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  1. War es nicht so, das die Ausnahmeverordnung eben KEINER Zustimmung des Bundesrates bedarf? Somit könnte das BMVI diese ja trotzdem erlassen...
  2. I think the "certification" is just another bill from Dekra for trying to find a guy who was able to drive and test the S2. Then they officially stated ("certificated") that this device is highly illegal here in germany! Costs you 214,00 €, thanks for using Dekra Services. Can't imagine that he is now allowed to drive in public, we are still waiting for a law...
  3. Exactly. There is still a post on Segways official Instagram Acc where they said the Z10 will be available in europe in may 19... 2 weeks left...
  4. Hmm... we got a new firmware yesterday, why should they support a (working) device when there are plans to stop production/selling the Z10? Makes no sense for me...
  5. Also opened a thread about that a few hours ago... but isn't moderated yet. Skipped the update, won't break my Z10 while we got a little bit of summer in germany.
  6. With the latest App-Update on iOS, there is now a firmware update available for my Z10 (currently on 1.0.5 / 1.1.7): Did anyone test it yet? Won't break the Z10 with a fresh firmware...
  7. Also in Hamburg haben mich die Blauen heute ignoriert, sie hatten zwar aufmerksam geschaut, aber ansonsten ist nichts passiert. Kann natürlich sein, das sie vielleicht gerade auf dem Weg zu einem Einsatz waren... wer weiß...
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