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  1. I’m the same. Unfortunately it is causing me some severe foot numbing as the pressure of the pedal edge cuts off circulation. Have you experienced this and have you found a solution? You have said you move into this position when going fast, so maybe I need to move my feet back unless going fast.
  2. I think @mrelwood converted his MSX with good results.
  3. It’s more like 45 degrees but it’s bent. Same as the stock one.
  4. I fitted a 60/100-14 pit tyre to my MSV3 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/60-100-14-PIT-BIKE-MX-AGGRESSIVE-PATTERN-FRONT-TYRE-TUBE-REPLACES-2-75-14-T3/401757729819?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 It states 2.75" but is was wider due to knobbies.
  5. Came with tyre here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32756117776.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.20cc4c4dCmcYO2
  6. I’m not sure about range. I never did a range test with the original. I’ve not noticed any difference. I tend to ride fast until 30%. I can’t seem to turn the beeps off though. I get 1,2, 3 and 5 beeps. Not had this with the MSX.
  7. So I've had a second attempt at filing the shell edges and trim but unfortunately for me, I think a third attempt is inevitable, it is so close now. The reason being the arch follows the curve of the tyre so I've filed off approx 10mm but only gained about 1mm gap. I've put some white markers on the photos to help anyone trying this. I recommend filing the arch to the upper white line where the plastic creases. I aimed for the middle of this section (the white arrow). The reason for this is that I was getting crud jammed between the shell and trim so I knew I had to seal this opening (I used neoprene). This was because I had previously filed off the lip of the trim that covered this gap. If you file up to the crease (upper white line) the LED strip lights will need moving in order to seal. This will be my next job. Not sure if there's enough space to just re-stick them further around the shell seam or if they will need to be removed. I didn't consider this at the time as I was hoping for success. I'm not an LED guy but i'd rather not have to remove them completely. So, currently the wheel free spins with the tyre fully inflated and from my quick test ride, no rubbing. There is no negative impact on acceleration or braking and it feels incredible! Why I recommend more filing than i did is the sound of grit. The gap at the arch needs a few mm more to prevent this. It's so close! FYI, I did not file all the way to the white markers, these are just to illustrate where I filed. A good guide when filing the shell edges is to file down to the screw blocks and then graduate back up to the arch. This will obviously maintain structural integrity but it also means you file the same amount off each side for symmetry. Match the trims to the shell. Hope this helps people
  8. I went for the CST C186 which looks the same as the Shinko SR241 so i expect to have to do some mods. I'll likely mod the shell rather than tyre though. Half the price of a Shinko as in the UK. Will report back on my progress.
  9. The H-666 is tempting although do you think it will have enough tread for mud in the winter? This will be my first winter on an EUC and so I'm really looking for something with maximum tread that fits without rubbing or tyre modding. My attempts mentioned above were more with the idea of "mixed terrain" thinking, it's still summer so going all out motor cross tyre will stop me from carving on the dry tracks. Now summer is coming to an end and the tracks are wet even when the weather is fine, I'm thinking back to the MX pit tyre I had on my MSV3 that ripped through anything, but did rub and carving was not fun due to the spaced out knobbies. It's a dilemma I'm thinking one of the 2 above is a happy medium that would see me through the mud. It's just not knowing if they will fit.
  10. They've designed it like a disposable. Get a flat tyre, chuck it, buy a new one. I'm surprised they didn't upgrade all the screw sockets with brass inserts across their range. I just don't like screwing into plastic, it can only be done so many times before they start loosening and ripping the threads. Hence my lack of enthusiasm to reopen and mod the shell. Those videos are very misleading. I managed to remove the motor without fully splitting the shells, just by loosening them, but it was tight over the motor cables. I'm filing more shell edge today with a deflated tyre which is working quite well. Hopefully for the last time!
  11. Some interesting mods going on here: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/10361-my-mcm5-triumphs-tribulations-and-failures/page/21/ More extreme but would solve the rubbing.
  12. Update on the search for my perfect MSX off road wet tyre. The Vee Rubber VRM087 2.5x14 on the left I think would be amazing if it came in 3” but I was not willing to fit it as the 2.5” is just too narrow. I was hoping, it being a moped tyre, might be wider but it was too big a drop from the stock tyre. So I sent it back. I then found, what I presume was old stock, a Cheng Shin 2.75x14 that I got very excited about. As you can see it has a much flatter profile so I thought this would feel like a wider tyre despite being slightly narrower than the stock tyre. Unfortunately this was horrendous in the wet. The flat profile created a smooth “plate” that not only lost grip front to back but also side to side and rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise. This was the most unstable I have ever felt on a wheel. To be fair, this tyre is a road tyre but I thought that tread would be an improvement on the slick middle strip on the stock tyre. What I have noticed is these moped tyres are made of a much harder almost glossy rubber that I’m not sure would ever work well off road in the wet. The sticky squishy stock tyre is still preferable at a lower pressure. However, I want more tread! So that only leaves the Shinko / CST options. Has anyone fitted this one and can please add some feedback? Shinko SR244 Also, has anyone fitted this one and did the side knobbies need shaving like Gaz Bon had to do with the Shinko SR241. They look very similar. CST C186
  13. Thought it worth adding my experience of fitting the same tyre without wanting to raise pedals or remove low level plastic in case people are considering it but scared off by the mods above. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/14722-wider-tire-for-mcm5/ It’s a working progress as I’m still getting rubbing but have started to file down the shell edges and arch with the tyre deflated so that I don’t have to take the wheel apart again which I agree is I just want the extra width for stability, not for off road as I still prefer the MSX 18” for the bumps. Although it’s rubbing, which is noisy in the wet, it is not negatively effecting the function. So the amount of filing I will need to do is minimal (less than 5mm) and would only be noticed by someone looking for it. So for anyone wanting to maintain the original profile/appearance, it is possible. I totally agree with Jorge RT, it is well worth the effort. Mini MSX. Love it!
  14. No problem, I don’t think it’s too dangerous. I think if it was an off road tyre with knobbies it might be as they could catch the shell edges. But because it’s a smooth road tyre it just lightly rubs. That’s not to say I’m 100% confident. Like I said, it was very windy yesterday so it wasn’t a good test as I was battling to stay on anyway. I might end up tearing it down again to mod the shell edges but at the moment i’ll see how it goes. I would recommend doing this. It feels brilliant to me. I would just file down the shell edges while the motor/tyre is off before reassembling. My only hesitation in recommending this is that I haven’t seen the clearance inside the shell, as I couldn’t split the two halves. So there is a chance you file down the trims and shell edges but it still rubs inside. There is no way of knowing this at present. Although I would not have expected the wheel to move with my 210lbs on it if this were the case. Hope this helps. I love it but it is not a mod for the feint hearted. Angle grind at your own risk!
  15. Good idea. Will give that a go.
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