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  1. Hi @Gary357 I have done most of the Camel Trail the Wadebridge to Padstow bit is great I have done it quite a few times on my NB1+ easily doable on 1 battery with enough to explore both ends. There are also some great trails around Lanhydrock which is another of my favourites. The other two parts of the Camel trail can start to get a bit muddy and lots of leaves but probably still doable if its not too wet or been raining.
  2. A couple of Sunset pictures at Cap Ferrat in France. We had a great time riding around France. Dune du Pilat in the background.
  3. Well just back from France. Road my wheel all over the place on footpaths, roads and there are so many bike tracks around that I used those a lot. I even rode past Police but they were mostly busy with the terrible thing that happened in Paris. It was fantastic to ride around small towns and some campsites everyone I met was positive and wanted to know how it worked what it was called etc. As we traveled across the channel by ferry we had no difficulties with batteries like on aircraft. I may have just been lucky, but if you use common sense and ride courteously the chances of being told off or worse are small. Would definitely take the wheel again most people just smiled.
  4. Thanks @Sylvere looking forward to riding in France. We may even meet some French EUC'rs.
  5. Well thanks for all the replies guys. It has set my mind at rest somewhat. Will post how I get on. I guess a lot is to do with how you ride and if you bump into the wrong policeman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnlIWpZSPXU
  6. Has anyone any experience of Riding their wheel in France? eg. whats the law there? or is it similar to UK eg. Keep off the roads, Footpath (still a grey area) parks and private land Ok with permission.
  7. Great thread. I would love to take my NB1 320watts on an international flight but don't want to get stuck. As I will be away a while I am thinking to take the battery out and leave it at home. Buy a new battery at my destination country use it for my holiday and then put it on ebay and see what I can get.
  8. Testing the new Ninebot APP with Screen recording on Android.Riding the NB1E+ I was getting an Overspeed warning at 18kph no tiltback or beeps. Just a message on the phone which you can see the first time the speed dial turns red in the video. https://www.facebook.com/tree.camper.5/videos/574743829346400/
  9. I took it from @Rash 's comment that there was a poorer performance/safety/ride or reliability issue between N20 and N10 but still not clear what specific "Constant problem" he was referring too.
  10. Any EUC riders in Cornwall interested in a meet up. Please post here. I have quite a number of tracks and trails that I have ridden and reccied. Happy to share and meet up for a ride. (Work & Weather permitting) Happy rollin :-) https://www.urban360.com/
  11. Hi Rash Interested in this statement. Could you please tell us more about this constant problem that you say the N20 has. What is it please? Thank you
  12. Wow that was a cheap E+ for £600 I paid £895 :-(
  13. Wish Spare batteries were cheaper I would bring my NB to Oz without battery (avoid airline problems etc) and then pop in a battery and off we go. I suppose I could get a battery use while on holiday and then stick it on ebay or something. Who is your dealer in Oz @Phil Wright ?
  14. Thx @Colestien Thx @Phil Wright SpeedyFeet logo is still on the Front :-) However I am looking at installing some lights for winter which may cover the sticker. If only my order had included a SpeedyFeet Hoody or T-shirt
  15. Had a go with some Vinyl wrap. Never used it before and struggled a bit with the rounded edges not to get creases. Pics are before and after
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