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  1. Is this better than the C186? I’m just about to take my C186 off the MSX and put on the V11 but if you think this is better for off road I’ll think again. It looks kinda slick? I only want to be doing this tyre change once judging from the complex vids on V11 tyre changes.
  2. That’s good to hear. It felt a bit dangerous tbh.
  3. About 220lbs with gear. I followed the guidance with the lower chamber at 150psi. I’ll try 75 in the upper then. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Hi all, just been for my first ride on my new V11. Loving the suspension but think it needs tweaking. I have seen it mentioned in a few you tube videos that the V11 has a pogo effect and I see what they mean. When going over harsher rocks/roots it springs back and knocks the top which in turn makes my feet leave the foot plates and move forward an inch. Is this normal behaviour for this type of suspension system or will adjusting the negative chamber improve this? And if so, should I increase or decrease the negative chamber? I have Clark pads on the way which will help this but if I can
  5. Hi all, finally ordered a V11. Just want to ask if anyone knows how to tell if the better bearings have been used without taking it apart. Ie. Does it have a serial number that can be matched to a batch? And also, what other improvements should the newest batch have compared to the first batch? Does Inmotion post this info anywhere? Thanks 😊
  6. Many thanks, seems obvious now 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. Hi, The Monster V3 I believe was originally a 2000W motor and then was upgraded to 2500W. How can you tell which motor is in a unit? Thanks
  8. This is exciting! A knobby without modification. Just to clarify what size is the tyre? You mention it is half inch narrower than stock. Is this in official size on tyre or actual size once inflated? Cheers 😬
  9. So you’d expect the 3.00 to be taller than the 2.75? Do you mean the top of the interior shell or around the reveal where the mud flap would go? Thanks
  10. Hi all I've always wanted a monster as I'm 6'5" 210lbs and my MSX sometimes feels a bit small. However, as I only ride off road the inherent lack of torque with the monster has put me off up until now. Now I have decent power pads I reckon it will be OK with my style of riding and so with the reduced price, due to the Monster Pro being released, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get one. I've been using the CST C186 for 18 months on my MSX and would only really consider a new wheel if an equivalent tyre would fit. I've read on here someone fitting a Shinko 241 2.75x17 which just fit. I kn
  11. Not sure if this was mentioned in above posts but I’d recommend learning on grass. Less bruises and less wheel damage results in less worry/more confidence at falling. The irregular surface might seem more difficult than smooth asphalt but it speeds up learning having to correct your positioning and find your centre of gravity over and over again. Might not work for everyone but did for me. Hope that helps 😬
  12. Think you answered your own question there. Oh and it happens to fit the new wheel designs... as an afterthought 🤦🏻‍♂️.
  13. No, I just went for it... and failed. I wouldn’t bother if I were you. I think the issue is rather that any excess material, ie if the gloves aren’t tight at the end of your thumb and finger, will make it impossible to accurately use the touch screen.
  14. I can confirm these gloves do not work with a phone. I tried sewing in some conductive thread but it didn’t work, or my sewing skills are not up to it. Ended up cutting a hole in the thumb pad which works ok until you need to zoom in on a map. Will need to cut a hole in the index finger too. Apart from this I highly recommend these gloves.
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