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  1. I want one of these wheels but should I wait for batch 4 to get a better refined wheel or do they have it figured out.
  2. The feedbackfrom other regions is that they prefer the Chaoyangs over the Dalishen. " Chaoyangs, Dalishen , cyt, cvt, cst, cv, cx, h167, cx321, c1488, h5167, The second batch currently in stock at eWheels comes with a. Chaoyangs tire I think . All these tires ? I can't figure out what does what? Chaoyangs tire ?
  3. The 16x is in stock at ewheels, i wonder if it works and what tire it comes with.
  4. Pedal dip is gone after calibrating on blocks.
  5. Try using cinder blocks to calibrate the wheel. I had pedal dipping on my MSX until I use cinder blocks, I also use plastic shims at the end of the foot plates to get the wheel Rock Solid. I think when I use the foam packing I was moving the wheel when pushing the power button. Works perfect now. I don't know maybe this will help.
  6. She said nonlinear systems After reading your posts I think you should stick with one of these and be done with it!
  7. I want to custom make some u shaped side pads for more power up and down hills. I'm looking for the materials that work the best. What foam and double-sided tape do you guys recommend to craft these up.
  8. Cracka

    Pedal angle MSX

    You can calibrate it at any angle you want, I run zero degrees flat. I would just calibrate it at an extreme angle to make sure you're doing it correctly then recalibrate at the angle you want piece of cake.
  9. From what i found out it's normal and wheels with different firmware versions may act differently. There is no way to change it so I just ride and try not to think about it, put a 150 mIles on it so far and mostly really like this wheel especially offrode.I tried a monster and it does the same thing.
  10. Ripping down a trail aiming for the ruts Poppin Off Rocks with a big smile catch a weed pulls me hard right almost bit the Dust. WATCH OUT FOR THOSE WEEDS!
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