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  1. Beginning with Main Board Firmware V1.1.7 (thru the latest V1.2.0) ALL serial nos miniPLUS - when traveling downhill (ANY Slope, ANY Speed except DEAD-slow) will abruptly start Squawking, HARD Tilt-Back (or Lean-Back) - grinding to a COMPLETE STOP - THEN REVERSING back UP the hill 4-12 inches !!! THEN Releasing control back to the Rider - IF the Rider has managed to remain on-board thru this ordeal. A Novice rider CAN NOT - took me 12+ such REVERSE UPHILL experiences to learn how to thrust-hands-forward, have 'sticky' shoes on so I don't slip off backwards... I put nearly 200 miles on my original miniPLUS (purchased 13 months ago, serial under 100) - had Firmware V1.0.8 - rode these astd slopes daily with NEVER the slightest hint of this OUT-OF-CONTROL DOWNHILL-REVERSE. Then Updated Firmware to V1.1.7 and IMMEDIATELY this DownHill LOSS OF RIDER CONTROL about 5-seconds - HARD TiltBack - STOP - REVERSE UPHILL SEVERAL INCHES - then Squawking stops and Control is Returned To Rider. Believing my miniPLUS was DANGEROUSLY BROKEN I decided to SELL IT FOR SCRAP. And purchased TWO NEW miniPLUS mid-April 2019. Both arrived with Firmware V1.1.7 - BOTH SUFFER SAME DANGEROUS DownHill TiltBack-STOP-REVERSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ninebot Rep says "NEVER heard of this". I suspect MANY / MOST? miniPLUS owners reside / ride in FLAT TERRAIN - so NEVER suffer this V1.1.7 DANGEROUS DOWNHILL MALFUNCTION. I tried ALL settings (in/out of Learner Mode - Auto-Steering Auto-Ride ON/OFF) Nothing changes this DownHill Squawk-TiltBack-REVERSE behavior. UpDated Firmware all three (SN under 100, SN under 600, SN under 960) to Main Board V1.2.0 and NO CHANGE - Downhill Danger persists. Now Ninebot Rep says "THIS IS NORMAL". uh...... Latest demo video: "miniPLUS DownHill AUTO-REVERSES 6 TIMES NO CONTROL" https://youtu.be/9-2acpdt3C0 previous attempt "Ninebot miniPLUS OUT OF CONTROL DOWNHILL TiltBack-STOP-REVERSE 5 in 90 Seconds" https://youtu.be/-wwPB4HV2XU first video: "Segway Ninebot miniPLUS mini-PLUS DOWNHILL Lean-Back STOPS FAULTY V1 1 7" https://youtu.be/BooqMrP3LUc Anyone else who DOES NOT live in "FlatLand" suffering this? THREE out of THREE IS STATISTICALLY RELEVANT !!!!! (Michael1953 now has about 2000 miniPRO miles and 240 miniPLUS miles - and $6000 dental work ;-)
  2. Experienced miniPRO (2000 miles) and miniPLUS rider (200 miles) just purchased TWO NEW miniPLUS to replace my original (SN under 80 I've had 13 months) that I "thought" was BROKEN following Main Board Firmware Update to V1.1.7. (Started scaring me - on perfect surface cruising speed started 'side-to-side slight shimmying - hoped the Update might fix.) (Updated perfectly, tire inflation, rider-weight, batteries 'all perfect'.) NOW EVERY downhill slope (ANY angle, ANY speed except dead-slow) the miniPLUS squawks alarm and LEANS-BACK-STOPS- REVERSES back UPHILL several inches, then releases control back to the rider - IF the victim - er, I mean "rider" manages to remain onboard. SEE the 2-minute Video: FOUR Lean-Backs in TWO MINUTES !!! NOT edited, REAL TIME, various slopes, various speeds. NO difference if in Learner Mode, if Auto-Steering & Auto-Ride ON or OFF. I have NOT yet discovered how to install an earlier Firmware - would greatly appreciate such help !!! Original Text: Previous Main Board Firmware versions ran fine, BUT UPGRADING TO - or Factory Delivered WITH "V1.1.7" riding down ANY slope at ANY speed (except DEAD SLOW !!!) EVERY TIME the miniPLUS complaint-squawks HARD LEAN-BACK - STOPS - ACTUALLY REVERSES a short distance, then releases control to the rider - IF the rider manages to remain on board - a BIG Quite Difficult "IF" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tho the wind noise is annoying - the Segway / Ninebot complaint / alarm "squawks" can be heard "Sensors" are in the App pages Title for "Automatic Steering Sensitivity Adjustment" and "Automatic Riding Sensitivity Adjustment". (switched ON or OFF) And to be clear - this video is a continuous 2-minute segment of ONE RIDE, NO EDITING! FOUR Lean-Back-STOP-Reverses - identical screwed-up behavior by my 'old' miniPLUS (serial # a bit under 100) and the brand NEW miniPLUS (serial # under 1000). Is the Factory / Firmware Developers all located in "FLATLAND" ? NO hills to TEST their products???
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