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  1. Looks like Nikola pedals with shit loads of spikes.
  2. I have no intention of this being a project and only ride off road. Merely pondering on an idea. No animals were hurt during the making of this concept
  3. Anyone who owns or has ridden an MCM5 knows about the annoying dips in the side shell made even worse by the raised Gotway sticker mounting spot. These are not only uncomfortable but make it very difficult to fit foam (protective or aids). I would like to fill in these dips in contour to create a smoother profile of the glorious egg. Can anyone recommend a liquid plastic that hardens or a resin, adhesive type product that could work? Thanks
  4. I've often wondered if spd cycling shoes could work instead of pedals. Obviously as an option and not do away with the pedals all together as that would dramatically limit their appeal. I've never used spd cycling shoes but they are rigid afaik. Actually, just realised the attachment point is probably too far forward, designed for maximum leverage to increase propulsion of a cycle, rather than the central position we would need for balance. If these were ever manufactured for EUC's, I imagine the increased sensitivity would be great and foot pain a thing of antiquity, but being able to effectively detach just before a bail out would be the difficulty.
  5. Anyone know a seller in Europe of: 14 x 2.5 angled valve inner tube for MCM5? Thanks
  6. Anyone know a seller in Europe of: 14 x 2.5 angled valve inner tube for MCM5? Thanks
  7. Anyone know a seller in Europe of: 14 x 2.5 angled valve inner tube for MCM5? Thanks
  8. No info on crashes but I ordered one and sent it back. Build quality seemed fine but not as good as motorcycle helmets half the price. Main reason was the lack of chin space. I’ve not got a huge chin but a longer face than average I guess. Only 2 sizes based on smaller sculls meant it was a no go, even though the cap fitted perfectly. Not slamming it, I think it would be more than adequate for EUC’s. Better than any open face.
  9. I always wear wrist guards, soft knee pads, armoured hoodie, motorcycle boots and full face helmet. I fractured my thumb falling at less than 10mph. Just snagged it on the ground on my way down. (Note to self: keep digits in) I currently have a fractured wrist after an over lean at high speed. Something had to take the hit and annoyingly my instinct was to drop my brand new Insta360 and stick my hand out. I’m now thinking hard knee pads are the way to go, with the intention of sliding. Not sure I would have had the time to react in this situation but I need to learn how to fall better that’s for sure. I believe: My wrist guards saved my wrist from snapping, a lot worse than a fracture. My soft knee pads stuck and slid down as I supermaned causing an abrasion above the knee. My armoured hoodie had a similar sticking effect on the shoulder and my hip took a beating. Easy to forget that giant bone sticking out for some reason. My helmet saved my life, or at least preserved my speech. Still had concussion for a few days though. Note to self: get more padding... and listen to the beeps, however annoying they get.
  10. Excellent review! I totally agree with all of your comments. I’m thinking I will return to the original tyre in Spring to regain the more responsive carving that this tyre cannot provide. I love the CST for all the reasons you’ve stated above and it will be a fun Winter that’s for sure. I’ve been experimenting again with the staggered stance which I had previously abandoned. I found it never added any additional acceleration or braking power, maybe because I’m 210lbs with big feet on stock pedals so never found this to be a problem. Anyway, I’ve come to appreciate this stance more with this tyre on the MSX. It really helps me “boss” it around which IMO is needed to speed up the delayed tilt you refer to. What have you had to change @mrelwood in your riding style to adjust to this beast? I’d be keen to hear your discoveries having covered a fair few Km’s.
  11. Does anyone have an experience with this one: https://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/buy/spada-storm-helmet-matt-black/39904.htm?gclid=Cj0KCQjwn_LrBRD4ARIsAFEQFKuIhaDp1VHCRYaP9gpDY2jd7n58D-q6_FmRm7mnWx8uGBR7WHm3un4aArvjEALw_wcB It looks nice and airy but also a little scary
  12. It’s tighter on the rear but I’ve not had any rubbing. My MSX has only done 200km’s though so it might rub in time if the shell loosens.
  13. Think @Gaz Bon had to shave his side knobbies. (Now there’s a funny sentence)
  14. Remember my CST C186 fits! So an easier option to the Shinko 241 with the same tread. And half the price.
  15. It’s a well established Aliexpress seller of EUC’s from China I believe. Heard some positive some negative reviews but it’s a bit weird their logo is on that website.
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