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  1. Ripping down a trail aiming for the ruts Poppin Off Rocks with a big smile catch a weed pulls me hard right almost bit the Dust. WATCH OUT FOR THOSE WEEDS!
  2. Thanks for testing it out that makes me feel a little better.
  3. Haven't tried it yet I'll get back when I do
  4. Thanks i will try that. Your video dId help me turn sharper by rotating my shoulders more. I'm going on a group ride this weekend with more experienced Riders to see what they think.
  5. I was able to calibrate it at an extreme angle and it would hold that angle I did both a back angle and a forward angle.
  6. Flyboy10 I was hoping you could ride it and see if it is noticeable even though you don't have a MSX before I return it. I just want to have it double checked.
  7. I have tried leisure medium and Sports all have the dip, it was in sports mode for the video. I've noticed when I hit the button to calibrate sometimes I have to hit it multiple times to get it to go into calibration mode so I did the same thing when switching modes I would tap the button at least three times and here the beep on the unicycle. The difference between the ride modes to me doesn't seem huge except for when I lean back for hard braking I noticed the unicycle will lean back farther in soft mode and less in harder modes. I don't notice as much when accelerating because maybe I'm just not comfortable leaning too far forward yet. I think the next step is to have an experienced unicycle Rider test it out.
  8. Dihedral comparison
  9. Thanks for not judging I am an oddball
  10. I started at 45psi then 40 then 35 and now I'm at 30 and like it better. Think that to low for a 200 pound rider. I'm hook on riding this wheel, i sent the video to e-wheel were i bought it. I've got 55 miles on it and can manage the tilt better now but always notice it. I'm going to keep riding and see if i get used to it were i don't notice it anymore. In the meantime I'm going to purchase another wheel so I will always have a backup in case one of them goes down or needs to be shipped back For warranty. I'm looking at something on the other end of the spectrum that's quick and zippy. Mcm5 or the Mten3?
  11. Here's a video of the pedal dip I might have to redo it because I'm still a little bit unstable on the Wheel I've only been riding it for 3 days. Also listen to the sound of the wheel there is like a slow pulsing sound in the motor is that normal. I'm such a delicate flower
  12. I've had my MSX for 5 days now, and I already want another wheel at the other end of the spectrum. I will be using this next wheel for local zipping around on smooth surfaces. I just sold my trampa mountainboard so I have the cash burning a hole. Which wheel accelerates faster up to 15 miles an hour. Opinions on handling and fun factor between the two.
  13. I did the level test using the Android app and it looks like it dips by about 5 degrees which isn't a lot but hard to tell because it bounces around a lot. I was able to carry speed much faster through turns today so I guess I'm getting better and just need to get used to the wheel i only have 30 miles logged so far. starting to realize I'm going a little loco with this pedal dip thing so I'm just going to ride and not think about it for now. Later on I'll try to hook up with the group ride and see what they think.
  14. Thanks Marty I don't use forms often so I didn't know I could do that, I'll definitely use the search function. I'm going to run an experiment and use the level app on my phone to measure pedal tilt in degrees and post results.
  15. I does it at any speed when leaning to the side in to a turn.
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