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  1. Oh well. If not, its a $600 waste. Could be worse !
  2. I got a reply from the seller who sent me a new motherboard. I have partly dissembled the A1 and just am not sure if there is another easier way. I cannot find any instructions. Can anyone tell me how to where to find any advice on this ?
  3. Oh well, I guess it was worth a try....
  4. I have put a video here. It should have uploaded.https://www.dropbox.com/sh/avq5xjlcpx2liq1/AAAQX5u-S0ZXc4rs87WUNpfka?dl=0 If it turn the 'Lift Handle Stop' feature off, and lift it u, then the wheel spins, so there is a motor there somewhere. Excuse Australia winter footwear..... Thank you so much for helping *Lift it up I mean...
  5. Will do very shortly. Thank you.
  6. Thanks, I founf d this l;ooking for solutions to my problem.....Mine powers up, all the lights come on connects to the app, but no motion. I can roll it, but there is no motive force. Fully charged. I disconnected the battery and still no go. Has done 700 m since I bought it ! I would be grateful for any suggestions please ?
  7. I have disconnected the battery and reconnected, no difference. I turn it on, the on off switch blinks blue slowly, the app connects (Apple) but it just has no power or inclination to ... go. Fully charged, but no motor or gyro noises.... I am Australia, so not released here, but any ideas on what I can do ? Have sent back box data off to Segway from the app.
  8. Hi, I left this wheel for 4 weeks after startng, but now fully charged, it wont roll. I get on it and lean but it just freewheels. Is there a reset or something ? Thanks, I have hardly used it.
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