand point, if KS engineers can't fix the same bugs in their apps and firmware in 3 releases, they might as well quit their jobs. Not to mention, people's safety depends on it. If it's really hardware flaws.....come on KS !! start shipping those parts replacement already !! IMHO, I think for KS16X owners, it's either: 1. very lucky to have a 100% working 16X while some other people don't ( I call this QC issue KS!! ) 2. love 16X so much and willing to look past the "minor" problems as there's always risk to buy early batches. 3. the way they ride their wheels are not affected much by the problems (ie. not riding at top speed, not riding long distance...etc) My KS16Xs are at v1.01 and v1.06 firmware. I keep the "old" one at v1.01 because I am so afraid of making it worse by updating firmware. CURRENTLY, i don't ride at top speed (to avoid throttling and hard tilt back at high speed). i don't play music with BT (to avoid BT interference problem). i don't ride aggressively (to avoid oscillations issue). i don't ride off road (to avoid dust got in the shell) i don't use KS mobile app (incorrect top speed / avg. speed...etc) But I really hope KS can fix all the problems soon whether with hardware or software.
  2. I have to admit that I became obsessed with H-5167 tires after I realized how much the tire thread pattern affects wheel dynamics. (Some people are obsessed with CX321 tires too, so i totally get it) Please allow me to show off my collections of H-5167 tires I plan to put the 14 inch tires on my KS14D/S and perhaps my next 14 inch wheel. But I have no idea why i got the 16x2.125 and 16x2.5...... for collections i guess
  3. Actually, you were on point. My fellow local rider claims the random tilt happens when playing at MAX volume with some BASS. (for some reason, i don't wanna try)
  4. Very good question. MSX is the most reliable wheel i ever had. I originally bought my first 16X for my wife, so when we go out on the weekends she'll take 16X and i take MSX. But now we both want to ride the 16X. And the way we use our wheels involves a lot of transit between trains and EUC. MSX's trolley isn't very practical in crowd and 16X also takes significantly less space. (still very sad to let go my MSX) I would love to get a 16X"L" for myself so I don't have two identical wheels, but it doesn't seem like it has enough shell space to have a bigger battery version.....Or should i wait? Enlighten me, plz
  5. One of my local riders is having similar problem: random tilt while BT streaming. (v1.06) He's waiting for his 2nd control board replacement. I just sold my MSX for 2nd 16X.... keep my fingers crossed
  6. you can get MSX and make the seat taller.
  7. Thank you for sharing. It means a lot to me. I also thought the wheel's nimbleness is determined by: weight of wheel, wheel diameter, weight distribution(top heavy or bottom heavy), tire width. But I didn't realize the tire thread pattern and softness of the compound make such HUGE difference until I tried. @mrelwood explains very well in his post (actually on previous page of this thread....)
  8. With all due respect, I bet you guys won't. Few fellow local riders tried my 16X, before they changed their tires and they never looked back. It's totally okey that you like how the stock tire feels and rides, to each his own. I simply just want to point out that KS decided to change back to CYT tires for their 2nd batch 16X. IIRC, they stocked 2000 of this CYT 16x3.0 tires and they said they will use BOTH ....CYT tires and the stock CX321 tires. Hmm....interesting, I wonder how many 16X were sold or they plan to sell globally.
  9. I am sorry to post here, because I just realize that I can only send 3 PMs per day. Hello guys~ @chrisjunlee @Jon Stern @cyfur @Gustesta @Tom D @CampDylan @Genghis @VonWiffen @Azze80 The CYT H-5167 has arrived yesterday and ready to ship out to you. The total cost of 12 sets of tires is $3411 NTD for tires & tubes (107.69 USD) + $1669 NTD for shipping from China to me (52.69 USD) + $440 NTD for customs duty. So each set is (3411+1669+440) / 12 = 460 NTD (14.52 USD) + 30 NTD for each packaging box which is required for global shipping. TOTAL is 490 NTD plus the shipping you choose below there are 2 options for global shipping: (package weight 2050g) for Hawaii: 1. Air Parcel: 660 NTD (20.84 USD) 10 to 14 days 2. EMS: 1200 NTD (37.88 USD) 4 to 5 days for United State: 1. Air Parcel: 860 NTD (27.15 USD) 10 to 14 days 2. EMS: 1200 NTD (37.88 USD) 4 to 5 days for Singapore: 1. Air Parcel: 440 NTD (13.89 USD) 8 to 10 days 2. EMS: 790 NTD (24.94 USD) 2 to 3 days for Sweden: 1. Air Parcel: 870 NTD (27.47 USD) 14 to 18 days 2. EMS: 1120 NTD (35.36 USD) 4 to 5 days The fund transferring will be done through PayPal. PLEASE NOTE: If it's okey with you, please transfer the fund in NTD (New Taiwan Dollar), otherwise I will be charged 2.5% transaction fee when I make withdrawal. If you decide to get this tire, please PM me with your shipping address and contact info (name, address, phone # ...etc) and your EMAIL address so that I can send you the PayPal bill by email. If you decide not to get this tire, it's alright too, but please also reply or PM and let me know. thanks!!
  10. I got the 16x3.0 tires just now. I will get the packaging boxes tomorrow morning and check for the shipping costs tomorrow at lunch, and then i will PM each of you tomorrow afternoon. THEN, you can decide if you still want the tire. Thanks guys. @chrisjunlee @Jon Stern @cyfur @Gustesta @Tom D @CampDylan @Genghis @VonWiffen @Azze80
  11. Cheers with Hibiki Harmony btw, for those of you haven't got the 16X like you and @CampDylan. you might get lucky to have CYT H-5167 tire pre-installed by KS. (according to the KS factory photo posted above by Afeez Kay)
  12. The tire pattern in this photo looks like CYT H-5167. But i am no expert. Can @mrelwood confirm? thanks
  13. ok I will put your name on the list too. Since my name is confused with Hsiang@NYC and hard to tag, I will just change it. My Chinese letter of Hsiang is same as Hibiki in Japanese, so.... totally off topic....oh well
  14. it's funny that my local EUC distributor just called me. He said he heard of the H-5167 tire I installed on my 16X. And he asked me to order some more for him. LOL I didn't even share this info in my local group, because there were only 8 first batch owners in a 300 people local group and I thought they don't care about the tires. So here is your chance to get the CYT H-5167 tire, if anyone is still interested. The dead line is 15 hours later from now.
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