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  1. Great post. I like how you compared them and also made a stand for the onewheel even though I don't think onewheel stand a chance against euc. I might be wrong but I have never thought about my wheel would be stolen. I often left it somewhere in a store if only for a short period of time. I don't think any thief knows how to ride it or even what it is.
  2. I just stalk after the pedestrians if there's no space around them. It's not easy to switch between roads and sidewalks in big city. I am glad my 14D and my skill allow me to go slow enough, I hope I could still do that with larger wheel when I get one.
  3. Great post, I really hope the 16X will be worth it, considering I choose it over 18XL which has such a good fame.
  4. @prasket Maybe I will get one some day when I get my 16X and ready to go on the road with cars which might never happen. Right now I will just chicken out on my sidewalks with my little wheel.
  5. Warning, wearing a mask is not a good idea people! Now, I have to watch out for the high fives people are giving me and I feel bad if I miss one.
  6. Nah, it's okay. I will just tell them I am from China which is true. Oops, did I talk to them?
  7. @Lefteris That's when the speed comes in to cheat the temperature.
  8. Is wearing a face mask bad or something?
  9. That's it. I am going to wear a facem ask like this everytime I ride from now on. I am already getting the maximum attention so I don't care more. Hopefully I will get less interaction while others are busy choosing which part of me to look at(that's so weird to say lol). At least it shows that I don't want to talk, plus it looks cool.
  10. The grammar might be on me LOL. "HEY THERE'S THAT GUY ON THAT THING" reminds me that the other day I heard behind me "HOLY SHIT, IT'S ONE OF THOSE". The one I heard probably sounds better.
  11. I know EUC can attract a lot of attention in public. What happend yesterday made me want to start a thread on this if there isn't already one. So I was riding downtown Seattle and a homeless man start my day by this "greeting" while I was waiting for a red light: "Haven't seen you killed yourself yet." It did not bother me at all that he was being nagetive or being a hater. What bothered me is how easily I can be remembered by a random dude on street, a very uncomfortable thing for me at least, but I will live with it since I can do nothing unless I give up on EUC. Anyway, this next scene on the same ride imprinted more in my head. I was waiting for the red light, and yeah, it's a red light everytime. I was on a triangular island thing alone in the middle of a big intersection. A State Police car just stop in front of me in the middle of the intersection and the officer staring at me for at least ten seconds. I wasn't even on my ks14, I was standing with it's handle pulling out. The pedal on my side was up so I can walk better and the other is down. I didn't know what to do. Basically stand there frozen. With all that cars at the intersection, it felt like a long time. Then he drove away and nothing more happened. I wish I had the guts to walk up and tell him hey officer, I am not carrying a bomb. Yeah, that officer is most likely just confused, but that's not an experience I want again. After all, with the exception of several incidents, I have heard "it's so cool" a thousand times like all of you probably did, and so it's very easy to stay on the positive side what EUC bring us even when it comes to others opinion. Not complaining by any means, I guess we just need to do our best to be the ambassador of EUC. Existed for a decade now, it surprises me how the world knows little about this amazing thing. What were your most remembered stories with other people's attention and how did you deal with it?
  12. The only thing I wear for riding EUC is this shin guards https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0086OIL6C/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s01?ie=UTF8&th=1&psc=1. Then whatever shoes I want. Protecting the surface where my leg and EUC contacts, my second leg can step on with zero speed and then go without problem. For practical use, all you need to master for turning is the 90 degree regular turns, nothing more than that and you are good to go. Regarding feet positioning, I found it best when I stand on EUC with my most natural standing feet gesture, for me, it's a little bit duck feet. And then stand in the spot so your COG is aligned with the EUC COG regarding front and back so going forward uses as much effort as going backward(just analogy, you will never need to go backward unless you want to do tricks).
  13. So how often or how much range do you ride before a tire/innertube change on normal use? Do you ride say 1000 miles and change once? Or keep riding forever until a noticeable problem occurs?
  14. I see that since the law is still blur on EUC, it's mostly subjective opinion and everyone agrees that safety first. While speed is indeed the important factor, I choose to mostly ride on sidewalk based on two more reasons that I can think of at the moment. The volume of which a person mount an EUC is no different than a pedestrian. The protection level of EUC riders is no different than pedestrians. Let's assume EUC can go 50 mph and catch up with cars easily on the roads, will you do that? I sure won't because when things happens I am so dead and the car might have some scratch or pit. On the other hand, on the sidewalk, the rider and pedestrians takes the same level of risk which I think is most responsible choice for EUC rider and others. Not sure if I express the idea clear on this one, English is not my first language :).
  15. I was riding today in the street of Seattle and while waiting for a red light, an old lady told me "these" are illegal on the sidewalk(where I think is the safest you can ride an EUC in city). I know 99.99% people are cool with it including the police, but still bring me to these questions, especially with the posts about other countries' law enforcement lately. Exactly what catagory is EUC when it comes to the law, is it still a "grey area"? I knew from this other post(EUC’s and rhe police . US laws and ordinances). that EUC is not segway since only has one wheel. What is the government's attitude in the near future in US?
  16. I have successfully change the innertube and gave it a test ride without problem. I realized how the battery goes down much slower with the correct tire pressure. Thank you everyone!
  17. I get the old inner tube out and did find a hole in it. I am going to put the new one in later. Is it a good idea to slime the new inner tube? does slime also help to prevent damage and protect the inner tube in advance?
  18. I happen to also face the decision between a V10F or a Nikola. Since I am getting 16X, I finally decided to get V10F. Nice review.
  19. Euc is still such a small community. And it is indeed the hardest to learn among all the electric scooters I can think of and thus people think it is the most dangerous one I guess.
  20. I just took out the wheel/motor part from the wheel and have to say it's hard for me to get here. Had some minor fails: One of the side pads ripped in half and plastic pieces that hold the shields came off. Still waiting for a hair dryer to heat the tire and the inner tube to arrive. Might also try to lube the tire too.
  21. The bike shop I went today added slime and told me its working. I ride it home alright, but then I tried to let the air all out and inflate it again by myself. No luck, I can still hear the sound of air leaking when inflating. Then I added more slime by myself and it seems to be working again, I took it out for a test and it went flat again after few miles. Enough with the slime. I can't risk such thing that might fail anytime. @Marty Backe You are right, I have to learn to fix it myself. Just ordered the innertube from ewheels. @The Fat Unicyclist I am going to follow your videos and try to get things done with buying least amount of tools and not damaging the wheel. Wish me luck.
  22. @meepmeepmayer according to Jason, the bike shop does not have to take the wheel apart but simply add the slime to the tire. He said I could also do that on my own buying this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000ENSRS0?th=1 I think I will give this a try first if bike shop won't do it. And then see what's next from there.
  23. Thank you all for your advise. @The Fat Unicyclist Awesome video very detail explained, but also make me think I should really let the expert to handle. @LanghamP I don't have a living room, I live in a apartment studio style. Considering all the factors, I don't think fix it myself is a good idea. Jason from ewheel suggested me to bring it to a bike shop and ask them to add slime to the tire(I don't understand how that works). I tried one bike shop today and they rejected, they said they only fix bikes and can't take responsibility. I am going to try one more before I send it back to ewheel for service. I just want to get over this time since I already brought a electric tire inflator, I just need to make sure this never happen again. Also getting the new 16X. Just for the future, does the maintance of EUC include any other things besides tire pressure?
  24. Hi everyone, first post here. I have not been doing or even aware of the tire management stuff since the day I bought my Kingsong14D until yesterday I found I probably have a flat tire due to insufficient tire pressure. Just making sure my conclusion is correct, here is what I experienced: 1) I can push the tire to touch the bone structure of the wheel with hands. 2) The tire leaks air right after I try to inflate it until the situation above, no matter how hard I try to screw the valve cap back on. If my guess is correct and I have a flat tire, it looks like I have to follow this: https://www.ewheels.com/techniques-taking-14d-tire-change-20-minutes/ I am a student without any mechanical experience and I want some suggestions to ensure I can do this right. I know I have to buy the Kingsong 14 inner tube. Anything else? Do I need to buy this? (basically a tire tool but I cant describe accurately) https://www.amazon.com/Fasmov-Tire-Iron-Irons-Changing/dp/B01FVGSO0A/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=tire+tool&qid=1555707093&s=gateway&sr=8-7 And all I have for tools is an Ikea furniture assamble tool kit. Do you have any advise or tips on how I can follow the instructions and not messing up? The worst thing that can happens is I could not reassemble the wheel and I don't want that of course. Lastly, I am curious that I have only put 243km on the wheel according to the app and this happens to me. I also found someone says he tested the 14D tire pressure out of the box is around 15 psi. However, isn't the kenda wheel requires 40-65 psi, why does it come so low?
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