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  1. Even if there is a heatsink, the point now is that the wheel overheats within a few minutes of riding. especially if the weather outside is warm. In my mind no amount of fan airflow is going to keep the wheel cool, there is no airflow from the outside to the inner shell. But the fan surely needs to be replaced. What i'd do is make two strategically placed cuts in the shell. One in front and one on the back of the wheel. That could dissipate some of the overheated air. As mentioned before a hydrophobic cloth could work as a moisture and dust filter by covering these holes. Really i am surprised no one has done this mod before. Only drawback 'd be the need to inspect the insides one in a while for potential dust buildup. And i am deeply disappointed by the lack of quality control in Gotway products.
  2. I'm also thinking of making precision cutouts in the shell to provide some proper airflow. You could use hydrophobic cloth to stop water and dust particles.
  3. tons of ideas ! Any idea how-to redirect the USB cabling ?
  4. Those Flic buttons are quite expensive. Perhaps there is a way to get organized and buy a bunch as a group for a better price ? What say you, humans ?
  5. mten 3 και msx. Μόλις σκάσουν πάμε για test drives
  6. In other news , an msx 84 is on the way. θα κάνει κανένα 2μηνο βέβαια.
  7. Anyone know what kind of spikes are these ? I'd like to try riding with spikes before ordering. I'm using really thin shoes so they might be a bit painfull. The extended pedal size must make a ton of a difference! Anyway if anyone knows what kinds of spikes work on the Z10 that'd be helpfull. I know that standard bicycle pedals spikes are not of approriate length plus they don't actually hold the pedal in place.
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