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  1. RoCan

    Gotway Suspension

    That’s disappointing. I was excited for an actual 20 incher.
  2. That really is ORANGE hey?!
  3. Great thanks a lot 👍🏻
  4. Thanks but I’m not on Facebook and the website link on the Facebook page is inactive. Do you have an email address for them?
  5. RoCan

    Gotway Suspension

    I may be one of the few that actually like the design of the MS range. I particularly like the angles around the rear light area. I can understand GotWay wanting to honour their most successful wheel within these new designs, however it’s like they’ve kept all the worst features. These two remind me of when car designers started rounding out corners back in the 90’s. They all started to look like bubbles (Vauxhall Corsa). No longer the retro angular boxes from previous years and light years away from the more futuristic designs from the last decade. The interim period that had no style. Sad times. I hope they scrap these designs altogether. If they don’t I’ll just have to pull my visor down when riding past the middle aged men in Lycra out of embarrassment. Then I will raise my visor and continue to enjoy the awesome wheels they are likely to be. Beauty is on the inside... but I’d appreciate something that looks badass as much as the next guy/gal.
  6. Reminds me of a scene out of i-robot. Let’s hope these mechanical beasts don’t turn against us and knock us off our perch.
  7. Anyone know where we can buy these? The Hulaj market place is sold out.
  8. I agree the quality is good. Dense foam. Perfect fit for MSX. I’d prefer the back ridges to be thicker. They are thinner than the front triangle.
  9. Yeah come with a sheet of 3m fixed to the back
  10. Having copied the mono customise shape with my DIY pads I’m convinced the front triangle is the best. It acts as a lean pad and a toe hook for bunny hops.
  11. I’ve not seen the king song seat in person but I think this is a similar material, quite dense.
  12. I’m impressed. Not sure why they made the back bits thinner though. My calf’s need more to grip onto than my shins being wide and fleshy.
  13. I bought some, I was surprised at the high quality of the rubber. Heavier than expected but worth the weight for the durability. Fitting them today.
  14. I would trade anything for either suspension, except value for money by selling off a perfectly good MSX 84V 1600WH. Personally I'm more excited about trying out affordable pads and affordable pedals to make my machine the best it can be rather than risking 2K on a new idea. When it's an old idea I'll pay 2.5k.
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