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  1. Would be interested in prices & pictures
  2. Big community for EUC Boston on Telegram
  3. That's a good point. I suppose it doesn't seem as worth it considering I don't have an android currently. But thanks for all of the info, this gives me some better ideas! Yeah I feel that. I just recently found out about the app and this whole thread so I guess I'm a new perspective, but I would definitely pay for an app that had this function, and probably donate to the R&D for it.
  4. If we could figure out the algorithm would it be possible? I've attached some pic's that demonstrate the way the Gotway wheels calculate max speed and therefore alarm based on battery. I'd be willing to do whatever I can to coordinate some communications between Gotway and @Seba or any app developer willing to gain some info on the algorithim. I don't have a ton of pull in the community but I care a lot about possibly figuring this out, it would be an incredibly advancement in the riding safety of Gotway users.
  5. Yes you feel my pain! So at the moment it looks like it's not even worth investing in any of these smart watch options if they don't emulate the Gotway alarm properly. @Seba how hard would it be to program an app to have the same alarm function that the gotway wheels do?
  6. Appreciate the response. The essential feature I'm looking for is a vibration on a wrist watch when my MCM5 would normally beep at me (80% motor capacity mark). Regardless of noise or headphones, I would feel that. I'd consider any option that solves that problem but ideally it would be a situation that doesn't add in more shit to my daily routine, ie. a smart watch I can wear daily. I don't love the idea of buying a separate phone and a watch because then it's just more shit I have to remember every time I leave the house. Knowing what my ideal goal and essential function is, is there an alternative to the Kospet that might solve my issue? Or is the cheap android + pebble still the best option? Edit: Would something like this [https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YNV6HGF/ref=twister_B07YNTZXYP?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1] serve my needs better?
  7. So as far as Apple Watch compatibility goes, does the Darkness Bot App have any speed alert feature where the watch will vibrate or play noise through blue tooth headphones?
  8. So this is actually what I was originally asking about.. with something like the Kospet Square I could run the app without buying a separate phone right? All I would need is a smart watch with a phone chip built into it?
  9. Yeah as far as I know the darkness bot app does not support vibrations based on alarms in the phone or to a connected smart watch.
  10. Would I need an Android phone to make this work with a Wear OS watch? I use an iPhone but would probably buy a smart watch to get the speed limit alerts through my headphones, or even better, if the watch vibrated when my wheel would normally beep at me.
  11. Maybe go with the V5F to start and then save up for an MCM5 800WH? Seems like a waste of money to buy the MCM5 at 340WH
  12. Dang this guy can do some crazy stuff with an EUC!
  13. Hi all! I've been getting cozy with my MCM5 over the past 6 months and have about 700 miles on it so I'll share my thoughts on this. First of all, thank you for the full speed no load tilt test! Great to finally see someone push the wheel all the way. Second of all, I weigh around 180lbs and ride my wheel to max ~26mph before I hear my third alarm, so this seems to coincide with the majority of information on this thread. With no tilt back on you should be able to slowly accelerate until the wheel can't keep up, which is where your weight, terrain, and battery come into play. I know a lot of people are convinced that his had nothing to do with tilt back but as someone who weighs 200+ and has little experience on the MCM5 at high speeds, it's conceivable that you could have over leaned through your tilt back AND suffered from the tilt back speed acceleration causing you to jump into a cut out. Depending on how far you were leaning forward, you could have push the wheel to it's limit before the acceleration tilt back method (ie. the carpet slipping out from under you) had time to do its magic. I personally think you'd be fine to ride up to your third beep with tilt back turned off. If you ease up at the beginning of your third beep (1-3 beeps), and you don't hit any considerable bumps at this speed, you can still enjoy the potential of the wheel without worrying about a cut out. Super happy your okay and and even happier how much I was able to learn about the nature of Gotway tilt back and the MCM5 from this thread. Thanks for the testing and shout out to everyone who has taken the time to weigh in.
  14. It was my understanding that all of the gotway wheels had interchangable pedals but I'm not 100% sure about that.
  15. Alright so after a long bout of charging, the farthest I got my wheel to was 83.09 of a charge and soon after it dropped back down to 83.00v. This makes me think that my wheel is relatively balanced but I just got unlucky with the cells being matched?
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