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  1. I wish the 1500W had the red coloring that these lower power MCM5s have. I like the red design way better.
  2. I've definitely beat mine up a bit more than usual but I'll throw in that the shell is in fact the weakest part of the wheel. I was trying to ride down a 6 foot tall 30 degree grade slab of concrete and jumped off at around 4 feet up. I cracked the shell right by each of the screws for half of an entire side of the wheel + lots of scratches. Did my best at an apoxy job and its OK now. But to OP, unless she's gunna be super rough with it the MCM5 is a great wheel for both you and her! I ride mine and I'm 180lbs without ever feeling like it's straining. Thing is punchy as heck.
  3. Hey man. Yeah totally! Do you have plans to come into Boston area anytime soon?
  4. I'd say wait at least 2 years before buying something like this. 40 minutes of run time for 19,000 euro? Fuck that haha wait it out man things will get better
  5. Hi all! Does anyone know where I could buy or have any DIY ideas for covering the MCM5? I've let go of the idea of keeping the shell free of dings after the first 30 miles but if there's a nice looking cover out there that might enhance the aesthetic or protect it further that'd be awesome.
  6. Lmao fair enough! I figured it would be worth throwing it on the forum in case someone was interested.
  7. Dang that's a really good way of looking at it. I have a feeling I'll be happy to get 2,000 miles on this thing with the way I'm riding it haha. This definitely puts it into perspective though.
  8. Damn good thing that dude was wearing gear! That's pretty sketchy, can't imagine how bad that would have been with less protection. Thanks for the info, this is exactly the info I needed to respect the third beep haha. Yeah I currently like to cruise right around 22/23 but I've heard some beeps and was wondering why. On a side note, why is it that you always charge to 100%? I read in a bunch of places only charging to 80% can greatly improve the total life of the battery. Cheers man I definitely will, thanks!
  9. No worries, I'll definitely check them out. Thanks!
  10. Hey Marty, What is the risk at the time of the third alarm? What is it warning me of? Just that I'm approaching max speed and at that point it will tilt me back? I'm really curious as to why I need the to heed the third warning heheh.
  11. Oh thank's so much for linking that thread, that helped me understand how the top speeds work at different batteries really well. I'm still a bit confused as to what the risk is at the time of the third alarm? What is it warning me of? Just that I'm approaching max speed and at that point it will tilt me back? I suppose that's along the same lines as the question you quoted Marty for but I'm really curious as to why I need the to heed the third warning heheh. The darknessbot app is what shows the 70%! I tried to get it to 90% at the app's perceives 70% with the amps set to 3, not sure what the voltage was though. I'll test it more tonight when I get home and let you know. Thanks for the help!
  12. Where can I find this video? I know nothing about slime and would love to learn more about what @Marty Backe has to say about using it!
  13. These things are just sitting at my house, would anyone be interested in buying them/taking them off my hands? I'd sell them super cheap if anyone is willing. I'd love to get a few bucks for it all but if not I'll probably just give the stuff to anyone who could use it. Located in Boston!
  14. Hi all! I've been cruisin on my MCM5 for about ~25 miles total so far and I'm already at the speed cap. Fastest I've pushed it is 26mph according to the Darknessbot app. Been absolutely loving it but I'm not quite sure exactly how far I can push it? I have the alarms on the wheel still on but I'm not sure what they're warning me of. How much farther can I push the wheel once I hear the second alarm? Is that venturing into the land of a a motor cut out or is it just warning me that I'm getting closer to a point where tilt back will be activated? I'd like to push this wheel to a relatively safe max speed but I don't want to risk a cut out or something stupid just by not being informed. As far as charging goes, I've been keeping it at around ~80% whenever I charge it up. I have a rapid charger so I can set the amount which is nice. But something seems to be reading incorrectly. My app will tell my my battery is at 70% but when I try to charge the wheel up to even 90% the charger runs for 10 seconds and then chills out, as if it was already at 90% power. Thoughts?
  15. Yeah I definitely didn't want to send the wheel back for something like this or a wheel replacement, having way to much fun with it to standby during shipping. I got in contact with Jason at eWheels and he's sending out a new LED strip that I'll replace myself!
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