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  1. This is my all time favorite: https://www.outdoorsinc.com/products/tropos-daypack?variant=31680446627906 I use it as an everyday bag but can also use it for backpacking any anything else you could think of. It looks like Osprey discontinued the line but you can find it elsewhere. Biggest perk is that it stands up on it's own which is subtely amazing. Biggest downside is that the front medium sized pocket doesn't have a ton a great system of organization so it is semi useless.
  2. I don't have answers to all of your questions, and I don't know your budget, but I ride an MCM5 and it both enhances public transport and eliminates the need for it in the city. I've been riding it to commute ~15 miles a day for the last year, rain/snow/shine, and it's wonderful. Cost you around ~$1,100. I would love more speed but for how compact and nimble this wheel is I can't complain.
  3. I figured maybe this was better suited for the mods/repairs section but if you're cool with it here I'm cool! As far as the actual issue, I'm talking about the MCM5 wheel. But the issue was found not with any charger I used but rather what I believe to be the cable connecting the charging port on the wheel and the battery packs.
  4. I realize this thread is in the wrong forum... sorry about that! As far as updates go I took it apart and found that one of the cables seemed slightly loose. I disconnected and reconnected the cables and it's now charging! I'll probably wrap up these connections in some electrical tape to ensure a more stable and firm connection. As a side note, this doesn't make 100% sense to me. When it was originally not charging and I left the stock charger plugged into it for awhile it eventually started up again. Not sure why a slightly loose cable would work like this but I'm going to proceed with
  5. Rebooting this thread, wheel currently isn't charging with my 5A fast charger. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I should proceed with testing? I'm getting ready to check for loose cables now but I have a multi-meter if testing the charging port would do anything. @Chriull do you have any thoughts or know who I could ask?
  6. I use an MCM5 as my primary wheel. Love this thing to death. I get probably 15 miles per charge but I like to cruise at 20/22mph which is generally just under my third alarm. With full battery I can push to ~25mph before hearing beeps. I'm ~170lbs 5' 11". It's a great budget wheel that's super zippy, portable, and stable. Would definitely recommend!
  7. Thanks for all of the tips! I'll integrate into the main thread in a bit.
  8. Thanks for the links, I found the Nanoprotechs insulator on Ebay but it was kinda hard to find! (Here's the link)
  9. Thanks for the info! I'll add that in. Do you have any recommendations on the dielectric spray you have used or know of? I'll find a buy option an provide a link.
  10. Cheers to that mate. I was originally going to post there but I figured it was relevant enough to go into Gen Discussion and it would gain more traction and faster input of information here. When we get to a good point with it I'll contact you about moving it to be stickied in the "diy, repairs, and mods" forum.
  11. No your point is well taken. The information gets lost in the conversations that occur in the comments but the idea here is that the information gets allocated to the main post therefore one doesn't have to rummage through pages of comments. I would love to have this thread to a point where there's no need for comments, and in order to keep people on the right track we could just disable them all together. But for now they serve a great purpose and I'll do my best to keep allocating incoming information up top for people to easily find!
  12. I didn't touch upon this before... I think a maintenance sub-forum would be great but it's probably not reasonable to do so right now. I would say give this thread a chance to grow and decide based on the amount of information we gather here whether or not it warrants it's own sub-forum. I'd like to see this become good enough to at the least just be stickied in a good spot so everyone can easily access it all! One thing that seems to be presenting itself is that there's tons and tons of information on batteries and it's spread out (like a lot of info on this forum) all over the place. Having
  13. I'll add in a high end option as well, what model have you been using?
  14. All great info, thanks for taking the time to explain it all! I'll add all of your info into the main topic post of this thread so it can be easily referenced. Can you recommend a solid voltage reader (or just saw you call this a voltmeter) to measure the voltage of each cell so I can link it in the main thread post?
  15. Awesome info as always Chriull! Thanks for the great response. I totally missed the whole app readout option. I had it set properly but it seems that Darkness bot just decided to change it to 67v on me and I assumed the worst. For the sake of more information in the thread, how would I go about checking the charger no load voltage, and how would I charge each of the battery packs individually?
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