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  1. Alright so after a long bout of charging, the farthest I got my wheel to was 83.09 of a charge and soon after it dropped back down to 83.00v. This makes me think that my wheel is relatively balanced but I just got unlucky with the cells being matched?
  2. So I tried this for a solid 12 hours and I got the voltage to 83.04, trying again for another 20 hours or so to try and get it to a full 84v but I doubt it’ll get there considering it hasn’t moved past 83 in 12 hours. I’m sending back the rapid charger after having spoken with Jason at eWheels, he’s going to send me a new one so cheers to that. Thanks for all of the advice!
  3. Thanks for the info! I ended up with the helmet I linked in the original post. It's low and suitable for the type of short burst riding I do. In the event that my commuting practices change or I buy a faster wheel I'll probably invest in a full face!
  4. I have roughly 500 miles on my MCM5 and I've owned it since May. I'm not sure if I hit 50 battery cycles but I guess it's possible.
  5. So I tested charging my wheel up with the original charger last night and found that even with the original charger I was only able to charge up 82.80v, 96%. Does this mean that my battery packs have essentially degraded to not being able to hold 100%/84v charge? This doesn't really solve my original problem of not being able to utilize the 80% or 90% charge function on the rapid charge but it does make me wonder about the integrity of my battery packs.
  6. I believe the voltage zeros out and the current fluctuates between 0.00 - 0.15 but I'm not certain.
  7. So I just did a full charge up to 100% on my MCM5 with my rapid charger and my app read out was 82 volts and 96% battery. At this time the charge was green and had stopped charging my wheel. This doesn't seem right, I'm going to test out if I can get to 84v with the stock charger tonight.
  8. So I’ve read a lot of the comments in this thread I’ve gathered two things: 1. I should be using the voltage readout in my app to have a more accurate battery charge. 2. I should probably contact ewheels and explain my issue to them because what’s happening to my charger seems pretty weird? I guess all of this has made me wonder what the difference between battery voltage and percent charge is? Why is one more accurate? What is the difference between the percent charge value and voltage value?
  9. I haven’t measured the voltage of a full charge to 100%, that’s just the voltage for the rapid charger. The stock charger charges to 100% no problem and so does the rapid charger, the issue occurs when trying to only charge to 80/90% with the rapid charger. You think I should contact eWheels? I don’t think we’re having the same issue then. I’m ‘not’ able to charge to 80/90 option but I ‘can’ charge to 100.
  10. Has anyone else has trouble getting the rapid charger from e-wheels to charge to 80 or 90% rather than 100%? My darkness bot (73%) and gotway (80%) app both say my MCM5 is under 90% charge, but when I attempt to charge my wheel with the rapid charger it won’t charge unless I have it set to 100% full charge. Is my wheel battery unbalanced, is my charger broken, or are both of the apps just too inaccurate to trust?
  11. I wish the 1500W had the red coloring that these lower power MCM5s have. I like the red design way better.
  12. I've definitely beat mine up a bit more than usual but I'll throw in that the shell is in fact the weakest part of the wheel. I was trying to ride down a 6 foot tall 30 degree grade slab of concrete and jumped off at around 4 feet up. I cracked the shell right by each of the screws for half of an entire side of the wheel + lots of scratches. Did my best at an apoxy job and its OK now. But to OP, unless she's gunna be super rough with it the MCM5 is a great wheel for both you and her! I ride mine and I'm 180lbs without ever feeling like it's straining. Thing is punchy as heck.
  13. Hey man. Yeah totally! Do you have plans to come into Boston area anytime soon?
  14. I'd say wait at least 2 years before buying something like this. 40 minutes of run time for 19,000 euro? Fuck that haha wait it out man things will get better
  15. Hi all! Does anyone know where I could buy or have any DIY ideas for covering the MCM5? I've let go of the idea of keeping the shell free of dings after the first 30 miles but if there's a nice looking cover out there that might enhance the aesthetic or protect it further that'd be awesome.
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