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  1. Do you guys find that speed is important? I need it for short commutes 2-3km, I see people putting emphasis on speed although I feel like too much speed for me would be dangerous
  2. Hello there, Over the past few weeks I've been looking at every corner of the internet to get myself an electric unicycle. But I am very perplexed at this stage. I am located in Australia, and I can't afford to just buy a cheaper beginner wheel and then upgrade to a formidable one. So I would highly appreciate if you guys could recommend a beginner wheel that I won't outgrow as soon as I get comfortable with it. I need it to use for everyday commutes to the groceries, going to the train station and things like that. I would much rather use electric vehicles than be dependant on oil and cars. Hence why I'm looking into an electric vehicle. Any recommendations are highly appreciated. I've looked into the ninebot z10, but they say it's not good for beginners at all. Kind Regards, wafi
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